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Brown's Gas, Brown's Gas, Brown's Gas, Brown's Gas, Brown's Gas, Brown's Gas, Brown's Gas

Brown's/Rhode's Gas (Oxy-Hydrogen) -- Multi-Industry Miracles from Water

Aug. 20 Notice:
We have been informed that there are importance differences between Rhode's Gas and Brown's Gas.  More information to follow in a few days.

Also known as Green Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, Watergas

Electrolytic process converts water into a burnable gas.  Atomic hydrogen and oxygen thought to be main cause of unique properties.  Invented by William A. Rhodes (living), with additional pioneer work done by Yull Brown (deceased), followed by George Wiseman who's group is one entity presently manufacturing and marketing the technology.

Page Contents:
Overview • Properties and Applications • Precautions • New Water • Key Papers • Principal Players • Retailers and Distributors • Experiment Proposals • Related Sites • Forums • See also

   "Of all elements, hydrogen and oxygen should hold no secrets. Yet, in this example they do and have been troublesome."

-- William A. Rhodes (March 12, 2000)


Common Duct Oxy-Hydrogen gas is dangerous and should be handled with the same care as other volatile substances.


Dr. William Rhodes technology invented in the 1960s is gaining momentum both in research results, device improvements, and manufacturing.  Dr. Rhodes claims are the earliest documented.  Yull Brown is the most well-recognized researcher and proponent.  George Wiseman is the most well-recognized proponent today.  Todd Knudtson may have some surprises.

There are several schools of thought on the best method of electrolysis, ranging from series to parallel plates; and there are competing claims to technology rights.  Claims of gas properties are sometimes incredulous on the face, sometimes exaggerated, but are usually backed by documented evidence. 

One counter-claim is that there is no one capability of this gas that cannot be surpassed by some other technique; and that the main value is probably just that of a "Swiss Army Knife" versatility.  However, such properties as not heating water, while immediately penetrating iron submerged in water, is a property that is probably not matched anywhere.  The welding of dissimilar metals may include some combinations not achievable elsewhere.  Also, the immediate effect on Tungsten is another efficiency that is probably not matched by anything else.  The non-toxicity is a factor that must not be ignored either.  The gas generation does not consume a great deal of electrical energy. 

Sales have not skyrocketed as predicted, largely due to the lack of U.L. / CSA listing, which is because there is no precedent standard.  Also, device strengths and weaknesses need to be understood so as to hone in on the strengths.  The technology basically has no intellectual protections at this point, though most try to give fiduciary credit where credit is due (except to Rhodes?).


Properties and Applications

    "There are many uses of the gas that are public information and their are some that should not be. Many industries will arise that use the gas. I know of several that could become industries."

-- T. Cullen

  • Neutralizes radioactive waste
    • Certified as such by Canadian Atomic Commission; on file with George Wiseman.
  • Breathing Aparatus
    • Gas is non-toxic, breathable, preferable for diving because of absence of Nitrogen
  • Welds many dissimilar metals; does not weld iron
  • Cuts
    • Cuts thick steel (with added oxygen)
    • Gas cuts iron 30% faster than acetylene
    • Cuts dirty metal without sputtering
  • Toxic waste disposal (can vaporize PVC’s)
  • Turns feldspar into moonstone
  • Does not boil water; but seems to work by electrical rather than heat energy
  • Water that condenses from the flame produces "New Water" that exhibits properties of transmutation, taking on the characteristics of things to which it is subjected
  • Vapors do not pool but mix with air and become stable
  • The gas by itself is lighter than air
  • Gas speeds healing of wounds
  • Helps plants germinate
  • Muscle relaxing (as demonstrated by a Spokane Chiropractor)
  • Recoverable ore
  • Can be used to make glass bottles
  • Flame propagation has been measured at ~8500 feet/second ref
  • Melts Titanium (3034 °F; 1668 °C ref) rapidly; glowing red immediately upon exposure to flame; while aluminum (1221 °F; 660.4 °C ref) is barely effected in comparison.
  • Melts pure carbon
  • Indications of mono-atomic hydrogen and oxygen ("impossible").
  • Steel, after treatment with the flame, is much more impervious to rust and before treatment. [ref]
  • Used in a car the gas combusts and emits water vapor as the only effluent in its exhaust. [ref]
  • Flame from this gas can glaze concrete thus rendering it impervious to acids and other corrosives and greatly extending the concrete's useful lifespan. [ref]



  • Same as acetylene torches except no fume issues from flame (except when objects emit such).
  • Some properties are politically volatile.


New Water

(Compiled from multiple third-hand reports)
As the gas flame hits cold metal, you instantly see water vapor condensing on the surface, followed by the pooling and dripping of water.  (This author has witnessed this first-hand).  When collected, the water exhibits amazing characteristics.  In some (many) instances, it takes on the properties of what it is exposed to -- not in a physical reproduction, but in essence.  The ramifications of this aspect alone could be nearly as revolutionary as Xerox.  Think chemistry, cosmetics, medicine, herbology, essential oils, etc.  Now you can get the magical properties of your favorite substance mass produced for a tiny fraction of the cost.  This facet deserves extensive research and development.


Key Papers

  • Common Duct Electrolytic Oxy-Hydrogen - aka Brown's Gas, hydroxy, green gas, di-hydroxy, watergas. Updated paper by William A. Rhodes, Ph.D., inventor of Oxy-Hydrogen.  Rhodes lays his claim as the inventor of the process.
  • Electrically Expanded Water - George Wiseman presents his theory for the unusual properties of what he calls Brown's Gas, replacing his former theory of monoatomic oxygen and hydrogen.  Describes the formation of a plane of bubbles forming between the plates.
    "When the electricity (in the Brown's Gas) is released by the 'flame,' it comes out as electricity and the water 'implodes' to it's original liquid form, with no heat and no expansion first. That's also why the flame is 'cool' yet has high energy effects."
  • HYDROXY - Todd Knudtson, another stellar researcher and inventor, offers a scientific explanation of the gas behaviors.


Principal Players

William Rhodes, Ph.D.

  • Common Duct Electrolytic Oxy-Hydrogen - by William A. Rhodes, Ph.D.

Prof. Yull Brown

Died May 22, 1998 in Auburn, Australia.

George Wiseman

  • Eagle-Research - machines for sale

Dennis Lee (caution)

  • Sells the Yull Brown version.


Retailers and Distributors

The following companies sell Brown’s Gas machines:  Arizona Hydrogen, Better World Technologies (Dennis Lee), Best Korea, Best Norinco, Oweld, Mario Di Maio, Generating Solutions, Okai, Watergas, Stan Rubinstein, Siam Water Flame Co., H2O2000, Eagle-Research, and Aqua Torch.

  • George Wiseman of Eagle-Research - ER 1200 Water Torch.  Runs on 220 outlet; is configured to run on power output worldwide.  Simple operation.  Bubbler canister quenches back flash.
    Larry Oja
    , Malad City, Idaho USA


  • Jeff Otto - Dennis Lee's version.  Jeff has license rights to U.S. and Canada.

Brown's Gas Model 250
Brown's Gas Model 250

"This machine separates hydrogen and oxygen from water and mixes them back together stoichiometrically in a new way. Water is HOH, Browns Gas is HHO. You can weld with HHO. It is a pure gas (water)."

Experiment Proposals

  • To check out claims of electrical properties of flame, attached one probe of a multimeter to a piece of metal that could be inserted in the flame, while putting the other end on the metal being hit with the flame.

Related Sites

  • Brown's Gas report by Delta Spectrum Research - reviews properties observed first-hand.
  • Brown's gas generator built by Milan Manchich
  • Eric Kreig's Brown's Gas Review Index

Competing Technologies

  • Cold Weld: Magnetic Pulse Welding - Process developed by Pulsar Ltd., Israel, does not use heat but uses a ultra short magnetic pulses.  Advantages: Can weld aluminum to steel, nickel to titanium.  "Cold fusion between metals."  Takes 1/100,000ths of a second to weld.  Single micron precision possible.  Single system capable of welding one million parts per year. (Pulsar Welding Talks to BMW; Haaretz; Aug. 18)


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Index composed by Sterling D. Allan, witness to the technology described here.
With input from T. Cullen.
Page commenced July 10, 2004; first made public Aug. 5, 2004.
Last updated December 03, 2004



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Oct 2 2004

Chrisitan Allan holding a Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor prototype; Jan. 2004


ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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