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Solar > A Stationary Heliostat for Solar Energy Reflection - William A. Rhodes presents synopsis of three of his expired patents that describe a mirror arrangement enables tracking of sun without movement of parts. (PESWiki; Dec. 6)

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Free Energy Inventors

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Adams, Harold

Engine (similar to that of Keely) 

Adams, Robert (Nouvelle Zélande)

Adams Motor

Alexander, Robert

Generator With Free energy

        Adsitt, Donald         Magnetic Ramp

Ames, Alan

Alcon Technologies Devices

Amman, C. Earl

Cosmo Electric Generator

Angus, Neil

Angus Engine

Anonyme, Français

Receiver for extracting Electricity from Air

Aspden, Harold (Angleterre)

Power From Magnetism

Vacuum Spin

Switched Reluctance Motor

Avrandt, Dick

Bobines Tesla (reproduction)

Bailey, Patrick

Advanced Fuel Cell Designs

Barret, Terrance

Tesla Non-Linear Shuttle Circuit

Baumann, Paul (Suisse)

Swiss ML Converter ou Testatika

Baumgartner, William

‘’Living’’Machine à turbine

Bedini, John

Bedini Energy Converter

Bessler, Johann Ernest Elias dit ‘’Orffyreus’’

Perpetual Wheel

Billings, Rodger

Battery with hydrogen laser

Blasius-Grüter, Karl

Self current Gravitation torque converter

Blue, Archie

Apparatus With Electrolysis

Bode, George, Fred

Electric Motor utilizing Electricity from Air

Bohning, P. (Allemagne)

Engine without rétrocouple

Bolon, William

Engine vapor high performances

Paul Bauman


Bowman, Lee

Engine of Peregrinus (reproduction) 

Britt, Robert Gordon

Noble Gas Motors (AEROPS Engine)

Britten, Chauncey, J.

Radio Apparatus Extracting Energy from the Air

Brown, Paul

Brown Resonance Device (Brevet US)
Magnetic Distributor Generator

Brown, Thomas T.


Brown, Townsend


Brown, Yull

Brown’s Gas

Brown, Thomas Townsend

T.T. Brown Devices

       Brunner, Ashton F. Mochel

       Ocean Wave Generator

Buerger, Douglas

SpinBreeder Generator

Butikofer, Hermann (Suisse)

Calorific generator 

Camus, Nelson

Turbo battery NELTRON

Caro, Charles R.

E-Beam Discharge Power Converter

Carr, Otis

Carr Anti Gravity Device

Chambrin, Jean (France)

Device - engine with water

CINCINNATI GROUP (Neal et Gleeson)


Clem, Richard

Clem Over Unity Engine

Cobb, Melvin

Energy Conserver Circuit

Coler, Hans (Allemagne)


Coler, Hans (Allemagne)


Cornish, François P.

Generator -.hydrogen and aluminum

Correa, Paulo et Alexandra

Autogenous Pulsed Glow Discharge

Cottel, Eric

Sonic transformer for fuel with water

David E.Cowlishaw


Crump, Lloyd R.

Energy Extractor

Davis, Barry

Davis Tidal Turbine

De Rivas, Villasnor

Electromagnetic Generator

Deavenport, Larry

T.T. Brown Devices Replication

dePalma Bruce


Diggs, Richard

Engine With Liquid Electricity

Directo, R.F.

Field generator (CAOROP projects)

Dorman, Robert

L.I.A.G. Low Inertia Armature Generator

Dragone, Leon R.

Permanent Magnet Energy Conversion


Windmill Home generator (Earle)

Ecklin, John V.

Ecklin Motor

Egel, Geoff (Australie)

Testatika (reproduction)

Estevel, Edward

Engine with hydrogen extracts

Fauble, James D.

Ion Source Beam Projector


Farnsworth/Trombly Energy Generator

Finsrud, Reidar (Norvège)

Finsrud Motion machine


Moteur à Chaleur

Fogal, Bill


Fox, Hal

Cold Fusion Results

        Frenette -Patent #4143639        Mechanical Heater

Gamgee, John

Zeromotor with sea water making ammonia boil

Gary, Wesley W.

Gary’s Magnetic Motor (1879)

Geiger, Josef Otto, Hartmann et Ziegfeld

Rotary magnet Engine-generator

Graham, Roy


Graneau, Peter

Ampere-Neuman Electrodynamics

Gray, Edwin V.

Capacitive Discharge Motor

Griggs, James L.

 Hydrosonic Pump

Grotz, Toby

Russell Optical Dynamo Generator

Gunnerman, Rudolph

A-55 carburant mixte à 55 % d’eau

Hammel, David

Generator antigravitational with Free energy

James Hartman


Hartmann, Stefan (voir)

PM Square Linear Magnet Motor

Hasselberger, Josef


Hattaway, George (Canada)

Unipolar Dynamo

Hendershot, Lester

Hendershot Coil Device

Henthron, Wayne

Automobile ‘’électromatique’’

Herrmann, Robert

Moteur Stirling et chaudière

Hickox, Barbara

Dynamo électrique

Hooper, William

Motional Electric Field Effect

Hubbard, Alfred

Hubbard Coil Motor

Hubbard, Alfred

Hubbard Coil Research

Hull, Richard

Bobines Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond TCBOR

Hutchinson, John

Crystal Energy Converter

Hyde, William

Hyde Device

Ide, Osamu

Capacitive Discharge Motor

Inomata, Shiuji (Japon)


Jamison, Lawrence

Jamison Energizer System

Jefimenko, Oleg

Jefimenko Electrostatic Free Energy Generators

Jensen, Paul Raymond

Series Resonant LC Circuit

Jensen, Paul Raymond

Unidirectional Transformer

Johnson, Howard

Permanent Magnet Motor

Kawai, Teruo

Kawai Motor

Keely, John E. W.

Keely Motor (Hydro - Vacuo Engine)

Kenyon, Keith E.

Economic engine electric car

Kidd, Sandy

Kidd Device



Klemke, Erich E. (Allemagne)

Autonomous electric generator

Konzen, Doug


Kromrey, Raymond

Kromrey Converter

Kunel (Allemagne)

Electromagnetic generator

Lambertson, Wingate

WIN Device

Leach, Sam Leslie

Generator separating hydrogen/oxygen

LeBreton, Robert P.


Dennis Lee


Leibowitz, Martin N.

MNL-DHE Generator

MacNeill, Ken

Proposed Hubbard Coil Motor

MacNeill, Ken

Reluctance Generator

Mallove, Eugene

Cold Fusion

Marinov, Stefan (Autriche)

Siberian Coliu

Marinov, Stefan (Autriche)

Venetin Coliu

Mark, Stephen

Stevens Generator

Markovitch, Peter

Apparatus to rectify Ether Energy

Marks, Alvin

Electric generator

May, Ed

Converter on Buick Wildcat

Mazzilli, Paolo


McClain, Joel

Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA)

McKie, Richard (Scott) et John

McKie Power On Demand Module (PODMOD)

McClintock, David

Air Engine 

McKubre, Michael

SRI Experimental Research Results

Melnitchenko, Andrew A.

Effect projector of resonance

Merritt, Thomas D

Electrical Generator

Meyer, Stanley

Water Fuel Cell

Minato, Kohei

Minato Magnetic Motor

Moray, T. Henry

Moray Radiant Energy Equipment

Muller, William J. F.

Muller Magnetic Motor

Mundt, Jurgen

Electric generator Transducer of Waste

Murray, Jim

Torque amplifier Gravitational apparatus

Myers, Roy J.

Apparatus collecting ambient electricity

Naudin, Jean-Louis (France)

Newman’s Machine (reproduction.) 

Nègre, Guy (France)

Air engine

Newman, Joseph

Newman Energy Machine

Nichelson, Oliver

Dynamo Unipolar according to Tesla


Ro-Mag Magnetic Generator

Pacheco, Francisco

Générateur à hydrogène

Pantone, Paul

Generating group Engine with plasma (GEET)

Papp, Joseph

Noble Gas Motors (Papp engine)

Papadopoulos, Konstantinos

Permanent magnet generator

Pappas, Panos

Energy From Electrical Discharges

Patterson, James

Patterson Power Cell

        Paramahansa Tevari       
        Perkins - Patent# 44245797        Mechanical Heater

Perreault, Bruce A.

Radiant Energy Capture Device

Perrigo, Joeseph ou Harry

Magnito generator

Podkletnov, Eugene (Finlande)

Podkletnov Device

Pond, Dale et Keely, John E. W.

Musical Dynasphere Globe Motor

Pons et Fleischman (France)

Pons and Fleischmann Status

Potter, David

Adams type Motor

Potter, Pual E.


Prenninger, Johann

Testatika (reproduction)

Puthoff, Hal

Charge Cluster Technology (CCT)

Randell, Dr. L.


Rauch, H.

Static Quantum Generator

Reed, Troy

Reed Magnetic Motor

Reich, Wilhelm

Orgone Energy Phenomena

Reich, Wilhelm

Reich Orgone Motor

Richardson, William H.

Aqua Fuel

Rodin, Marcos

Rodin Coil Research

RQM (Suisse)

RQM Devices

Schaeffer, Bernhard

Converter of heat into mechanical energy

Schauberger, Victor

Schauberger Vortex Effects

Searl, John (Angleterre)

Searl Generator

Searl, John (Angleterre)

Searl Levitation Device

Seike, Schinichi (Japon)

Landau Oscillator Seike

Serogodsky, Albert Victorovitch

Thermal instrument

Sinclaire, Pierre (Canada)

Gravity Magnetic Device

Sinclaire, Pierre (Canada)

Sinclaire Generator

Smith, Wilbert B.

Geomagnetic Generator

Smith, Wilbert B.

Magnetic Sink


Nuclear Decay Effects Experiments (Smith)

Sorgato, Vittorio

Moteur à Air

Spence, Geoffrey M.

Energy Conversion System

Stephens, William

Stephens Motor


Apparatus with electricity of field E.M of the ground

Stoneburg, William G.

Stoneburg Motor Generator

Storms, Edmund

Los Alamos Experimental Research Results

Sullivan, Steven

Omnificient Dynamo

Sweet, Floyd

Sweet Vacuum triode Amplifier (VTA)

Takahashi, Yasunori (Japon)

Takahashi Magnet Motor

Tate, John

Tate Ambient Power Module

Taylor, Robert

MRA Device S/N 95-3

Teal, Bob

Magnepulsion Motor

T.E.B.A.Tesla Engine Builders Association

Turbines Tesla (reproduction)


Moteur ‘’Wankel’’ Magnétique

Tesla, Nikola

Non-Linear Shuttle Circuit

Tewari, Paramahansa (Inde)


Thermacore Co

Thermacore Cold fusion

Trombly, Adam et Kahn, Joseph

N-Machine (Trombly-Kahn)

Troyan, Joseph P.

Amplifying Troyan engine of movement

Turner, Brent

Bobines Tesla Techno. Research (reproduction)

Valone, Thomas


Vilenkine, Alexander

Batterie ‘’Timetron’’ Vilenkine

A. Violette, Paul A.



Wankel Motor

Wanlass, Chris

Wanlass Motor-Generator

Ward, Sonne


Watson, Don

Watson VTA Device

Watson, Jim

Typical appliances Bedini charging of the batteries

Watson, Greg (Australie)


Watson, Greg (Australie)

Rotary Magnetic Overunity Device (RMOD)

Werjefelt, Bertil

Système Rotatif Magnétique (type Muller)

Wiseman, George

Free Energy Accumulator

Wiseman, George

Wiseman Energy Conserver Circuit

Wiseman, George

Low Temperature Electric Generator (LTPC)

Wysock, Bill

Bobines Tesla (reproduction)

Yglesias, José

Receiver for extracting Electricity from Air

Yunick, Oliver

Moteur à vapeur

Zaev, Nikolay

NonLinearCapacitor electricity from ambient temp.

Znidarsic, Frank

Zero Point Technologies

Zubris, Joseph R.

Electric Circuit Reduced Energy Starting 75 % 


  • Professor Ph. M. Kanarev - redefining physics, with energy ramifications.

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  • Devices and Inventors - devices listed alphabetically


Index posted by Sterling D. Allan, Dec. 11, 2003
Last updated December 03, 2004



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Chrisitan Allan holding a Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor prototype; Jan. 2004


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