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Ghost Metropolis

Elena's Picture Tour of Environs 18 Years Later

Snapshot highlights from photojournalist Elena, who traveled there in Spring 2004 to view the remains of the worst nuclear disaster in history in which as many as 400,000 died.

Thumbnail Sketches compiled by Sterling D. Allan, with permission.
March 28, 2004

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        "In April 26, in year 1986 a guy named Akimov pushed wrong button and launched the biggest nuclear catastrophe." (Elena)

        "Who can count how many people died of radiation?  No one, even approximately. Some tell that 400,000 dead.  Soyuzchernobyl report of 300,000 people that died since 1986; and this is not over.  In 30 years people will still die." (Elena)




After the disaster, 3,500 people returned; 400 are still alive.


(chemsuit photo was not taken by Elena)


Response Team Vehicles Graveyard

Rendered unusable because of radiation.


Fire Station




Busy Streets No More

Not one to be seen.


A Walk in the Park


Scenic Views No More

Building on right is the one where Elena took panorama photos below.  During disaster, people watched the glow of Chernobyl from here.


Ghost City Panorama

Entire city completely vacant.  See enlarged views.


Vacant River Port


Walk Through Town




'Rec.' (Wreck) Center





Special thanks to Aerielle Louise of who brought this to my attention.  And of course, a special thanks to Elena for bravely telling this story through photos.

Other Photos


Chernobyl Fallout 1986

The distribution of Iodine-131 from the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The figure depicts the radioactivity field in Bq/kg at 850 mb. level on 00 UST, May 12, 1986, approximately 384 hours after the reactor explosion (the further details are discussed by Pudykiewicz, 1989) (ref)

Solutions to Ponder

Three Mile Island
  • Cold Fusion Pending Review by U.S. Department of Energy - Phenomenon discovered by Fleischmann and Pons in1989, then disavowed by the scientific establishment, but subsequently confirmed worldwide in thousands of experiments, may finally be recognized as a revolutionary discovery of science.
30mw laser-triggered cold fusion cell, Letts Laboratory

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