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You are here: > Directory > Tesla Turbine

Tesla Turbine -- Bladeless Boundary Disc

Rather than using blades and friction, the Tesla Turbine uses parallel, closely spaced disks that tap viscosity.  Aerodynamic skin adhesion effect resists fluid or gas flow between plates, resulting in energy transfer to the shaft.  Technology works but is yet to break into marketplace.

Page Contents:
Graphic Presentation • Builders • Overviews • Plans • Kits • Patents • Discussion Lists • Books • See also • Contacts


  • Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc. - has working prototype, preparing to break into automobile hybrid market.  (Press release pending.)

Graphic Presentation


    (CAUTION: could be a porno list.  Another list by a similar name was taken over by pornsters.)





  • High Efficiency Disc Turbines -- Boundary Layer Turbines - by Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc slide presentation.  (Short text excerpts need to be compiled for ease of viewing.)
    (Featured in ExtraOrdinary Technology, Vol 1, No.3; Jul/Aug/Sep 2003; pp.21-24 [ref])
    • Turbine Builder's Club - open sourcing the Tesla Turbine and improvements thereon.
  • International Turbine And Power, LLC showcases the technology of Nikola Tesla, especially his bladeless boundary disk turbine. Soon to offer commercially available multifuel Tesla engines and pumps.
    - Digital Pictures and Engineering Reports on Tesla-type Bladeless Disk Turbine and Pump - the BDT
    - History of Tesla Turbine
Germano Tesla Turbine
  • Tesla Engine Builders Association - Non-profit membership organization devoted to the Tesla bladeless turbine rotary combustion/steam engine: memberships, TEBA News (abstracts posted). In Glendale, Wisconsin.
  • What Happened to: (broken link) ViscoTherm Tesla Gas Turbine Engine - Open Directory Project said: "Uses all bladeless Tesla rotor technology, 200 kW (240 hp): pictures, performance graphs; for the distributed power generation market; expected to go commercial by end of 2002; Sausalito, California firm."  No such firm in CA according to phonebook search.


Descriptions by
  • Tesla Turbine Pump - From Internet Glossary of Pumps, by Russell D. Hoffman.
  • Tesla turbine - Wikipedia - encyclopedic summary.
  • Lindsay's Technical Archive: Tesla Turbine From Popular Mechanics Magazine, December 1911, by E.F. Stearns.
  • Boundary-Layer Breakthrough: The Tesla Bladeless Turbine - From The Tesla BBS. Interesting plain-text explanation with long quotes from historical sources. A few technical errors, but still worthwhile.


  • Tesla Disc Turbine Plans - by W. M. J. Cairns.  Published by Lindsay Publications Inc; PO Box 538, Bradley IL 60915-0538; ph: 815-935-5353; Item # 1534 ... $8.95
  • Assembly drawings for Tesla’s 110 hp single stage turbine by TEBA
  • Tesla Turbine Patent Reprint  - sold by Fuelless Power for $11.95 along with "info on a company that builds them and how you can contact them." (FP claims are far fetched, but price tag not too steep; may have useful info?)
    [see buyer beware review of Fuelless Power]


  • Kit by PNGinc - Custom-built Tesla Turbines & Tesla Turbine Kits.  Based on Nikola Tesla designs.  Designed as a turbine component for OEMs to incorporate into generator projects.
Tesla Turbine kit
  • Air Powered Tesla Turbine - Low-cost air powered Tesla turbine model kit by Robert O'Brien. 150 watt Tesla turbo-generator achieves 31% efficiency (40% rotor efficiency).  Static model is easily modified for operation.



  • GB24001 (Oct. 17, 1910) - Improved method of imparting energy to or deriving energy from a fluid and apparatus for use therein - Bladeless turbine having disc rotors; Openings in the central portions and separating star-washers; Riveted into single, solid structure; Keyed to the shaft; Turbine or rotary engine.
  • US1061206 Turbine - New and useful Improvements in Rotary Engines and Turbines
  • US1329559 Valvular Conduit - Includes the Tesla gas turbine
  • GB186082 (Sept. 25, 1922) Improvements in the Construction of Steam and Gas Turbines - Two heavier end-plate; Tapered toward the periphery; Reduces maximum centrifugal stress.
  • GB186083 (Sept. 25, 1922) Economic Transformation of the Energy of Steam by Turbines - Improvements to increase efficiency of steam power plants and thermo-dynamic transformers; Producing motive power; Economical; Operable at very high temperature; Operable with cheap fuel; Avoids deteriorating actions previously common; System is related to the Tesla turbine.

Discussion Lists

  • Members > TeslaTurbines
    (CAUTION: could be a porn list.  Another list by a similar name was taken over by pornsters.)
    "Dedicated to the work and inventions of Nikola Tesla, the turbine site discusses specifically the turbine and uses of this prime mover. Other topics of discussion related to science and physics may also be posted. The overall goal of this site is to explore ALL areas of science and physics. Inventions of Nikola Tesla include alternating current, robotics, turbines, dynamos, pyromagnetics, Tesla coils, oscillating generators, and electric motors.
  • Germano > TheTeslaTurbineList
    To promote the technology of Nikola Tesla, with particular emphasis on the Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine and Pump. This list will also be used for forwarding any and all technical developements on the turbine and pump and the date of their hopeful commercial release to the list members.


  • The Tesla Bladeless Turbine and Related Turbo Machinery by Gary L. Peterson.
  • Tesla's Engine: An New Dimension for Power - by Jeffery A. Hayes (Editor) - UA scrapbook reprinting of what appears to be everything the editor could find written about Tesla Turbines. Great collection of reprints of Tesla turbine patent applications and circa 1911 newspaper and magazine articles.  Lacking in clear presentation of higher-level engineering technical information.
  • The Tesla Disc Turbine Camden Miniature Steam Services; (2001)
    ISBN: 0953652327
  • See also: Ph.D. and Masters Theses on Tesla Turbine

See also

  • Ph.D. and Masters Theses on Tesla Turbine
  • Google > tesla+turbine


  • Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.
    E10074 Co. Rd. H58, Munising, Michigan
    • Ken Rieli (also founder of the Global Motive Power Revolution)
      P.O. Box 1136; Clearwater, FL 34656
  • Frank D Germano,
    Founder and President,
    International Turbine And Power
    931 Rumsey Avenue, PO Box 550
    Cody, Wyoming 82414
  • Tesla Engine Builders Association (TEBA)
    5464 N. Port Washington Road, #293
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217- 4925


Index created by Sterling D. Allan, Dec. 21, 2003
Last updated December 05, 2004



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