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You are here: > Directory > VapSter Fuel Vaporizing System

VAPSTER Fuel Vaporizing System

Prototype has been running for six months as of Nov. 3, 2004, uses 40% less fuel.  Technology by Gerald Rowley is proven and ready to gear up for production.  Building team for ramp-up.  Main application will be with steady speed engines.

Page compiled from email correspondence.


Jan. 16, 2005
"Third party testing has been completed with average savings documented at 22%.  I have included some photos of the new model of Vapster.  I will keep you updated as we move forward to the investor stage." -- Gerald

Vapster latest model, Jan. 16, 2005

Official Website

  • None yet.


Patented device by Gerald Rowley replaces standard fuel injection system and carbureted systems for gasoline engines.  Working prototype averages 40% less fuel consumption over a conventional fuel delivery system.  In discussion with several interested parties to bring to the market.

The device is a bolt-on device which can be engineered to fix any size gasoline engine. The existing fuel delivery system can remain in place until the operating temperature of the VAPSTER is achieved which is in the range of 275F to 310F. When the optimum temp. is achieved the original fuel system is shut off and the VAPSTER system takes over.  The system is designed for engines which run all day at a fixed RPM.

The device introduces the high octane fuel mixture into the air intake of the engine.  So it doesn't matter if an engine has fuel injection or any other fuel system.  It uses heat from the exhaust to heat the fuel and the mixture is passed through a throttle body which reduces the air a normal engine would use.  The mixture is very lean so only 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of air is needed for combustion.  So not only do you save fuel but air/oxygen.  I know it is not the complete answer to the energy crisis but it would help enormously  in reducing our oil import situation.
The tested design calls for an engine to run at a constant RPM so it would be best suited for hybrid engines, generators, pumping stations, generating plants, tractors, farm equipment, boat engines, etc.  The device has a slowing mechanism built into the patent design by introducing misted water.  But, this engineering requires money for further testing.


  • US 6,578,532: Fuel vaporizing and mixing system and method; June 17, 2003.  Rowley; Gerald W.

Abstract: A fuel vaporization and mixing system is provided for producing a mixture of fuel vapor, atomized water and air for delivery into an internal combustion engine, the system being configured and positioned relative to the internal combustion engine to draw heat from the engine exhaust system to vaporize fuel for combining into the mixture.


I have built over twenty prototypes over a ten year period.  I lost interest in my project is the late 1980's due to personal reasons.  However, I jumped back on the project several years ago pursuing a patent on the best developed prototype.  Earlier this year the prototype was built and several weeks of testing to tweak the device provided good results.  I have been testing the device for over six months with no mechanical failures.  The device is safe as materials are stainless steel.  The heating chamber used is over 10 years old which was used in an earlier prototype.  The system operates on a very low pressure system 1-2 lbs per sq. inch.

My experiments have included putting water in the fuel mixture, injecting steam into the air/fuel mixture, and injecting water into the air/fuel mixture. 
If the water is mixed thoroughly with the fuel the engine continues to run. If the fuel and water separates before being cracked there is hesitation. 
I use water in the air/fuel stream to control the rpm's of the engine.  When the engine runs on vapors it loves to run wide open.  When water is injected into the air/vaporized fuel stream it lowers the rpm's.  However, when steam is injected into the air/vaporized fuel stream the rpm's remain constant.
The device is actually a cracking device and any liquid fuel can be used that doesn't leave a heavy tar residue.  The device is not designed to accept gases (No Hydrogen) only liquids.


The device is being tested with gasoline.  Diesel may present a problem due to the residue that might build up in the heating chamber and the air/fuel mixture requirements of a diesel engine.

About Gerald Rowley

I am a racer's mechanic with over 15 years experience in and off race track.  My experience runs the gamut from 5 hp engines to over 300 hp engines.  I have rebuilt many engines from the block up, some after every race. 
My interest came from go-karts from an early age.  I raced every day making the engines more and more powerful.  I learned the intricacies of fuel types, air/fuel mixtures, compressions, ram air, jetting, bore/stroke, timing, balancing, etc.  What intrigued me the most was the fuel types, timing, and the air/fuel mixtures.  My goal was top performance from any engine I was working on.  The goal was a power range through high rpm's.  This goal was achieved by tinkering with the intake of the engine.  What goes in comes out!  I experimented with high octane fuels and balanced air/fuel mixtures based on existing air temperature and humidity.  So I went to the next step using vaporized gasoline for higher engine performance. 
VAPSTER is actually a device that completes a chemical reaction.  Gasoline is vaporized and is now a higher lean fluid.  For an engine to run on a high lean fluid the air mixture has to be lean also.  So, VAPSTER leans the air mixture by closing the intake 1/2 to 2/3 over the conventional intake.  In the device the fuel/air mixture is constant thus producing the maximum burn at a constant rpm.  

Independent Testing

I have been in contact with the University of Miami to perform a demonstration and for them to document the results of the control and the patented device.  So far a date has not been established.  I have demonstrated the device to friends.

Willing to Demonstrate

I would like to show more people that it actually does work. The device works well and I am willing to demonstrate the device to any third party to document the fuel used by the control and the prototype.

Video Available

A recent video is not edited or narrated.  It shows the complete run of VAPSTER for 1/2 hour from the start of the test run to the finish.  It shows the change over from liquid gasoline to the vapor stage and the increase in rpm's as it changes to the vapor state.

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Gerald Rowley
Florida, USA
email: taster [at] bellsouth [dot] net


Page created by Sterling D. Allan, Nov. 3, 2004
Last updated January 17, 2005



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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
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   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

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