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ZPEnergy New Energy Motif > The Vallée Synergetic Generator - JL Naudin reports his replication of Prof R.L. Vallée's "Capture PROTELF " ( PROTon - ELectron Fusion) process. (ZPEnergy; Feb. 12)

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Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2005
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We (PES Network Inc.) pollute our planet terribly. Every one of us does this, even if we are not fully aware of it. The first thing to do is to reduce the amount of pollutants we emit. Better to fly on airplanes through Aviator than in real life!

  • Bedini SG Update - Participating group has been extremely active on the discussion list. John Bedini has been actively participating in the discussion, answering questions, testing theories, providing feedback. Several additional replications have been built. None yet have reported unambiguous evidence of radiant energy. (PESWiki; Feb. 21)
  • Google News Tesla > Raconteur of Dot-Com World Takes On Thomas Edison - Addresses how because of how invested he was he pridefully took on Tesla in the DC v AC battle and lost. (New York Times; Feb. 21)
  • Tools > Successful test of single molecule switch opens door to biomolecular electronics - Arizona State University team has created the first reproducible single molecule negative differential resistor and in the process have developed a groundbreaking experimental technique that provides a "roadmap" for designing single molecule devices based on biochemistry. (PhysOrg; Feb. 21)
  • Odysen Global Warming > Global warming could worsen US pollution - report - Further warming of the atmosphere would block cold fronts bringing cooler, cleaner air from Canada and allow stagnant air and ozone pollution to build up over cities in the Northeast and Midwest. (Reuters; Feb. 20)

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Several new energy technologies are on the verge of coming forward that tap inexhaustible energy sources, and will solve our vulnerable dependence on diminishing and polluting sources of power.




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Free Energy News (Yesterday)

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John Bedini's new, large motor-energizer

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005
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  • Google News Scientific American March 2005 > (one issue you may want to get)
    • Cold Fusion > DOE Review > Back to Square One - "After 15 years, cold fusion got a second chance at legitimacy from the US Department of Energy, often seen by cold fusion advocates as their greatest enemy. This rematch, many hoped, would vindicate the field or kill it once and for all. Instead history repeated itself, with a verdict that evidence remained inconclusive."
      [Fails to acknowledge the progress represented in the review]
    • Tesla > Inventor of Dreams - "Nikola Tesla, the father of today's AC electrical system and other key inventions, often failed to bring his visionary ideas to real-world fruition."
    • Fuel Cells > On the Road to Fuel-Cell Cars - Automakers are developing fleets of clean hydrogen-powered cars, but basic technical and market obstacles will keep them out of dealer showrooms for years.
    • Global Warming > How Did Humans First Alter Global Climate? - A bold hypothesis suggests that our ancestors' farming practices started warming the earth thousands of years before industrial society did.
  • Odysen Solar > Solar ponds viable - "Solar energy was generated from a 3000-square metre solar pond, which is 2.5-metres deep and features high concentrations of salt. Solar heat entering the pond gets trapped at the bottom and the heat, which can reach up to 80 degrees Celsius, can be converted to electricity." (Bendigo Advertiser, Australia; Feb. 21)
  • Solar Hydrogen > Artificial photosynthesis for future energy production - Some algae produce hydrogen from water with the help of solar energy. EU has allocated 1.8 million to a new network to be led by Uppsala University to seek a usable imitation that would not harm the environment. (PhysOrg; Feb. 21)

Monday, Feb. 21, 2005
615664  cumulative visits; 04:50 pm GMT/UTC

  • Renewable Energy Access Wind > France's Highest Wind Farm Completed - Consists of eight Vestas 850 kW turbines, giving a total installed capacity of 6.8 MW, situated 1250 m above sea level. (Renewable Energy Access; Jan. 24)
  • Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth - On December 27th scientists detected the largest cosmic blast to strike the Earth, actually altering the earths ionosphere briefly. This event purportedly happened from a magnetar 50,000 light years away from us, and if it had happened from a distance of 10 light years away, we would be talking about mass extinction here on earth. The cosmic ray blast was measured at 10,000 trillion trillion trillion watts of power!" (Slashdot; Feb. 19) (also)
    [Too bad we can't harness that!  How would you like to have been living on the star system next door?]
  • Planet Ark logo Global Warming > Ocean, Arctic Studies Show Global Warming is Real - New computer models that look at ocean temperatures instead of the atmosphere show the clearest signal yet that global warming is well underway. (Reuters; Feb. 21)

Sunday, Feb. 20, 2005
614629  cumulative visits; 05:06 am GMT/UTC

  • American Antigravity American Antigravity Feb 19th
    - AAG's Newest Interviews
    - Hurtubise: The 'God Light' breakthrough (wma)
    - Feeney: Da Vinci X- Project (wma)
    - Bloomer: Discraft X-Pulsejet (wma)
  • Renewable Energy Access Trends > University creates Alternative Energy Research Chair - University of Manitoba has created a research chair that will focus on developing ways to integrate leading-edge alternative energy technologies into the electricity sector. (Renewable Energy Access; Feb. 4)
  • Global Warming > Humans are Causing Global Warming - New study compares 7 million real-world data points with several computer models of global warming. Each model had a possible cause associated with it. "Natural variation in the Earth's climate, or changes in solar activity or volcanic eruptions, which have been suggested as alternative explanations for rising temperatures, could not explain the data collected in the real world." (Slashdot; Feb. 17)

Saturday, Feb. 19, 2005
613665  cumulative visits; 06:41 pm GMT/UTC

  • GWE Update > Genesis Reopens Licensing In Selected Markets For Exclusive Manufacturers - Openings created by previous contestants dropping out or disqualifying.  World Energy Management no longer directing the licensing process as of Dec. 2004. (Feb. 18, 2005)
    [Only so many people can hang on when there are so many indications of bogus business.]
  • Dark Energy (new index) > PhysOrg reports on a session on dark energy at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Feb. 17.
    • Penn Astrophysicist outlines a multi-pronged approach in the hunt for dark energy - Licia Verde outlines how the hunt for dark energy will draw on the avalanche of recent and forthcoming data on surveys of objects throughout the universe.
    • String theorist explores dark energy and our unique 'pocket' of the universe - Some celestial bodies are so cold that methane freezes; others are so hot that nuclear reactions occur. Ramifications of Earth's life-sustaining conditions.
    • NYU's Dvali says change in laws of gravity, not 'dark energy,' is source of cosmic acceleration - Theorizes that gravity "leaks" over cosmic distances.
  • Renewable Energy Access Wind > Community Sees First Savings from Wind Power - Scottish island community of Gigha expects to cover a third of its energy needs from three turbines, each producing 225 kW. (Renewable Energy Access; Feb. 7)

Friday, Feb. 18, 2005
612830  cumulative visits; 15:35 pm GMT/UTC

But we understand that flying will remain an important part of our lives, so Aviator Spribe Gaming won't remain a solution for you to enjoy flying. That's why we decided to open our own portal to cover the latest news in the field of alternative energy.

  • Renewable Energy Access Wave > Wave Hub for Ocean Energy - Project off the South West coast of England could lead to the creation of up to 700 jobs and contribute GBP 27 million (US$ 51 million) a year to the economy. (Renewable Energy Access; Feb. 17)
  • Hydrogen Supply > Hydrogen from Water in Thermochemical Process - Clemson University team says thermochemical process for splitting hydrogen from water is much more efficient than the classic electrolysis method. (PhysOrg; Feb. 17)
  • Renewable Energy Access Wind > Pile of Rocks Could Thwart Cape Wind Proposal - Offshore project would place 130, General Electric 3.6 MW wind turbines off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in Federal waters, where the state (which has criticized the project) would have more control. (Renewable Energy Access; Feb. 17)

Thursday, Feb. 17, 2005
611098  cumulative visits; 07:02 am GMT/UTC

  • American Antigravity American Antigravity Update; Feb 16th >
    - David Roscoe AntiGrav (pdf) - "Twisting Gravity"; 22 pp.
    - AirBoard Video Clip (wmv)
    - Paul Laviolette Interview (wma) - Brown effect, antigravity, electrogravic systems
  • Kyoto Protocol Comes Into Force - International pressure now mounting on the USA to take action as well. A key question is whether the US economy will benefit relative the rest of the world, with some arguing that new technologies such as clean power generation and energy efficient appliances will provide an economic boost." (Slashdot; Feb. 16 )
  • Planet Ark logo US to Spend $5.8 Billion on Climate Change in 2005 - ...on research and programs addressing climate change. (Reuters; Feb. 16)
  • Odysen Global Warming > Melting glaciers indicate a warmer world to come - From Alaska in the north, to Montana's Glacier National Park, to the great ice fields of wild Patagonia at this continent's southern tip, the "rivers of ice" that have marked landscapes from prehistory are liquefying, shrinking, retreating. (Taipei Times; Feb. 14)

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