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Magnetic Motors > Perendev Power Taking Orders for Magnet Motors
- Manufacturer wishes to gauge level of interest.  No monies accepted until delivery ready. (PESN exclusive; Dec. 10)

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You are here: > News > Free Energy > Directory > Hydrogen > Genesis World Energy

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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way officially connected to Genesis World Energy, but is an information service only.

Genesis World Energy

Harvesting an unlimited source of power from the molecular structure of water.

Hydrogen Production Device Ready for Market - Genesis Group announces device that utilizes the existing electrical wiring and natural gas plumbing in a home or business to replace the energy provided by utility companies.

Genesis World Energy logo

Photos Posted

• Overview • From their Website • Skeptics • Request for Witnesses • See also

Buyers Beware > GWE Fraud >


  • Manufacturers in over 150 nations supplying world with Edison
  • Major vehicle manufacturers move forward to equip new cars, trucks, SUVs and mass transit vehicles with HICEF (05/12/04)
  • iGas and HICEF greeted by acceptance within a wide range of consumer products (05/12/04)
  • [Site down (noticed June 2, 2004)] - Tracks progress of Genesis World Energy technology (home power from water), includes subscription to receive notification of breaking news.  Scroll down for an update from Oct. 1, 2003.
  • Over 140 nations worldwide to receive Edison technology as a result of the 2003 licensing period.
    GWE agrees to support large part of the world's population. (09/24/03) here
  • Major automobile manufacturers worldwide gear up to provide HICEF equipped cars, trucks and SUVs to consumers and transportation companies quickly.
    Nearly every major automobile manufacturer in the world requested licenses to equip new vehicles with HICEF.
    (09/24/03) here
  • Commentary > A Closer Look at the Genesis Technology - Independent Ph.D. speculates about how the GWE power from water devices might work. (Aug. 5, 2003.)
  • July 15, 2003 - Genesis World Energy (e.g. energy-from-water 'Edison Device') has kept a tight lid on the flow of information. Here is what we can say.
  • July 9, 2003 > WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals - copy of letter listing final steps to obtaining a license, due July 31, 2003.
  • June 9 - GWE poised to meet the energy production demands of over 100 nations through the creation of a worldwide supplier, manufacturing and support services network. Third application to be announced August 2003.
    See: Feedback and Request for Witnesses
  • H-fuel On-demand for Automobiles - Genesis HICEF™ Technology leapfrogs current fuel cell-based transportation development by enabling the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines. (04/21/03)
  • April 18 - screened parties are now receiving NDA agreements for next phase.


Million Products Per Day in 2004 - Feb. 25 News: "In March of 2003, Genesis World Energy will announce the availability of a new version of the Genesis Technology that will address another major world energy segment."

  • Website:
  • PICTURES of the Edison Device
  • GWE Press Release, Dec. 5, 2002
  • **Feedback Comments**
  • Idaho Statesman covers press conference Dec. 5 - has few details.  Names some principal players. [back-up copy]
  • Anonymous group develop revolutionary and inexpensive energy source ( Dec. 13, 2002)
  • Google > Genesis World Energy


From Their Website

  • The Technology - gCell extracts Hydrogen and Oxygen from water; eCell creates electricity from Hydrogen and Oxygen.
  • Vision Statement - "to quickly develop a viable, abundant, low cost and totally environmentally-friendly source of energy, capable of immediately eliminating the world's dependence on oil, gasoline, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy at minimal cost, minimal conversion effort and without requiring people, businesses or industries to change the way they use energy"
  • The Team - over 400 visionaries from a wide spectrum of disciplines, including science, technology and engineering
  • Delivering the Edison Device Technology to Market - will be made available through broad licensing arrangements, widely and quickly.
  • FAQ - estimates roughly $3,000 for the residential model, and $9,000 for the commercial model
  • FAQ Dec. 17, 2002 - secrecy maintained to protect technology and inventors.
  • FAQ Jan. 6, 2003 - about licenses; DC voltage delivery; stoichiometric rate; requires outside energy for 1 hour.
  • FAQ Mar 6, 2003 - are photos what final product will look like? why no batteries shown? gas compatibility with existing plumbing? "Kw per day"? latest developments.
  • Submit License Application


Discussion Threads


From the Inside

  • [NOTE: a bogus email address ( was supplied with this comment, which means the comment itself could be bogus as well.]
    "From what I understand, when you patent something every detail of the patented device becomes available to the general public. As a result, it is very easy to knock off just by altering portions of the technology. I have been an investor in this project for nearly two years now and I know they have applied for numerous patents, but have done that in a very secretive and intelligent manner, so as not to publicize or jeopardize the proprietary technology." (Bill Smith, December 25 @ 15:56:00 EST forum)
  • Dec. 30, 2002 Update > "Just received an email communication from the GWEP president (Nejhla Shaw). Claims that they will release license qualifications to mfgr., distribute, and market the device in Jan. 2003. Also claim the Edison Device 'is a living and breathing product that will undoubtedly change the way we generate and utilize energy.' "
  • See form response to those who filled out the license application.


See also


Page created by Sterling D. Allan Dec. 17, 2002
Last updated December 03, 2004



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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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