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Indonesian Tsunami Probably Tripped by Exxon-Mobil Works
- Exxon-Mobil's one cubic mile of natural gas extracted every four years at epicenter Aceh facility presents a smoking gun for man-made factor in 9.0 earthquake with accompanying tsunami that killed more than 225,000 people. (PESN; Jan. 24)

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Cold Fusion: Fire from Water

1999 documentary, narrated by James "Scotty" Doohan (of Star Trek), features cold fusion scientists from around the world discussing cold fusion history and current research.

Writers: Dr. Eugene F. Mallove (Infinite Energy Magazine) and Jed Rothwell [bio]
Producer/Director: Christopher Toussaint (Free Spirit Productions) [bio]
Director of Photography: Marino Colmano [bio]

    "It could be the end of the fossil fuel age: the end of oil and coal.  And the end, incidentally, of many of our worries about global warming."

-- Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Cold Fusion: Fire from Water
70 mins. VHS.

  • See a Streaming Video clip
    (Free Spirit Productions)
  • Clip from UFOTV

Purchase from ($29.95)

Confirmation in hundreds of experiments and its potential to neutralize radioactive waste and other commercial uses.  Explores dozens of theories put forth by top scientists. James Doohan ("Scotty")
Scotty of Star Trek Narrated by James Doohan ("Scotty" of Star Trek fame)

"...Decide for yourself whether cold fusion is one of the greatest discoveries of all time."

Winner - 1999 Aurora Award Platinum Best of Show
Finalist - 2000 Silver Axiem Award
Winner - 2000 21st Annual Telly Award

Made-for-digital wide screen television, it has aired on several PBS stations and in Europe.

As of Feb. 17, 2004, Google cites 502 websites featuring the video.

From the back of the videotape box:

In this fascinating documentary narrated by James Doohan, "Scotty" of Star Trek fame, find out what happened to the Cold Fusion discovery in the years since the announcement at the University of Utah. On March 23, 1989, respected chemists Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons claimed that a table-top, glass cell filled with heavy water, fitted with a palladium electrode, produced so much heat beyond the power put in that the mysterious energy source had to be nuclear. They said it was probably related to nuclear fusion, which powers the stars. The new "fire" from water could not be coming from ordinary chemical reactions; it was far too much energy. Nuclear reactions in a jar of water, producing heat but no deadly radiation? If the shocking claim was real, the world might have a source of infinite, clean energy from the abundant fusion fuel in all water. Thus began the Cold Fusion controversy, one of the greatest revolutions in the history of science. The facts of Cold Fusion's birth are far more dramatic than any fiction!


* Cold Fusion is the ultimate renewable energy source. It promises the beginning of a Water Fuel Age early in the 21st Century.

* Vested interests in Academia launched a "Cold Fusion War" against the new science that continues to this day.

* What Fleischmann and Pons discovered in the mid-1980s was probably merely the tip of an iceberg of a much larger discovery that might be called "Modern Alchemy."

* Dozens of scientific theories have been put forth by top scientists to explain Cold Fusion.

* Cold Fusion is very much alive. It has been confirmed in hundreds of experiments done in many countries. Commercial activity is underway to develop this revolutionary clean energy source and the other discoveries it inspired...such as the potential to neutralize radioactive waste!

* This real discovery will drastically change the world early in the 21st Century. By exploring the history of the discovery and witnessing people working in the field today in laboratories and companies, decide for yourself whether Cold Fusion is one of the greatest discoveries of all time - really a "miracle" in water.

Infinite Energy Magazine
P.O. Box 2816
Concord, NH 03302-2816


Free Spirit Products Review

This program details the true story of the discovery and the scientific quest for an explanation and validation in the academic community. Hundreds of scientists and engineers worldwide are detecting verified, repeatable, yet unexplainable phenomena that clearly show a powerful source of energy within water. Intense energy releases from an expanding variety of experiments and prototype commercial technologies is examined.

 Also established are transmutations of heavy elements - a form of "modern alchemy" that still cannot be explained within the framework of presently understood physics. Perhaps new physics will have to be developed to deal with all of this, but even without a firm understanding of the physics, technological development of Cold Fusion is well underway, as this documentary illustrates.

 This fledgling science and technology proceeds despite the outcries of a powerful academic elite who in a rush-to-judgment ridiculed -- and continue to ridicule --  Fleischmann & Pons's now famous 1989 announcement of room-temperature, "nuclear reactions in a jar."

 At long last a non-polluting energy source has emerged that will end the environmentally-destructive Fossil Fuel Age. It will also lead to the elimination of radioactive waste left over from nuclear weapons production and fission nuclear power.

 The documentary explores the recent history, science, and technology of Cold Fusion and addresses the opportunities and problems that lie ahead.


Scientists featured in this documentary:

Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian Prof. John O'M. Bochris
Dr. Benjamin F. Bush Prof. Robert T. Bush
Dr. Les Case Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Dr. Thomas Claytor Dr. Martin Fleischmann
Dr. Lou Furlong Prof. Peter Hagelstein
Dr. John Huizenga Prof. Nathan Lewis
Sir John Maddox Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
Dr. Douglas Morrison Dr. Keith H. Johnson
Dr. Yan R. Kucherov Prof. Xing Zhong Li
Dr. Melvin Miles Dr. George Miley
Dr. Randell Mills Prof. Richard A. Oriani
Dr. Thomas Passell Dr. James Patterson
Dr. Stanley Pons Robert Shaubach
Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan Roger Stringham
Dr. Edmund Storms Prof. J.P. Vigier


See also

  • Purchase from ($29.95)
  • Anniversary > Cold Fusion -- 15 Years and Heating Up - New index reviewing ambient temperature fusion technologies and developments in honor of the March 23, 1989 announcement by Pons and Fleischmann.
  • "Cold Fusion Night at the Movies" - at the perimeter of MIT campus.  "This may well have been the first time in film history that both a documentary film and a fictionalized film treatment bearing on the subject of the documentary were shown on the same venue near the time of both films' debuts."  (Teaser originally published July-August, 1999 In Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #26)
Infinite Energy: Issue 26
  • ROSWELL: The UFO UnCoverup - Another Free Spirit production winning awards and rave reviews.


Click here to buy Cold Fusion: Fire from Water.

Index created by Sterling D. Allan, Feb. 17, 2004
Last updated December 03, 2004



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   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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