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John Bedini and Peter Lindemann's Medium and Large Motor-Energizer Project - Bedini team explains what they have been up to, and discuss what the Bedini SG was/is designed to accomplish as a teaching tool on the way to more advanced energy tapping technologies. Discuss new medium and large motor-energizers. Using 12-V 1600 Ah batteries. Lighting 1000 Watt array of bulbs.

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Thursday, Feb. 3, 2005
593584 cumulative visits; 07:07 am GMT/UTC

  • ZPEnergy Books > Second Printing of Bearden's Energy from the Vacuum Offered at Lower Price - 1000-page volume now down to $59.00 including shipping in U.S. (ZPEnergy; Feb. 2 )
  • Google News Students see creative future cities - Kansas middle schoolers envision future cities to be painted silver and gold, powered by cold fusion nuclear power plants, and feature vacuum tube transportation systems. (Manhattan Mercury; Kansas,USA; Jan. 30)
    [Good sign that rising generation views cold fusion as a feasible energy source.]
  • Google News Global Warming > Rising sea levels threaten coastal properties - As many as 100,000 homes around Scotland’s coastline finding themselves at risk from exceptionally high tides.  Real estate values plummeting. (Scotland on Sunday, UK; Jan. 30)
    [Don't tell these folks its just a theory.]
  •  Focus on our Magnetic Planet - Earth's magnetic field curiously weak over South Atlantic.  Astronauts see flashes in their eyes. (PhysOrg; Jan. 24)

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Several new energy technologies are on the verge of coming forward that tap inexhaustible energy sources, and will solve our vulnerable dependence on diminishing and polluting sources of power.




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Toyota Volta; Plug-in Hybrid (ref)

Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2005
592282 cumulative visits; 06:40 am GMT/UTC

  • American Antigravity Latest from American Antigravity -- Jan 30th
    • Troy Hurtubise Interview - (30 minutes wmv) Inventor of the Angel Light talks about this breakthrough transparency-ray & fusion-light technology
    • Also: Angel Light Overview Page | Arbortech 'AirBoard' | TeraView Technology | Steve Burns Starship
  • Antigravity has feet of clay - Space agency report is a downer for gravity-control researchers. (Nature; Jan. 26)
  • ZPEnergy Energy policy and food security - Warming climates lead to a more difficult time at growing crops. (ZPEnergy; Jan. 31)
  • Global Warming > Methane Could Be Far Worse Than Carbon Dioxide - Methane gas, abundantly trapped as a half frozen slush in the northern hemisphere's tundra permafrost regions and at the bottom of the sea may well be a ticking time bomb, says geologist John Atcheson. (NewMediaExplorer; Feb. 1)

Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2005
590809 cumulative visits; 06:33 am GMT/UTC

  • ZPEnergy 1 watt challenge for OU devices from Hal Puthoff - Erik Krieg reminds FE community of 1 Watt challenge offered by believer, Hal Puthoff, in 1994.  Says challenge has not yet been met. (ZPEnergy; Jan. 30)
    [Puthoff concurs, Jan. 31, 2005.]
  • ZPEnergy Runaway Greenhouse when Methane Cycle Unleashed Would End Life on Earth by 2026 - Unless we can halt the fossil fuel burning. (ZPEnergy; Jan. 31)
  • Planet Ark logo Nissan Chief Says Hybrid Cars Make No Sense - "They make a nice story, but they're not a a good business story yet because the value is lower than their costs." (Reuters; Jan. 31)
    [He's not taking into consideration the long-term cost of fossil fuel use]

Monday, Jan. 31, 2005
588462 cumulative visits; 07:10 am GMT/UTC

  • ZPEnergy Professor says experimenter's intention and belief can 'condition' a site - Author of more than 250 scientific papers says that an experimenter's environment can become attuned to produce positive results that do not repeat elsewhere. (ZPEnergy; Jan. 30)
    [Either he needs to be made emeritus, or there are "emotional/spiritual" laws that need to be learned and taken into account in energy device replication and operation.  I know an inventor who said his device would not work when certain people came to his home.]
  • Batteries > Normal Battery Behavior Can be Mistaken for "Over Unity" - Virgin 12-volt lead-acid batteries increase in voltage under load (e.g. bulb) for a while after an initial rapid drop, before they gradually drop in voltage. (PESWiki; Jan. 30)
    [Straight from my own "lab."]
  • Planet Ark logo Hydrogen > Genoil Hopes Hydrogen to Boost Energy from Oil - Improving hydrogen use at conventional oil refineries can increase yields of oil products from heavy oil by as much as 25 percent. (Reuters; Jan. 31)
    [Cracking assist makes more efficient use of the oil now being used anyway.]
  • - Bryan's new website to chronicle the development of his hydrogen on demand concepts.  His goal is to get 100 mpg in his Geo Metro.  He calls it "a work in progress."
    [Hats off to those who roll up their sleeves]
  • Events > Conference on Renewable Energy in the Upper Midwest - February 23-24, North Dakota, USA; will focus on wind and biomass.

Sunday, Jan. 30, 2005
588343 cumulative visits; 05:40 am GMT/UTC

  • ZPEnergy The International Sustainable Energy Organization ISEO - Objective is to speed up the implementation of renewable energy and better efficiency. (ZPEnergy; Jan. 29)
  • Alternative Energy Blog Wave > Energy Buoy to Lead to Wavefarm? - A state-of-the-art energy buoy is being launched 12 miles off the coast of St Ives, north of Cornwall to measure wave power. Will be monitored by scientists around the world. (Alt-Energy-Blog / BBC; Jan. 29)
  • Google News Mallove Murder > Police, Family Renew Pleas For Help In Solving Murder - police and the family of a murder victim are renewing their request for the public's help in locating personal items that belonged to Eugene Mallove. (TheDay [subscription], Connecticut, USA)
  • Hydrogen > Hydrogen storage using magnesium powder - With the use of magnesium powder, the storage of hydrogen can take place more efficiently and safely and at a higher temperature. (PhysOrg; Jan. 27)
  • (OT) Ever wonder what TV does to young minds? - Cathode light, unnatural sound, 2-D images.  How does that compare with 3-D tactile interaction with real life?  How does it effect brain development?  Loss of range of senses observed. (Deseret News; Jan. 28) (Thanks Susan Carter)

Saturday, Jan. 28, 2005
587465 cumulative visits; 06:50 am GMT/UTC

  • ZPE > Zero Point Technologies - Frank Znidarsic presents connections between Quantum Physics, atomic physics and ZPE. Also addresses cold fusion, ball lightning, levitation. (Thanks Michael Couch)
  • Seismologist Says Exxon Had Nothing to Do with It - Says the 9.0 quake emerged from miles beneath the earth and would have had nothing to do with any oil/gas extraction taking place more superficially.  Dialogue posted. (PESN)
  • PESWiki Tip of the Day - Eventually we would like to see a feature directory for every alt energy technology, inventor, organization.  Feel free to help us out by creating a page or adding information to one already existing. (PESWiki)
  • Planet Ark logo Sam Bodman, Approved by U.S. Senate, Supports Alaskan Oil Drilling - The Energy Department, with a $23 billion budget, runs a network of nuclear weapons research laboratories and has over 100,000 employees and contractors. (Reuters; Jan. 27)

Friday, Jan. 28, 2005
586011 cumulative visits; 06:31 am GMT/UTC

  • Four collaborative anecdotes to oil/gas-extraction-quake-tsunami link - Tesla's NY quake; San Andreas tinkering; magnetic field changes; N-bombs and quakes. (PESN; See other Jan. 26,27 updates to Jan. 25 story)
  • Batteries > BatMax uses nanotechnology to extend battery life - Add to any battery to extend life, speed up charge time, rejuvenate battery.  Now in production and being shipped to retailers in U.S. and elsewhere. (PESWiki; Jan. 27)
  • Events > ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - July 28-31, Salt Lake City, UT.  A highlight 'free energy' event of the year, hosted by the Institute for New Science and TeslaTech. (PESWiki; Jan. 25)
  • Alternative Energy Blog  Alternative Fuel Cars: Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Cars - Some drivers are modifying their hybrids to enable plug-in charging, even though it voids the warranty. (Alt-Energy-Blog; Jan. 27)
  • PESWiki Tip of the Day - Feel free to build a personal profile page on your [[User:yourname]] page, linking to projects in which you are involved, and listing contact info. (PESWiki)
  • (humor) FBI has new way of tracking terrorists - They are now able to see every click you make. FBI says you will never even notice, and it won't affect the common man. (Thanks Rich Kuchinsky)

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