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ZPEnergy New Energy Motif > The Vallιe Synergetic Generator - JL Naudin reports his replication of Prof R.L. Vallιe's "Capture PROTELF " ( PROTon - ELectron Fusion) process. (ZPEnergy; Feb. 12)

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You are here: > Directory > Hydrogen

Hydrogen Technologies

Page Index
Related Directories • Overviews • Companies and Products • R&D • Other Applications • Storage Solutions • Possible Fraud • Other Directories • Skeptics • See also

Related Directories

  • Hydrogen from Water - Directory of technologies that produce hydrogen from water.  Toward cars and home generators running on hydrogen-on-the-fly from water.  Much more than just standard electrolysis. (PESWiki user-editable site)

Stuart Energy

  • Solar Hydrogen - index of non-electrolytic technologies that use the sun's energy to separate hydrogen from water. (PESWiki user-editable site)


  • The International Energy Agency Report Released - The International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) has released its 25th anniversary report on hydrogen production, storage, and utilization.  (USNewswire, Sept. 7)
    • In Pursuit of the Future (PDF 4.3 MB)
    • Other IEA Publications
  • Heading Toward the Hydrogen Economy - Hydrogen holds fantastic promise as a plentiful, clean-burning fuel and an eventual replacement for gasoline. Environmentalists like it because it might trim the amount of greenhouse gas spewed by the nation's automobiles. Engineers like it because it's new technology that will need fueling with lots of ideas and design work. And cynics like the idea of a hydrogen economy because it lets them snicker while pointing out the hurtles that must be cleared to get there. (Fuel Cell Today; Sept. 27, 2004)
  • Hydrogen from Renewable Sources (PDF) - Review by Jacob Brouwer, Ph.D., Associate Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center. (Fuel Cell Catalyst, Vol.4, No.3; Spring, 2004)

Algae Hydrogen

Companies and Products

  • Emerging Technologies in Product Release Mode - Preparing to install hydrogen-on-demand for hydrogen-powered cars, enabling them to run on water. Also preparing to release hydrogen generators for house and in-field use. Independent test results from Battery Enhancement and Controller System show a 60% increase in efficiency. (PESN; Aug. 31, 2004)
  • Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Car Planned - Alternate Energy Corporation in association with Feel Good Cars to produce affordable vehicle that operates not on fossil fuel but water. (Pure Energy Systems News exclusive; June 10, 2004)
  • Solar Hydrogen Truck - Arizona high school project believed to be first ever solar-hydrogen truck in the world.  The $10,000 prototype is not yet practical for continuous running, but proves a concept. (Arizona Republic; Oct. 1, 2004) (more coverage)
  • 'Hydrogen Fuel Closer to Fruition - Overview of recent "solar hydrogen" systems being developed in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. (Wired News; Sept. 2, 2004)
  • Solar Hydrogen Process Produces Energy from Water - Special titanium oxide ceramics harvest sunlight and split water to produce hydrogen fuel. Researchers at University of New South Whales anticipate an energy-harvesting device with no moving parts within 7 years. (PESN; Aug. 27)
  • Alternate Energy Corp. Perfecting Hydrogen from Water - AEC has derived a means of generating hydrogen through a proprietary metallurgic alloy composed of readily available elements.
  • Earth 2012 Aims to Develop Water-Fuelled Car by 2005 - Uses resonant frequencies to facilitate the splitting of water.  Funding the project through donations, they intend to give the plans to the public. (Pure Energy Systems News; July 7, 2004)  Update Aug. 2, 2004
Earth 2012 Water Fuel Car
  • Xogen Power Inc. - hydrogen-oxygen gas from water using frequencies; water purification, waste remediation, home power.  Differs from Browns gas in that it uses frequency generator to apply current.  (Submitted by Chris Horianopolous)
    • H&O generation
    • Applications
    • Independent Tests
Click photo to enlarge
  • American Group of Companies' Hydrogen Power Technologies - "Make hydrogen gas from water on the fly."  Say they have hydrogen-power technologies presently for sale for automobiles carburetor enhancement, and for home and small business generators ranging from 5, 10, 20, 50 Kw.
  • Millennium Cell Provides Hydrogen-On-Demand - Patented boron-based energy technology delivers a hydrogen fuel that is safe, clean and easily transported, without the need for compression or liquefaction. (submitted by Chris H.)
  • Herman's Insight  - Herman P. Anderson's hydrogen car retrofit will screw into the spark plug to convert any car to hydrogen, with water as source.  Still being developed. (submitted by Larry Rand)
  • Hydrogen Generator - Thermodyamic Systems has been selling hydrogen gas generators for 20 years.  Convert energy to Hydrogen as a form of storage or battery.  Not O/U.
  • Project to Produce Hydrogen from Wind Power - Corporacion Energia Hidroelectrica de Navarra (EHN) of Spain is investigating ways of obtaining hydrogen from water through electricity generated from wind power. (Solar Access; Aug. 20, 2004)
  • Stuart Energy -- the Power of Hydrogen - Offers a variety of hydrogen supply products, from large-scale electrolysis plants to small hydrogen generators covering a hydrogen production range of less than 1 Nm3/h to over 20,000 Nm3/h.
  • BOC GH2OST -- Petro-Free Car of the Future - fall short of beating 10,705 MPG record, but still makes decent showing at 1,200 MPG.
  • Roger Billings' Hydrogen Project - devices in operation, available.
  • Rhino Hydro Technical - Ontario Canada company plans to manufacture a 4' X 4' X 7' home electricity generating plant. Estimated cost for 200 amp service unit ~ $8000.00; virtually maintenance free, with just two mechanical parts.  Waiting for patents. (PESWiki)
  • Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines to Provide Alternative to Gasoline - Clean Energy, Inc. has licensed a turnkey hydrogen delivery system for existing internal combustion engines by an innovative hydrogen injector system. Compressed hydrogen stored onboard. (Fuel Cell Works; Aug. 23, 2004)
  • Salad oil may fuel hydrogen car of future - Hydrogen generator uses only sunflower oil, air and water vapour. The secret lies in two catalysts, one based on nickel, the other on carbon.  Benchtop prototype stage. (; Aug. 26, 2004)
  • Gardner Watts LTD's Thermal Energy Cell (TEC) - Modified electrolysis uses tungsten cathode, platinum anode, applied with high voltage, high frequency pulsed DC current results in a plasma being formed between the electrodes, releasing monoatomic hydrogen and further catalytic reactions that produce excess heat. Energy gains range from between 20 - 100 times more output than input.
  • - 5-25% increase efficiency in mileage; projected eventual unit cost $100; kits available.
  • - Christopher T. Moore openly posts his 'over unity' R&D.
    Coils • DC Pulse Motors • Electrolysis • OU Generators • Overbalanced Wheels • Prototype Water Engine • Van De Graaff • Winding_Jig
  • - powering fuel cell vehicles; Ford, Honda, BMW
  • H Energy Technical Literature - For present applications.
  • Honda FCX Fuel Cell Car Powered by the Sun - Hydrogen produced from a 700 square foot solar array at a custom filling station is capable of supporting 200 miles per week -- the national average.  Range 170 miles.  Prototypes: $2 mil each.  (LA Times; Aug. 29, 2004) [free subscription to access]
  • Ford Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Shuttle Bus - A Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine delivers up to a 99.7 percent reduction in CO2 and includes many of the benefits of a hydrogen fuel cell, but at a fraction of the cost. (FuelCellsWorks; Sept. 30)


  • Molecule Harvests Water's Hydrogen - Researchers have developed a large molecule that can use sunlight energy to extract hydrogen from water, and then use that to move electrons more efficiently. (MIT Technology Review; Dec. 6, 2004)
  • Engineers clear bottleneck in hydrogen production - Carbon monoxide has long been a major technical barrier to the efficient operation of fuel cells. Now, chemical and biological engineers have not only cleared that barrier - they also have discovered a method to capture carbon monoxide's energy. (ScienceBlog; Aug. 28, 2004)
  • Creating Hydrogen With (Very) Hot Water - New technique could produce pure hydrogen far more efficiently than conventional methods. It involves the use of advanced high-temperature nuclear reactors, none of which have been built on a production scale before. (Slashdot; Nov 28, 2004)
  • Chemical Compound Turns Water to Hydrogen Gas - Supramolecular complexes created by Karen Brewer of Virginia Tech can convert solar energy into a fuel, such as hydrogen gas in a process has been called artificial photosynthesis
  • Hydrogen from Water in Thermochemical Process - Clemson University team says thermochemical process for splitting hydrogen from water is much more efficient than the classic electrolysis method. (PhysOrg; Feb. 17, 2005)
  • Water as Fuel - Index of instructional material by Stan Myers.  Stan Myers Water Fuel Cell; and The Hydrogen Fracturing Process.
  • Low Current Electrolysis - Dr. Kenerev's approach: toward efficient energy from water.
  • Common Duct Electrolytic Oxy-Hydrogen - Paper by Dr. William A. Rhodes, author and co-author of dozens of energy related patents, posted for first time; now that patent is expired.
  • Mike Rigby's Hydrogen Generator (Plans)
    Using sound frequencies to split water.

Other Applications

  • Genoil Hopes Hydrogen to Boost Energy from Oil - Improving hydrogen use at conventional oil refineries can increase yields of oil products from heavy oil by as much as 25 percent. (Reuters; Jan. 31, 2005)

Storage Solutions

  • Hydrogen Storage Capability Published in Science - Liverpool and Newcastle researchers inject hydrogen gas at high pressure into tiny pores (10-9 Meters) of a specially-designed material to give a dense form of hydrogen, which can then be released per need. (PhysOrg; Oct. 14, 2004)
  • Better Way to Store Hydrogen - Researchers have developed a material that can be loaded with hydrogen at high-pressure but stores it at low-pressure. (MIT Technology Review; Nov. 18, 2004)
  • Tiny glass beads for hydrogen storage - Small beads can be made super cheaply and can safely store hydrogen at 10,000 psi. Alfred University researchers have discovered an optical activator to enable measured release. (FuelCellsWorks; Dec. 27, 2004)
  • Nested metal-organic frameworks as possible novel Hydrogen storage materials - A team of scientists has now developed a metal-organic material whose cavities keep hydrogen molecules "trapped". (PhysOrg; Jan. 5, 2005)
  • Hydrogen storage using magnesium powder - With the use of magnesium powder, the storage of hydrogen can take place more efficiently and safely and at a higher temperature. (PhysOrg; Jan. 27, 2005)
  • Yellowstone microbes fueled by hydrogen - Microbes living in the brilliantly colored hot springs of Yellowstone National Park use primarily hydrogen for fuel, a discovery that bodes well for life in extreme environments on other planets and could add to understanding of bacteria inside the human body. (PhysOrg; Jan. 25, 2005)

Production Alternatives

In addition to Hydrogen from Water and Solar Hydrogen . . .

  • Organic Hydrogen Synthesis Technique - The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has developed a new technique to synthesize organic hydrogen for fuel cells using supercritical CO2 and supported rhodium as catalyst. (JapanCorp; Sept. 21, 2004)

Possible Fraud

  • Genesis World Energy gCell - Claims to extract Hydrogen from water with very little electrical power requirement.  Presently under investigation by the NJ Attorney General's office for unregistered investments and fraud.

Other Directories

  • H2O Power: Using H2 From Water As Our Next Fuel - Mike Johnston's website elaborates some of his ideas, and compiles work being done by others.
  • American Hydrogen Association
  • Big List of links to Hydrogen info


See also


Index Created by Sterling D. Allan, April 26, 2003.
Last updated February 18, 2005



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