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John Bedini and Peter Lindemann's Medium and Large Motor-Energizer Project - Bedini team explains what they have been up to, and discuss what the Bedini SG was/is designed to accomplish as a teaching tool on the way to more advanced energy tapping technologies. Discuss new medium and large motor-energizers. Using 24-V 1600 Ah batteries. Lighting 1000 Watt array of bulbs.

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Directory of Solar Power Resources

Featuring research and development innovations, kits, history, as well as technologies and companies presently in the market.


  • Solar Access - Premier Solar news, directory, networking.
  • Mr. Solar Home Page - Mr. Solar Home Page, information, products and services about every aspect of solar, wind & water power
  • Creative Energy Technologies - Solar & Wind Powered Products and Appliances


  • Nanotubes work like radio antennas to convert light into electricity - Array of 50-nanometre-wide carbon nanotubes, the length of the wavelength of light, make ideal miniature aerials because they conduct electricity well, so electrons can move freely up and down the tubes. (ZPEnergy; Sept. 23; quoting from Nature)
  • Solar Hydrogen Process Produces Energy from Water - Special titanium oxide ceramics harvest sunlight and split water to produce hydrogen fuel. Researchers at University of New South Whales anticipate an energy-harvesting device with no moving parts within 7 years. (PESN; Aug. 27, 2004)
  • Sunlight Used to Produce Hydrogen From Water - Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation has demonstrated that solar energy can be concentrated to over 1500F and used to produce Hydrogen.
  • Solar Cell Teams Plastic and Carbon - A plastic semiconductor plus a layer of carbon buckyballs makes for an inexpensive solar cell. (MIT Technology Review; Dec. 14, 2004)
  • Direct Energy Conversion Device (DEC) - ITN's developing device that efficiently absorbs free-space electromagnetic radiation (EM) using a broadband, 2-D grid antenna array that couples to essentially any polarized wave form (e.g. elliptically polarized solar radiation). (ZPEnergy; Aug. 7, 2004)
  • A Stationary Heliostat for Solar Energy Reflection - William A. Rhodes presents synopsis of three of his expired patents that describe a mirror arrangement enables tracking of sun without movement of parts. (PESWiki; Dec. 6)
  • Ultra Cheap Solar Development by STMicroelectronics - European chip maker is working on solar cell process that uses plastic substrate instead of silicon.  "Over a typical 20-year life span of a solar cell, a single produced watt should cost as little as $0.20, compared with the current $4, competing even with fossil fuel cost of $0.40.
  • Solar-Cell Rollout - Konarka Technologies in Lowell, MA working on breakthroughs in nanotech that are making it possible to churn out cheap, flexible solar cells by the meter in a process resembling a printing press. (MIT Technology Review; July/Aug. 2004)
  • Nanotechnology and Photovoltaics - Solar power for less than $1. Nanosys Inc. combines their nanocomposite photovoltaic technology with precisely engineered inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals, yielding light-weight, flexible host-matrix.
  • Molecular Stand-in for Solar's Polymer Wires - Scientists from U.S. DOE and the University of Florida are working on a process that uses polymer molecule chains (molecular wires) to replace the silicon conventionally used in components of solar photovoltaic cells. (SolarAccess; Aug. 24, 2004)
  • Photosynthesis Drives Solar Cell - Researchers have harnessed the light harvesting molecules of spinach and bacteria to make solar cells that could one day be sprayed on many surfaces. (MIT Technology Review; Aug. 31, 2004)
  • Water / Solar > Solar Sea Water Desalination - Reinventing the solar still. Internationally patented design produces fresh water from salt or waste water using solar energy.
  • Organic Solar Cell - Made from cheaper materials, their flexibility and feather-weight construction promise to open up new markets for solar energy. (PhysOrg; Dec. 13)
  • Popeye the Solar Man - MIT researchers say they have successfully combined tiny proteins found in spinach with solid state electronics, potentially producing a solar power source that one day might power mobile devices. (Boston Business Journal; Sept. 16, 2004)
  • Solar > Berkley Group Emulating Photosynthesis - Nature is 97% efficient in converting sunlight to energy. University group receives govt. funding to pursue a process that mimics nature.
  • Increasing Solar Efficiency - British researchers receive $8 million grant to develop new manufacturing technique for photovoltaics that will cut cost by as much as half.  Changes include thinner silicon coating and reducing number of semiconductors.  (PhysOrg; Nov. 22, 2004)
  • Wearable, cheap solar panel - European scientists have developed light, flexible solar panels that could be sewn on fabrics and placed on surfaces to charge objects ranging from cellphones to DVD players. (PhysOrg; Dec. 16, 2004)
  • Solar Chimney for California? - Concept design to have solar chimney cover a large greenhouse which covers several square miles. The rising hot air would be used to generate electricity. (Alt Eng News; Nov. 18, 2004)


  • Solar > Cheap Solar Energy Projects - XenoTechResearch design built for $2.00, with simple aluminum frame.

    • High temperature solar furnace - "can boil steel (dangerous)"

    • Cheap variable focus heat source - "can cause remote ignition (fires)"


  • - Australian company sells solar power units for remote signs (e.g. billboard, traffic lights) as well as for mobile devices such as PDA's, laptops and cell phones.  They also sell water-from-air devices.
  • Alpha Solar -- The Complete Renewable Energy Resource - provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art energy products, accessories and complete electric systems for homes, cabins, boats, remote site and back-up power; including solar panels, solar controllers, wind generators, inverters, batteries.
  • The American Solar Energy Society - ASES is a national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of US citizens and the global environment.
  • Austin Energy to Pay Customers to Generate Their Own Power - City Council approves rebate of $5,000 per kilowatt for solar array installations for their residential and commercial customers. (Pure Energy Systems News; May 27, 2004)
  • Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute's Solar-Powered Underwater Vehicles (Slashdot; Dec. 11, 2004)
  • Coffee: Wake Up and Smell the Solar - Cutting-edge solar coffee-drying test site being installed in Costa Rica. (Renewable Energy Access; Nov. 26)
  • David Allan's Solar Home - integrates seven different forms of collection: trombe wall, solarium convection, photo-voltaic cells, propylene-glycol heat exchange, eutectic salt chamber, berm-insulation, black chimneys for passive solar air-conditioner.
  • Energy Unlimited Hawaii - install & service.
  • Global Sun Ovens - Environment and energy conservation and emergency preparedness. Durable, reaches 400
Solar Oven
  • GO Solar Company - Provides information and consumer guides relating to solar energy and its various applications. Online solar catalog.
  • Home Power Magazine - The hands-on journal of home-made power. We do it with solar, wind, and hydro.
    - Extensive solar links page
  • Honda FCX Fuel Cell Car Powered by the Sun - Hydrogen produced from a 700 square foot solar array at a custom filling station is capable of supporting 200 miles per week -- the national average.  Range 170 miles.  Prototypes: $2 mil each.  (LA Times; Aug. 29, 2004) [free subscription to access]
  • Jade Mountain - "The world's largest selection of renewable energy products."
  • - Passive Solar Home Design
  • Konarka Acquires Siemens' Organic Photovoltaics -  New generation of photovoltaics are inexpensive, easy-to-manufacture and versatile. These new plastic power cells will make it possible for any electronic device or structure to carry its own on-board source of renewable energy.  (Energy Info Source, Sept. 7, 2004)
  • Lotus Energy - Nepal company designs,  manufactures, installs and services a multitude of Solar and Alternative Energy Systems and products.
  • Maine Solar House - The step by step building of a solar house. Solar land, solar plan, solar heat, solar power, solar data.  Featured in TIME magazine.
  • Northwest Power CO -- Solar and Wind - photovoltaic and wind generation products and services.
  • - solar solutions; features JadeMountain catalogue.
  • Solar Depot Grand Opening
    New 24,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility for 1979-established systems integrator and wholesale distributor of solar energy equipment, including solar electric power systems, solar thermal hot water and radiant floor heating systems. (SolarAccess News; June 28, 2004)  (About Solar Depot) (
  • Solar Powered Jacket Charges Your Gadgets - integrated solar panels by ScotteVest charge cell phones, PDAs, and most any other mobile device. (Wired; Jan. 13)
  • Sol-Lite Malaysia - implementing domestic and commercial applications.
  • Solardyne Corporation - direct source for renewable energy equipment and high-efficiency home appliances
  • Solar - directory
  • Solar Energy International - renewable energy education; offering hands-on workshops in solar, wind, and water power and natural building technologies in 11 locations.
  • Solaroofgarden - puts into service the under-utilized roof areas of all kinds of buildings for roof top hydroponics.
  • Solar Water Heater by KuzeySAN - Evacuated Tube Collectors can be used in both closed or open-loop configuration
  • Special Materials Research and Technology Innovative Antireflective Technology - SPECMAT Inc. is a research-oriented small business with a focus on the room temperature wet chemical growth (RTWCG) of oxides used in microelectronics and photonics (optoelectronics).  Low-cost, RTWCG SiOX antireflective coating (ARC) technology increases the efficiency of c-Si, and mc-Si solar cells by up to 30% or more.  (Submitted by Orry)
  • TechLine Power - U.S. company focuses on the design, development, and management of small and large-scale wind and photovoltaic renewable energy systems.  Able to monitor systems remotely.  Train operational staff.  Founded 1975.
  • U.S. Govt. Shirking Space Solar Power Relay Program - Scientists will be gathering to discuss NASA research program abandoned in 2001. (Wired; June 22, 2004)
  • WorldWater and Power Installs Largest Solar Irrigation Pumping System - California array drives 200 horsepower pumping system. The 267 kW system is grid-connected, so it can run off either, as well as return excess electricity for credit. (Renewable Energy Access; Dec. 13, 2004)


  • Bell Labs Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Solar Cell - April 25, 1954
  • World's Largest Solar Park - Bavaria Solarpark will produce 10 MW via 57,600 silicone panels spread over 25 hectares; scheduled for operation in 2005. (PhysOrg; Nov. 9, 2004)
  • World's Largest Solar Plant Planned - 15-megawatt solar power station expected to be completed in October 2006 in Sinan county Korea. (Alt Eng News; Nov. 14, 2004)

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