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Bedini SG > Control Results for Rotation Experiment - Steady state discharge of supercharged batteries show slightly more gradual drop in average voltage compared to the same batteries that had been cycling through the Bedini SG circuit, suggesting infusion of external (free) energy into the system. (PESWiki; Dec. 14)

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Archive of 'Free Energy' News Page

-- December 2004 --

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Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2004
520435 cumulative visits; 05:19 am GMT/UTC

  • Cold Fusion > Cold Fusion is Really Solid-State Fusion - Essay by Russ George describes a theoretical basis that is derived from classical solid-state theory. (Nov.)
  •  MIT, Columbia begin new energy experiment - Experiment confines high-temperature ionized gas (plasma) using the strong magnetic fields from a half-ton superconducting ring inside a huge vessel reminiscent of a spaceship. The experiment, the first of its kind, will test whether nature's way of confining high-temperature gas might lead to a new source of energy for the world. (PhysOrg; Dec. 6)
  • MIT Technology Review Hydrogen > Molecule Harvests Water's Hydrogen - Researchers have developed a large molecule that can use sunlight energy to extract hydrogen from water, and then use that to move electrons more efficiently. (MIT Technology Review; Dec. 6)
  • Planet Ark logo How Global Warming Can Lead To A Big Chill - Scientists publish evidence to support a popular theory that rising temperatures caused a big melt of polar ice 8,200 years ago, causing a freshwater flood into the salty North Atlantic. (Reuters; Dec. 3) (Torbjorn Tornqvist, Geophysical Research Letters; Dec. 11)
  • The Secret of Antigravity - Opinion piece by Tim Ventura on a variety of Antigravity research ideas and includes general notes and thought experiments related to the latest 2004 research.  (American Antigravity; March 19)

Monday, Dec. 6, 2004
518907 cumulative visits; 06:32 am GMT/UTC

  • (featured until Dec. 10, 2004)
    Solar > A Stationary Heliostat for Solar Energy Reflection
    - William A. Rhodes presents synopsis of three of his expired patents that describe a mirror arrangement enables tracking of sun without movement of parts. (PESWiki; Dec. 6)
  • More information on Bowman Motor - sketch from Bowman's friend on magnet orientation, progress on replication. (PES Network)
  • Another Replication of Bedini SG - Two coils, solid state resonance achieved right off.  Preliminary report of performance.  Photos. (PESWiki; Dec. 5)
  • Cold Fusion > DOE Review > US review rekindles cold fusion debate - Claims of cold fusion are intriguing, but not convincing. That is the conclusion of an 18-member scientific panel tasked with reviewing research in the area. (Nature; Dec. 2)
    Comment: "This is a significant departure from Nature's 14 year boycott of cold fusion reporting, due to the controversy surrounding the subject." -- John Coviello
  • Climate Talks Bring Bush's Policy to Fore - Scientific sleuths trying to understand the extent of global climate change -- and finger the culprits -- have come up with several important new clues.  (Washington Post; Dec. 5) (Thanks Susan Carter)
  • Planet Ark logo Hong Kong's CLP To Boost Its Generation of Green Energy - Plans to develop more environment-friendly power projects in coming years, even though they generate lower returns. (Reuters; Dec. 6)

Sunday, Dec. 5, 2004
517635 cumulative visits; 06:09 am GMT/UTC

  • This Week in Free Energy: Nov. 28 - GMC Holdings independent testing team being assembled by Butch LaFonte; Bedini SG difficult to get to point of clear demonstration; 230 mph EV; DOE looking at Stirling solar.
  • ZPEnergy Geometry of the Casimir Effect - Paper by Roger Balian, Bertrand Duplantier addresses the role of material boundaries in tapping zero point energy. (ZPEnergy; Dec. 4)
  • Rick Friedrich reports his latest Bedini SG experimentation and results - general observations of interesting charging phenomenon. (PESWiki; Dec. 4)
  • Biomass / Waste to Energy > BioMaxx Systems Inc - Converting cellulosic biomass that is currently being abandoned or land filled into ethanol and other valuable co-products.  Holds the worldwide license to a new fermentation process.

Saturday, Dec. 4, 2004
516447 cumulative visits; 09:06 am GMT/UTC

  • Advanced Bedini SG Rejuvenates Battery - Report claims that dead and sulfated batteries were significantly replenished in just 24 hours of exposure to an advanced form of John Bedini's circuit. (PESWiki; Dec. 3)
  • Review says many scientists still cool on cold fusion - Salt Lake Tribune coverage of DOE report.  "Many of the reviewers in the DOE study found compelling signs that cold fusion experiments produced heat and nuclear products and said further experiments are warranted." (Dec. 3, 2004)
  • Solar Hydrogen > Breakthrough technology splits water into clean fuels by harnessing solar power - News Target report on Australian group that is using special titanium oxide ceramics to catalyze the splitting of hydrogen from water in the presence of sunlight. (Dec. 2)
  • NASA study finds glacier doing double time - The world's fastest glacier, Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae, doubled its speed of ice flow between 1997 and 2003. The study provides key evidence of newly discovered relationships between ice sheets, sea level rise and climate warming. (PhysOrg; Dec. 1)
  • MIT Technology Review Nanotechnology > DNA Makes Nanotube Transistors - A new DNA assembly methodology may allow scientists to create transistors from carbon nanotubes, a first step in harnessing these structures for commercial circuits. (MIT Technology Review; Dec. 3)

Friday, Dec. 3, 2004
514597 cumulative visits; 07:04 am GMT/UTC

  • (featured until Dec. 6, 2004)
    Rethinking Cold Fusion Zeal
    - The fact that various cold fusion phenomenon are scientifically reproducible has been well established. But does cold fusion have the potential of delivering significant usable energy in a cost-effective manner? (PESN; Dec. 3)
  • Bearden's Energy from the Vacuum Study Group Forming - Index created by Rick Friedrich to begin a resource for the layman to grasp the challenging concepts presented in Tom Bearden's book. (PESWiki; Dec. 2)
  • Google News Student Demonstrates Tesla Coil - Advanced high school student wows his classmates with indoor lightning. (Style Weekly, Virginia;  Dec. 1, 2004)
  • New stratosphere temperature data support global warming conclusion from earlier study - Earlier interpretation of temperature data from satellites claimed that, on average, the lower atmosphere is getting warmer as fast as the Earth's surface, supported by new research. (PhysOrg; Nov. 29)

Thursday, Dec. 2, 2004
512933 cumulative visits; 04:22 am GMT/UTC

  • (featured until Dec. 3, 2004)
    Cold Fusion > US DOE Report on Cold Fusion is Out - "While significant progress has been made in the sophistication of calorimeters since the review of this subject in 1989, the conclusions reached by the reviewers today are similar to those found in the 1989 review." (PESWiki; Dec. 1, 2004)
  • Magnetic Motors > News About Friend of Lee Bowman - Reports on progress from contact with man who was friends with the late Lee Bowman.  The friend is helping to clarify our Bowman Motor plans, based on his first-hand experience with Bowman and his motor. (PES Network Inc; Dec. 1)
Bowman Motor by T. Goerz
  • Water / Solar > Solar Sea Water Desalination - Reinventing the solar still. Internationally patented design produces fresh water from salt or waste water using solar energy.
  • Renewable Energy Access Spain to Surpass U.S. Wind Power - Spanish wind development continues apace and will reach 8,000 MW of total installed capacity by year end. (Renewable Energy Access; Dec. 1)
  • Reversing Greenhouse Effect: Carbon Sequestration - Indiana University Bloomington geologist Chen Zhu is trying to determine if - and how - a new strategy known as "carbon sequestration" can work.  (PhysOrg; Dec. 1)

Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2004
511595 cumulative visits; 05:19 am GMT/UTC

  • GEET Fuel Efficiency Company Preparing Major Announcement - In order to preempt announcements by several other similar companies, Global Environmental Energy Technology (GEET), which has claimed water-as-fuel technology, is preparing to launch a major announcement. (PESN; Nov. 30, 2004)
  • Renewable Energy Access Solar > Wake Up and Smell the Solar - Cutting-edge solar coffee-drying test site being installed in Costa Rica. (Renewable Energy Access; Nov. 26)
  • Renewable Energy Access Hydro > Low Impact Hydro Projects in New York State - Criteria address river flows, water quality, fish passage and protection, watershed health, endangered species protection, cultural resources. (Renewable Energy Access; Nov. 30)
  • Renewable Energy Access Landfill Gas Power Project for Pennsylvania - Proposed 2.6 MW facility will convert methane gas from the landfill into electricity; expected to be operational by year-end 2005. (Renewable Energy Access; Nov. 30)


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