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You are here: FreeEnergyNews.com > Raw Hopper > September 30, 2012

Raw Free Energy News Hopper -- September 30, 2012

This page contains items I placed in my news hopper, intending to format them for inclusion in the news, but limitations of having only so many hours in a day prevented it.  Rather than have them go unannounced altogether, I present them here in a raw format. 

Preface Note:

Eph Evans' gravity motor, not OU yet.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan, Free Energy News
Covers misc. items submitted/culled from June 2, 2012 through September 30, 2012

It's time once again for me to post these items that have been accumulating in my hopper.

There are some real gems here that I wish I had time to develop further, whether into full feature pages, or at least a news bullet, posted both in our news and in the appropriate directory pages.  

Generally speaking, we get about twice as much great stuff as I have time to get around to in a given day, so some really fantastic stuff falls out of the inbox and gets lost in the shuffle.  Sometimes the very best stuff gets tucked away to get to later, because feature pages take a lot of effort -- especially the really good ones -- and later never comes.

And, of course, there is likely to be some bogus stuff here, along with some fraudulent stuff that we've not had the time to sift through yet.

Have fun.  There's something here for everyone.  Bookmark this page and come back from time to time.  You're not likely to get through all the stuff you'll find interesting in just one sitting.

If there is a particularly hot technology here that really needs to be included at PESWiki, please let me know; or better yet, build a feature page about it yourself so all I have to do is tidy it up and link to it from our news.

Misc. Features

The following have been in our hopper to be feature stories. Haven't gotten to them yet.

Unformatted News Stories

For the most part, these are listed usually oldest first, newest last.

Dear Sir(s),

I have often visited your site, and thank you for all your public service regarding investigating free energy.

We all have to make contributions...

This is mine.  I posted this yesterday on youtube (my first posting).

  It is purpose is three fold.  To revive interest in the Richard Clem engine.

           For me to generate more interest in doing prototypes here ( Canada )

           And to help impact us all. 

Richard Clem didn't relay on difficult chemistry or atom physics....  that is one of the big boons of exploring this engine further.


I wish the presentation was better... but I was limited in software and experience in putting out such presentations.

Thanks for your time,

Bruce Hegerat

Sharp Achieves Highest Solar Cell Conversion Efficiency: 43.5%

Posted: 01 Jun 2012 11:56 AM PDT

This one is worth paying attention to: the March 2011 record for solar cell efficiency held by Solar Junction has been broken last month by Sharp. The US-based company has offered the world a triple-junction compound solar cell that gives off 43.5% of the energy it takes in. Sharp’s technology consists of piling up three [...]

Energy_URL:                      http://sineslice.com/
Energy_Title:                    Energy contest winner Canada worth a LOOK
name:                            Garett Campbell
email:                           g23ventures@gmail.com
Date:                            Monday, June 04, 2012
Time:                            12:55:15 AM -0400


Hey Sterling,

Avid reader of your site. Take a look into this breaking technology. Here is a link they are called sine slice and they can reduce energy consumption from 15 to 25 percent.




Energy_URL:                      http://inhabitat.com/pnnls-new-affordable-small-scale-fuel-cell-could-revolutionize-residential-power/ 
Energy_Title:                    Home-sized fuel cell power
Date:                            Monday, June 04, 2012


Solid oxide fuel cell for 1 to 100kW power generation.


Sterling , just stumbled upon this while visiting one of my favorite design websites. Thought you might be able to use it.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.pureenergycentre.com/pureenergycentre/Pure_Energy_Centre_News/Pure_Energy_Centre_Hydrogen_Boiler.php 
Energy_Title:                    Launch of the UK ’s first Hydrogen Boiler by Pure Energy® Centre
name:                            Pure Energy Centre
email:                           info@pureenergycentre.com 
Date:                            Monday, June 04, 2012


The Pure Energy® Centre is pleased to announce the launch and display of a new type of Hydrogen Boiler in the UK at the All Energy Conference on the 23rd and 24th May 2012. The Hydrogen Boiler will be installed this summer at the Fife Innovation Centre, Methil, Fife . It will be the first boiler of its type to be established for heating a building from renewable hydrogen (H2). The renewable hydrogen will be produced at the H2Office site. The Boiler will demonstrate how excess energy from renewable sources can be stored as hydrogen fuel and then used to heat Scottish houses and buildings. The Pure Hydrogen® fed boiler has been displayed at the All Energy on the Invest in Fife stand."


Pure Energy® Centre Senior Engineer, Mr. Vincenzo Ortisi said that "the Hydrogen Boiler is a condensing gas boiler fuelled by Pure Hydrogen®. Like any other natural gas boiler, this device is designed for radiant heating such as under-floor and space heating."

The combustion inside the Boiler is achieved without a flame and no dangerous emissions thanks to special catalysts that operate at low temperatures. In fact, there are no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as both the reaction and the fuel are carbon free.

The only by-product of the H2 Boiler is water; in vapor and liquid forms. The recovery of the waste heat present in the exhaust of the boiler is used to pre-heat the cold water entering the boiler. This maximizes the efficiency of the system (typically greater than 90%).

Elizabeth Johnson said: "The Pure Energy® Centre have produced a pioneering hydrogen complete offering solution designed to provide Scottish housing associations, communities, building owners and others with a means to supply heat from renewable sources to any construction. This innovative Hydrogen complete solution integrated with the hydrogen boiler will provide a much needed heating solution to Scotland . It will support the Scottish Government’s aim to reduce heating related emissions, which currently account to about 40% of the country’s emissions. By using the Pure Energy® Centre Hydrogen offering including a hydrogen Boiler, Scotland will be able to increase its fuel energy security and independence through storing the enormous renewable energy potential as hydrogen fuel."

Energy_URL:                      http://psychedelicadventure.blogspot.com/2012/06/indias-first-free-energy-device-patent.html 
Energy_Title:                    India 's First Free Energy Device Patent : The SPG
name:                            Peter Pluta
Date:                            Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Time:                            06:17:52 PM -0400

Energy_Description: Generator (SPG) with proven technology that produces 200-300 percent over-unity energy.

Bruce Eldridge De Palma, a well known figure in the Free Energy suppression community for his invention, the N-machine Homopolar generator, a device based on the Faraday disc which is reported to produce up to five times the energy required to run it. After Bruce's death his research was discontinued. A close friend of Bruce, Paramahamsa Tewari had been under some instruction and was in partnership with Bruce to produce the N machines.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.tristateled.com
Energy_Title:                    Energy Efficient LED Lighting Solutions
name:                            Scott Glidden
email:                           sglidden@tristateled.com
Date:                            Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Time:                            07:53:04 PM -0400


Energy efficient LED lighting solutions that are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs and tubes. Reducing energy while saving money.

Energy_URL: http://www.sgurrenergy.com/Products/GalionLidar.php 
Energy_Title: Galion Wind Profiler
name: Joanna Macleod
Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2012
Time: 03:35:59 PM -0400 
SgurrEnergy developed the Galion Lidar which is a device for measuring wind speed and capturing directional wind data. The Galion Lidar has a unique all-sky scanning capability and 4km range.

Energy_body: Galion Lidar is a pioneering, cutting-edge wind speed measurement technology which is currently being used successfully in wind data applications.

New small solid oxide fuel cell reaches record efficiency

 Here Comes the Sunstorm
May 14, 2012, Wall Street Journal

With a peak in the cycle of solar flares approaching, U.S. electricity regulators are weighing their options for protecting the nation's grid from the sun's eruptions. They are studying the impact of historic sunstorms as far back as 1859. Among the events they are examining is the Canadian power outage of 1989. On March 13 of that year, five major electricity-transmission lines in Quebec went on the fritz. Less than two minutes later, much of the province was in the dark. The cause: A storm of charged particles from the sun had showered Earth, damaging electrical gear as far away as New Jersey . The sun is expected to hit a peak eruption period in 2013, and while superstorms don't always occur in peak periods, some warn of a disaster. John Kappenman, a consultant and former power engineer who has spent decades researching the storms, says the modern power grid isn't hardened for the worst nature has to offer. He says an extreme storm could cause blackouts lasting weeks or months, leaving major cities temporarily uninhabitable and taking a massive economic toll. "This is arguably the largest natural-disaster scenario that the nation could face," said Mr. Kappenman. The 1989 Quebec storm didn't cause widespread transformer damage and the outage ended after nine hours. But the two biggest solar storms in recorded history took place in 1859 and 1921, before the development of the modern electricity grid.

"Tin whiskers" could triple the capacity of lithium-ion batteries

For over 60 years, electrical engineers have been trying to minimize the problem of tin whiskers. Growing on tin-plated electronics, the needle-like structures get up to ten millimeters long, and can cause short circuits. Instead of trying to eliminate them, however, Washington State University ’s Prof. Grant Norton has been looking into ways of growing them – albeit in a controlled manner. His research has led to the creation of a tin battery anode, which he claims could triple the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.


Energy_URL:                      http://www.enerdigs.com
Energy_Title:                    EnerDigs
email:                           info@enerdigs.com
Date:                            Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Time:                            05:05:20 PM -0400


We provide information and products to help folks live green and save money on energy.

Guardian Industries and Pythagoras Solar Announce Collaboration to
Launch SunGuard PVGU (solar windows)
Changed:1:50 PM on Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wearable device generates electricity from walking knee movements

If you’ve ever worn a knee brace, then you may have noticed what a large change in angle your knee goes through with every step you take, and how quickly it does so. A team of scientists from the U.K.’s Cranfield University, University of Liverpool and University of Salford certainly noticed, and decided that all that movement should be put to use. The result is a wearable piezoelectric device that converts knee movement into electricity, which could in turn be used to power gadgets such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and accelerometers.

Cheaper LED Lightbulbs Are on the Way
by Prachi Patel
Silicon backing should make high-efficiency lighting more affordable.
Read More »

(June 5, 2012)

Pininfarina showcases personalized, on-demand rail system

Italian design house Pininfarina is traveling across Europe to London to exhibit some of its iconic designs and concepts. Pininfarina is best known for car designs that have found their way to automakers like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, but the exhibition will focus on designs from Pininfarina Extra, the arm of the firm that handles everything from product design and packaging to nautical design and special transport. Most of the designs will be from years past, but Pininfarina will also unveil the new Personal Rapid Transit concept - an urban public transit design based on a series of tracked personal transport pods.

http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_phillips_creative_houses_from_reclaimed_stuff.html In this funny and insightful talk from TEDxHouston, builder Dan Phillips tours us through a dozen homes he's built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways. Brilliant, low-tech design details will refresh your own creative drive.

"Nanoscale sandwich" technique could mean thinner, cheaper solar cells

We certainly hear a lot about solar cells that are able to convert larger and larger percentages of the sun’s energy into electricity. That’s all very well and good, but if those more-efficient solar cells are too expensive, they will still ultimately prove impractical for everyday use. Researchers from North Carolina State University , however, have found a way of creating “ultra-thin” solar cells that should create just as much electricity as their thicker siblings, but at a lower cost.

MIT researchers develop all-carbon solar cell

Researchers at MIT have developed a new type of photovoltaic cell made with carbon nanotubes that captures solar energy in the near-infrared region of the spectrum, which conventional silicon solar cells don’t. The new design means solar cell efficiency could be greatly increased, boosting the chances to make solar power a more popular source of energy.

Tiny implantable fuel cell harvests energy from the brain

A new implantable fuel cell that harvests the electrical power from the brain promises to usher in a new generation of bionic implants. Designed by MIT researchers, it uses glucose within the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain to generate several hundred microwatts of power without causing any detrimental effects to the body. The technology may one day provide a whole new level of reliability and self-efficiency for all sorts of implantable brain-machine interfaces that would otherwise have to rely on external power sources. If proven harmless, the method could be used to power implants that could, among other things, help the paralyzed regain the ability to walk.

Green Heart outdoor gym turns people power into electricity

Many of today's deskbound workers regularly head to the gym to try and keep the fat from clinging to their waistlines. For those who are also fond of the great outdoors, a UK company has developed and installed over 250 open air exercise areas across the country. The latest addition to a product catalog featuring robust, weather-proof versions of exercise machines you might find in any modern indoor gym is the world's first energy-harvesting outdoor gym called the TGO Green Heart. As users burn off the calories on the free-to-use cross trainer, hand bike, fitness bike and recumbent bike, the company's proprietary technology harvests all that people power and converts it into useable electricity.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.rehau.com/US_en/Construction/Ventilation/24324/Ventilation.html
Energy_Title:                    EARTH Tube - Precondition ventiallatin air
name:                            John Kimball
email:                           john.kimball@rehau.com
phone:                           703-777-5255
relationship_to_listing:         principal
relationship_to_listing_other:   Engineer
Date:                            Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Time:                            11:23:11 AM -0400


REHAU ECOAIR™ is a SDR 35 PVC subterranean pipe 180 foot long used to geothermally precondition incoming ventilation air in highly insulated, tighley seal high performance buildings.


Fundamental to LEED and the newer building codes are a significant increase in the two factors that define a high performance – low energy building that is, insulation and air infiltration (sealing).  These low energy buildings are increasingly becoming “thermos bottles”.  This “thermos bottle” design is becoming the new standard as pioneered by the Passive House.

This is a subterranean PVC air conduit that uses the earth’s temperature to either warm or cool incoming ventilation air.  ECOAIR is ideal for the NA climate zones, particularly those regions that have very hot summers and very cold winters.


I have technical paper that may be very interesting to post.  Let me know I can email.  I have designed over 22 instalaltions, including to LEED Gold schools, in canada and Allington VA , as well as a factory in Mexico .

First ever completely carbon solar cell captures infrared light - http://www.bitsofscience.org/solar-cell-photovoltaics-carbon-infrared-6131/


I ran across this YouTube video of many mainstream media news reports of free energy put together into one video.

I have a hard time believing that the powers that be and the oil companies would allow these reports.

It is a very interesting video (1 hour-8 minutes)



Gary Hendershot wrote:

Interesting compilation of material but nothing here that is original … some of these items are urban legends that remain unproven, some are scientific oddities and a few are apparent hoaxes … some of the technologies discussed, particularly the Stubblefield coils, earth batteries and such, are really old technologies that are being rediscovered by modern experimenters … while there is nothing shown in this video that is not “lifted” from other sources, it does give you an idea of the scope and variety of possibilities that might be pursued by the interested experimenter …

Choose one and see if you can improve on it … step by step, inch by inch … sooner or later some bright fellow working in his garage just might come up with what we are all looking for …

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZN0hdope6s Mary E. Moore Infowars Reporter Contest Entry - Medical conspiracy


Back-to-the-future battery spells good news for energy

Changed:10:25 PM on Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 29th 2012

:"Paint-on batteries demonstrated"
re article by BBC, June 29th 2012 in their News-Science and Environment

From: "Edmund V. Shade"
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2012 1:27 AM
Subject: Scientists develop spray-on battery - Yahoo! News


Paris (AFP) June 27, 2012

Scientists have given a 21st-century makeover to the nickel-iron battery, a gadget conceived by Thomas Edison during the era of the steam engine and horse and buggy.  

From: "T Lee Buyea Fla.News Service"
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 9:06 AM

Scientists Discover Virus to Power Smartphones | Tech - MyFLANews.com


http://www.energy-daily.com/reports/New_fuel_cell_keeps_going_after_the_hydrogen_runs_out_999.html New fuel cell keeps going after the hydrogen runs out

by Staff Writers
Boston MA (SPX) Jul 03, 2012

Shriram Ramanathan's laboratory setup for testing solid-oxide fuel cells. (Photo by Caroline Perry, SEAS Communications.) 

Imagine a kerosene lamp that continued to shine after the fuel was spent, or an electric stove that could remain hot during a power outage. Materials scientists at Harvard have demonstrated an equivalent feat in clean energy generation with a solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) that converts hydrogen into electricity but can also store electrochemical energy like a battery. This fuel cell can continue to produce power for a short time after its fuel has run out.

From: C. Allan
Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 2:28 PM
Subject: one billion ghost town


http://news.slashdot.org/story/12/07/03/1330239/after-recent-us-storms-why-are-millions-still-without-power July 03

Two-faced solar cells boost yields by up to 50 percent

Israeli photovoltaics developer bSolar has developed a double-sided solar cell it claims can boost the energy yields of solar panels by up to 50 percent when installed vertically, or by between 10 and 30 percent in more typical installations. The "bifacial" cells rely on a back surface field (BSF) of boron rather than aluminum, which bSolar claims not only allows for an open rear face but also increases the efficiency at the front of the solar panel.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.gizmag.com/bsolar-double-sided-solar-cells/23169/
Energy_Title:                    Two-faced solar cells boost yields by up to 50 percent
name:                            Craig Stangland
email:                           ufosarereal@sio.midco.net
Date:                            Thursday, July 05, 2012
Time:                            07:41:58 AM -0400


bSolar has developed a double-sided solar cell it claims can boost the energy yields of solar panels by up to 50 percent when installed vertically, or by between 10 and 30 percent in more typical installations.


The "bifacial" cells rely on a back surface field (BSF) of boron rather than aluminum, which bSolar claims not only allows for an open rear face but also increases the efficiency at the front of the solar panel.

Energy_URL:                      http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2177/069/Localized_time-_space_curvature_demonstrated_from_3_phase_alternator_powered_666_machine.html
May 24, 2012
Energy_Title:                    Localized time- space curvature demonstrated from 3 phase alternator powered 666 machine
name:                            Harvey D Norris
email:                           harvich@yahoo.com
phone:                           330-968-4108
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Time:                            11:08:25 AM -0400


This measurement showed in the video is the most important measurement ever made regarding relativity, besides that of the eclipse of the sun verifying Einstein's concepts. It furthermore shows that it is not necessary to make astronomical measurements to show the principles involved with relativity, and that machines exhibiting a "localized" time space curvature are indeed possible.
Topological Evidence of Time Distortion in the 666 Machine


666 machine used as primary/secondary powering tesla coil primary gap/ is listed as the ninth embodiment of methods to operate a truly wireless tesla coil, and is the first model using a 666 primary system. Very high efficiencies with voltage kickback into source. A mere 12 volt three phase output alternator will operate the bipolar coils.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.rehau.com/US_en/Construction/Ventilation/24324/Ventilation.html
Energy_Title:                    EARTH Tube - Precondition ventiallatin air
name:                            John Kimball
email:                           john.kimball@rehau.com
Date:                            Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Time:                            11:23:11 AM -0400


REHAU ECOAIR™ is a SDR 35 PVC subterranean pipe 180 foot long used to geothermally precondition incoming ventilation air in highly insulated, tighley seal high performance buildings.


Fundamental to LEED and the newer building codes are a significant increase in the two factors that define a high performance – low energy building that is, insulation and air infiltration (sealing).  These low energy buildings are increasingly becoming “thermos bottles”.  This “thermos bottle” design is becoming the new standard as pioneered by the Passive House.

This is a subterranean PVC air conduit that uses the earth’s temperature to either warm or cool incoming ventilation air.  ECOAIR is ideal for the NA climate zones, particularly those regions that have very hot summers and very cold winters.


I have technical paper that may be very interesting to post.  Let me know I can email.  I have designed over 22 instalaltions, including to LEED Gold schools, in canada and Allington VA , as well as a factory in Mexico .

Energy_URL:                      http://ecocreando.weebly.com/risparmio-carburante.html
Energy_Title:                    Exhaust Gas Flow Accelerator  Fuel Saving Devices
name:                            Marco Cocca
email:                           coccamarco82@gmail.com
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Monday, June 25, 2012
Time:                            08:31:56 AM -0400


Exhaust gas increase speed and while simultaneously decreasing their pressure, creating a "vacuum effect" inside the engine. The result is more fast, with LESS effort and MORE strength


+ From 10 to 30% LESS fuel used      according to the power of the vehicle. + Improved engine torque at all engine speeds

Go simply slipped over the exhaust pipe and tightened with a metal band screw

+ Improved acceleration and top speed,

+ Increase the overall performance of the vehicle 10 to 20%,
according to the power of the vehicle.

+ No changes to the engine

+ Easy to install in a few seconds outside the exit of the muffler
Tested on
-Fiat Punto 1200cc gasoline,improve 30% gain mileage
-fiat Ducato 2500cc diesel, improve 20% gain mileage
-Fiat 600 900cc gasoline, improve 25% gain mileage
-Opel Corsa 1300cc gasoline, improve 40% gain mileag
-Cevrolet Matiz 1100cc LPG, improve 30% gain mileage


I'm Italian researcher of free-energy and fuel saver technologies

Energy_URL:                      http://http://newenergyandfuel.com/http:/newenergyandfuel/com/2012/04/23/three-cold-fusion-processes-coming-to-market/comment-page-1/#comment-1218118
Energy_Title:                    Three Cold Fusion Processes Coming to Market
Date:                            Friday, June 22, 2012
Time:                            05:31:06 AM -0400


(Sterling - you may have already captured this. This is a submittal for LENR to Market Weekly) The New Energy and Fuel website has just published this article.

Energy_URL:                      http://presscore.ca/2011/?p=4198
Energy_Title:                    A secret that it will transform the entire global electrical power industry
Date:                            Friday, June 15, 2012
Time:                            05:08:46 AM -0400


Transformers (not the movie) are used today all over the World to produce high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage supply.  They transform low wattage into much higher wattage without any increase in supply demand.


...if you were to install a transformer just before the 120 volts of power enters a electrical power hungry electric baseboard heater or fireplace, air conditioners, hot water tank, or microwave it would provide enough electrical power using 10 to 100 times less wattage.  Your home heaters and appliances still get the electrical power they need but using a lot less electrical power from your electrical power company.


This is a second submission from the same source. Again, I like the simplicity. I have been thinking about this for quite some time and would love to hear your opinion.

Aquion Pioneers Cheap, Safe Storage for Renewable Energy in Pittsburgh - Batteries made of salt, water last 10X longer





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Aowy0P_r3w - Ore5SSG 
Made from spare parts and junk in my garage. Depends on nothing other then itself. Eliminates the need for all fossil fuels and utility dependence. A stepping stone in the right direction.
As I looked through energy websites, I found everyone wants to create the next big thing to power a city and save the entire world. start small and work your way up. A small generator today for tools. a higher output generator tomorrow for a room, An electric motor to drive a car next week, a wardrobe closet sized unit to power a dwelling next month. a utility closet sized unit to power an office building floor next year. It'll get there.

Self-fueled work station concept generates energy while you sit

Unplugged is an office work station of the future concept that envisions powering your electronic devices via energy collected off the human body. The prototype was created by Swedish designer Eddi Törnberg as part of his final year thesis at Beckmans College of Design, in Stockholm , and you will be pleased to know that it doesn’t mean you'd be required to pedal away while you work. In fact all you would have to do is move about your office as normal, sit in your chair and let the heat of your body do the rest.

From: Edmund V. Shade
To: SmartScarecrow
Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2012 2:25 AM
Subject: Fwd: Scientists develop spray-on battery - Yahoo! News

Here is one that pops the cork on the topic of "Easy Made Batteries..... Vic


From: Sensa Peace
Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2012 4:15 AM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=f_OawJA68jI#! - I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant

Russians kick our ass on Stirling Engine Technology...
    Posted by: "Charles Couch"
    Date: Sat Jul 7, 2012 2:10 pm ((PDT))


Watch video at bottom of page especially.
Michael Couch

New System Developed to Predict Wave Power Doubles Marine Energy Output

Posted: 07 Jul 2012 08:20 AM PDT

Point Absorber Device made by Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) Researchers led by the University of Exeter developed a system that can predict wave power. This offers huge possibilities in harnessing the full potential of marine energy. The existing technology to extract energy from the sea is still immature compared to solar or wind energy. It [...]

NASA Develops Better Airborne Wind Power System
Posted: 07 Jul 2012 08:19 AM PDT

NASA is developing an airborne wind-power system that is expected to be more efficient than land-based tower turbines. The system has two components. One is a set of turbines attached to a kite that generates electricity. The other is a ground-based generator connected to the kite and powered by the kite’s motion. The reeling phase [...]

New Solar Panel Designs Make Installation Cheaper
by Kevin Bullis, MIT Technology Review
Companies in Germany and China have made simpler designs that make it easier and quicker to mount panels to roofs.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.chanderpur.com
Energy_Title:                    BIOMASS GASIFIERS
email:                           info@chanderpur.com
Date:                            Monday, July 09, 2012
Time:                            02:06:33 AM -0400


We are manufacturers of Biomass Gasifiers for power generation and for thermal application. We are manufacturing these gasifiers from 20 kW to 1200 kW capacity under joint venture with TERI, New Delhi .

[7/6/2012 8:00:45 PM] John Kuhles: ~SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGH: Scientists Generate Electricity with a Virus! - SolutionsRevolutionS http://youtu.be/v2gA0BYL3hg


Energy_URL:                      http://www.getupenergy.com/
Energy_Title:                    GetUpEnergy
Date:                            Monday, July 09, 2012
Time:                            03:01:09 AM -0400


Promoting energy obtained from water, listing the latest alternative technologies.

We were wrong on peak oil. There's enough to fry us all
July 2, 2012, The Guardian (One of the UK 's leading newspapers)

For the past 10 years an unlikely coalition of geologists, oil drillers, bankers, military strategists and environmentalists has been warning that peak oil – the decline of global supplies – is just around the corner. We had some strong reasons for doing so: production had slowed, the price had risen sharply, depletion was widespread and appeared to be escalating. The first of the great resource crunches seemed about to strike. Some of us made vague predictions, others were more specific. In all cases we were wrong. Peak oil hasn't happened, and it's unlikely to happen for a very long time. ["Oil - The Next Revolution"] by the oil executive Leonardo Maugeri, published by Harvard University , provides compelling evidence that a new oil boom has begun. The constraints on oil supply over the past 10 years appear to have had more to do with money than geology. The low prices before 2003 had discouraged investors from developing difficult fields. The high prices of the past few years have changed that. Maugeri's analysis of projects in 23 countries suggests that global oil supplies are likely to rise by a net 17m barrels per day (to 110m) by 2020. This, he says, is "the largest potential addition to the world's oil supply capacity since the 1980s". The investments required to make this boom happen depend on a long-term price of $70 a barrel – the current cost of Brent crude is $95. Money is now flooding into new oil: a trillion dollars has been spent in the past two years; a record $600bn is lined up for 2012.

Researchers develop new possibilities for solar power
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Here is good news item. They have an HES mixing block that can be adapted to any engine.




They can run small engines, with no oil degradation on compressed hydrogen.

Higher hp too.

Pretty amazing.



Energy_URL:                      http://crossflow.cu.cc
Energy_Title:                    cross flow turbine
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Turbines are used today have a problem with the feedback resistor
 that is not the case with this idea.

For those interested, here is a tutorial by John Bedini on Crystal Batteries.


James Schmidt
Technology Screener


"An article in Nature shows that temperatures in Roman times were actually higher than current temperatures. A team lead by Dr. Esper of the University of Mainz has researched tree rings and concluded that over the past 2,000 years, the forcing is up to four times as large as the 1.6W/m^2 net anthropogenic forcing since 1750 using evidence based on maximum latewood density data from northern Scandinavia, indicating that this cooling trend was stronger (0.31C per 1,000 years, ±0.03C) than previously reported, and demonstrated that this signature is missing in published tree-ring proxy records."


"In the 1800s, when pneumatic tubes shot telegrams and small items all around buildings and sometimes small cities, the future of mass transit seemed clear: we'd be firing people around through these sealed tubes at high speeds. And it turns out we've got the technology to do that today – mag-lev rail lines remove all rolling friction from the energy equation for a train, and accelerating them through a vacuum tunnel can eliminate wind resistance to the point where it's theoretically possible to reach blistering speeds over 4,000 mph (6,437 km/h) using a fraction of the energy an airliner uses – and recapturing a lot of that energy upon deceleration. Ultra-fast, high efficiency ground transport is technologically within reach – so why isn't anybody building it? This article looks into some of the problems."

Alternating Current from Friction With Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 12:24 PM PDT

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered a way to produce electricity from random mechanical motion using triboelectric nanogenerators. These are devices fabricated from flexible polymeric materials with a high degree of transparency. Rubbing the surface of these devices can generate alternating current from friction. The research was published in the June issue of [...]

La Croix Valmer city selects AREVA's electricity storage system
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Electric car concept drives progress with extended 500-mile range


By Matthew Knight, CNN

July 13, 2012 -- Updated 1304 GMT (2104 HKT) |

(CNN) -- Despite their green credentials, electric cars still come up short against their petrol-powered cousins when it comes to range -- how far they go before the battery needs recharging.

But a new "range-extended" electric vehicle (EV) equipped with the latest fuel cell technology is promising to close the gap going 500 miles (800 kilometers) without refueling, say its developers.

Bringing together the expertise of three Danish companies, the Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc) utilizes bio-methanol -- a biofuel which can be harvested from a range of sources including natural gas -- to improve the competitiveness of EVs.


http://science.slashdot.org/story/12/07/14/2219253/a-build-it-yourself-electric-vehicle "Here's yet another exciting project for DIY geeks. Modi-Corp, a Japanese company, has just unveiled a new electric car that you can actually build yourself. Not to be confused with the Toyota 'Prius,' the DIY electric car from Modi-Corp is called 'PIUS.' It's a single-seat electric car that will be released next spring in Japan . The company hopes that the PIUS kits can be used as educational tools, expecting to sell them to universities and mechanical schools with the opportunity to have customizable parts embedded in the EV for testing."

Record-setting 500 trillion-watt laser shot achieved

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's National Ignition Facility (NIF) have achieved a laser shot which boggles the mind: 192 beams delivered an excess of 500 trillion-watts (TW) of peak power and 1.85 megajoules (MJ) of ultraviolet laser light to a target of just two millimeters in diameter. To put those numbers into perspective, 500 TW is more than one thousand times the power that the entire United States uses at any instant in time. Pew-Pew indeed ...

New catalyst could replace platinum to bring down the cost of microbial fuel cells

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) have identified an inexpensive nanorod catalyst with efficiencies rivalling that of platinum. Composed of nitrogen-enriched iron-carbon nanorods, the new catalyst holds the promise of cheaper, more efficient microbial fuel cells (MFCs) that generate their own hydrogen from waste water

CryoSolplus could help keep EV batteries cool

One of the big enemies of electric vehicle batteries is heat. Batteries already warm up under normal use, but when hot summer temperatures or high workloads are thrown in, overheating becomes a real possibility. According to the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology, running a battery at ten degrees over its maximum “comfort level” of about 35ºC (95ºF) can deplete its service life by half. That’s why researchers there have developed a battery coolant known as CryoSolplus, which is said to offer three times the cooling capacity of plain water.

U. physicists invent new LED

SALT LAKE CITY — Physicists at the University of Utah have invented a brighter, cheaper, more environmentally friendly organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, the university announced Monday.

Physicists made a prototype of the new "spintronic" OLED that produces an orange color and expect the technology to be able to produce red and blue in two years and eventually white, according to the university. Light-emitting diodes are commonly used in televisions, computer displays, traffic lights and other electronic devices.


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Subject: Latest Short Film 

Searl Magnetics Progress July 2012



Germany confirms it will shut down all nuclear plants by 2022

Date: 18-Jul-12
Country: GERMANY
Author: Tom Kaeckenhoff
Scaffolding surrounds the site where the reactor vessel used to be in the former Wuergassen nuclear energy plant near Beverungen June 27, 2012.
Photo: Tom Kaeckenhoff

Energy_URL:                      http://www.solarpanelgmpv.co.uk
Energy_Title:                    solar photovoltaic Preston
name:                            paul
email:                           info@solarpanelgmpv.co.uk
phone:                           01772 749772
Date:                            Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Time:                            09:28:56 AM -0400


We cater to both domestic and commercial customers and specialise in the survey, design, installation and maintenance of solar panels.


Our installation Team is fully trained and qualified in there respective trades. Our Roofer has over 30 years experience, Electrician over 30 years experience (logic qualified in pv installations and design). Management quality assurance over 30 years experience in quality management with British Gas. Established for 3 years we are based in Preston and are willing to travel across the North West and even nationwide subject to viability.We offer an ideal solution for people with a keen interest and awareness of environmentally friendly energy sources. So for Solar Photovoltaic in the North West call upon GM PV Solar UK Ltd.

Since we are talking about Fusion all the time now, here is a short article I found on Inhabitat.


Letterman on Fracking: “We’re Screwed!”

CURATOR: Zen Gardner . Finally, some mainstream people are beginning to speak up on some of these serious issues the press will hardly ever cover. On Wednesday July 18, 2012 night’s “Late Show”, host David Letterman took several minutes to share his thoughts on fracking. Scolding the “greedy oil and gas companies of this...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOf2BEODVwE - Free Energy from Volcanic rocks, Microclusters source of atomic heat energy discovery.
This video was recorded by me "magnetvortex". It's a talk about metal extraction methods and the way some scientists have made significant discoveries that have really profound implications for Humans and energy resources of this planet. (Jul 20, 2012)

Sterling , have you seen this press release from June 1 about the new Hydro-Electric Reactor by Cogar International Energy Corporation? Supposedly it uses air from the atmosphere to generate clean electricity at less than 1 cent per kilowatt hour.  The company suggested that this could easily take over all other forms of energy within 30 years.  I check your news daily and have never seen it mentioned, but this seems like just the sort of energy breakthrough you'd be interested in.  There seems to be no other coverage of the topic since the original press release. Perhaps this is something you'd be interested in investigating further if you haven't already.


Methane-Producing Microbes as New Source of Renewable Energy

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 10:59 PM PDT

Researchers from Stanford and Penn State are studying microbes that can convert carbon dioxide to methane using electricity. These microbes could be potential sources of renewable energy. Methane is the main component of natural gas, which is a fossil fuel. Many organic compounds used in industry are derived from fossil fuels. The goal of the [...]

http://www.terrapower.com/home.aspx - TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor (TWR) will offer a path to zero-emission, proliferation-resistant energy that Inside a reactor core imageproduces significantly smaller amounts of nuclear waste than conventional nuclear reactors. After an initial start-up with a small amount of low-enriched material, this innovative reactor design can run for decades on depleted uranium – currently a waste byproduct of the enrichment process. An established fleet of TWRs could operate without enrichment or reprocessing for millennia.

Possibly the most powerfully revealing 24-minutes of TV ever broadcast comes from the PBS Bill Moyers documentary "The Secret Government." Don't miss this highly educational video with transcript included at the link below. Together, we are building a brighter future.




http://www.americanantigravity.com/video/pharis-williams-on-fusion-reactors.html Professor Pharis Williams proposes a compact fusion reactor suitable for space travel. The design is aneutronic, making the fusion reactor safe, clean and small enough for a device the size of an air conditioner to provide power for centuries before running out of fuel.

http://www.correlatedmagnetics.com/ - Correlated magnetics has been called the first fundamental breakthrough in magnetism since Faraday’s discovery of electromagnetism in the 1800s.  The concept embodies the interaction of magnetic structures, each made up of geometric patterns of magnetic elements (maxels) imprinted into the magnet surface.  These magnetic structures are called Polymagnets® and feature designs of magnetic elements varying in polarity, field strength, size, shape, location, and dipole orientation.  By varying the patterns, Polymagnets can be engineered to produce precision-tailored magnetic fields and forces, and behaviors never seen before.  Polymagnets interact with each other or with other ferrous metals, and can be created from any magnetic material including rare-earth based magnets, ferrites, ceramics, and flexibles.

ObamaCare doosies
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcBaSP31Be8 - Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points

Energy_URL:                      http://dvice.com/archives/2012/08/uh-oh-entangled.php
Energy_Title:                    Uh oh: entangled particles break second law of thermodynamics
Date:                            Thursday, August 02, 2012
Time:                            02:45:56 PM -0400


Scientists at prestigious Japanese universities publish a paper showing the conversion of information into energy.


see scientific paper here


perpetual motion no longer off the table?

[Related to http://peswiki.com/index.php/Template:120802:Nanowerk:Grant_Awarded_to_Develop_High-Performance_Magnetic_Couplings ]
From: Sensa Peace

Subject: Check out this crop formation.


Transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 03, 2012 - Scientists are reporting development of a new transparent solar cell, an advance toward giving windows in homes and other buildings the ability to generate electricity while still allowing people to see outside. Their report appears in the journal ACS Nano. Yang Yang, Rui Zhu, Paul S. Weiss and colleagues explain that there has been intense world-wide interest in so-called polymer solar ce ... more

Offshore use of vertical-axis wind turbines gets closer look
Albuquerque NM (SPX) Aug 03, 2012 - Sandia National Laboratories' wind energy researchers are re-evaluating vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) to help solve some of the problems of generating energy from offshore breezes. Though VAWTs have been around since the earliest days of wind energy research at Sandia and elsewhere, VAWT architecture could transform offshore wind technology. The economics of offshore windpower are di ... more

Agenda 21 Cutting Off Electricity To US Cities

Prisonplanet.com | A foreign army could not do this much harm.

Energy_URL:                      http://o2engine.com
Energy_Title:                    Plasma Boost engine
email:                           o2enginehelp@gmail.com
Date:                            Saturday, August 04, 2012
Time:                            11:38:35 AM -0400


New technology hybrid plasma/fuel engine. Uses Plasma Induction and regular fuel to develop instant electric motor like torque and throttle response with no throttle response delay. 


This is a new type technology that improves thermodynamic effectiveness of fuel. It also greatly reduces carbon emissions.


This is a newly developed technology. We will be posting videos and further details in the months ahead.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqfHNUZcBmA
Energy_Title:                    HHO to generate heat for powering car
name:                            TAN, Lien Chiow
email:                           TLC@enZolar.com
phone:                           +65 92961953
Date:                            Sunday, August 05, 2012
Time:                            01:01:27 AM -0400


A more practical approach for HHO is to use as heat generator then covert to pressure to drive car or generator.


This process executes multiple tasks simultaneously like waste disposal, electric generation, clean water generation, chemical recovery. enZolar is seeking support to make this possible in the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge entry.


PlasmaZap(TM) Green-Engine

Energy_URL:                      http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/health/med-tech/why-is-there-a-helium-shortage-10031229
Energy_Title:                    Helium Shortage in U.S. may effect noble gas engine production
Date:                            Sunday, August 05, 2012
Time:                            04:30:17 PM -0400


There is a helium shortage in the US. This might effect mass production of the noble gas engine.

Solar superstorm could knock out US power grid - experts

Date: 06-Aug-12
Country: USA
Author: Deborah Zabarenko
US weather has been lousy this year, with droughts, heat and killer storms. But a solar superstorm could be far worse. 

http://www.naturalnews.com/036679_doctors_guns_fatalities.html Why doctors are more dangerous than guns - new Health Ranger investigation video
According to U.S. government statistics, you are 6200% more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a homicidal shooter. This is the topic of our new video that's just been released on YouTube and TV.NaturalNews.com. (Links below.)

This mini-documentary by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is based on U.S. government statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, combined with doctor-caused deaths published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Who Will You Call When EMP Shuts Down U.S?

Experts on a panel assembled by Florida-based The United West have warned that the aftermath of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack would be devastating on the United States , with up to 90 percent of the population dead or dying. According to Fritz Ermarth, chairman of the National Intelligence Council, “A significant EMP event would bring about the prompt and early delayed death of millions of people.”

In what has been called an Electronic Armageddon,” an EMP strike delivered from a single bomb would result in the United States losing two-thirds to 90 percent of its population within six months of the event.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, Ph.D., R-Md., has been deeply concerned about the effects of an EMP of the nation’s critical infrastructure. In a report written by the Congressional EMP Commission which Mr. Bartlett established, a one megaton nuclear device detonated about 500 kilometers in the atmosphere would lay down an EMP blanket over the entire contiguous United States . Cities in the periphery of the blast radius, San Diego and Maine , would experience approximately 10-kilovolts per meter of electrical field strength.

That amount of energy would be enough to cause substantial damage to unprotected electronics in both civilian and military equipment…An EMP-generated power outage would be much worse. Much, much worse.

The EMP Commission gave a startling scenario. In addition to loss of transportation and water supplies, communication would be largely impossible. Our communication system has grown exponentially with the advent of the integrated circuit. But the integrated circuit of today is nearly 10,000 times more complex than it was 25 years ago and the vulnerability of communication equipment has increased correspondingly…Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former member of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States and president of EMPACT America, Inc., noted that only three days of food are available in stores and 60 days in warehouses.

After an initial run on stores for anything one could buy, the effective food supply would be exhausted. What food was left, in warehouses and on the farms, would be left to rot…After an initial binge to eat the thawing food, people will start to get hungry. The inability to sanitize and distribute water would quickly threaten public health. Any fire started either by negligence or malicious intent would rage unchecked since there would be no firefighting equipment that would run for very long…Survivalists would last for a while, but then would have to contend with people streaming out of cities looking for food…Speaking on the August 3 webcast hosted by United West, Forstchen said that “you cannot recover from an EMP.” In that same webcast, Pry noted, an EMP event is the most serious threat facing the United States , but almost no one knows about it. http://www.wnd.com/2012/08/whom-will-you-call-when-emp-shuts-down-u-s/


A KAIST research team has developed a high performance flexible solid state battery
Seoul, South Korea (SPX) Aug 08, 2012 - The team of Professor Keon Jae Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KAIST has developed a high performance flexible all-solid-state battery, an essential energy source for flexible displays (see paper in Nano Letters: "Bendable Inorganic Thin-Film Battery for Fully Flexible Electronic Systems"). The technological advance of thin and light flexible display has encou ... more


Research Finds CFL Bulbs Emit Dangerous UV Rays

Description:New research shows compact fluorescent light bulbs may be safer for the environment, but more dangerous to your skin.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BPxSMRw7tE - Pakistan using water as fuel

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Energy_Title:                    THE ALX-2  from LIQUID WIND
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Date:                            Friday, August 10, 2012
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One of the highest output birds in the industry for taking your home or business completely OFF-GRID.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.ioannisxydous.gr/
Energy_Title:                    Aether Control Experiment (Propulsion)
how_did_you_hear_about_us_other: Journal of Nuclear Physics
name:                            Ioannis Xydous, Switzerland
Date:                            Thursday, August 09, 2012
Time:                            01:22:47 PM -0400


An Aether Control Experiment (Moving Standing Wave) is presented on the Web Site:
based on the extension (applied for all propagation mediums) of Rhythmodynamics by Yuri.N.Ivanov.


Rhythmodynamics must be extended for all propagation mediums; otherwise the practical applications are almost impossible. Moreover, it proves indirectly the claims about the Aether existence (see Appendix A).
Be inspired!

Energy_URL:                      http://www.heliocentris.com
Energy_Title:                    Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG
Date:                            Thursday, August 09, 2012
Time:                            03:12:28 AM -0400


We are specialized in autonomous energy supply and energy efficiency. Our goal is to replace diesel with zero-emission products. Heliocentris offers a range of learning and research systems for regenerative energy technologies, solar hydrogen technology and fuel cells.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.youtube/user/worldnpa
Energy_Title:                    worldnpa just uploaded  23 videos. Some might interest you.
Date:                            Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Time:                            02:14:34 PM -0400


The cavitation fusion was interesting.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.orgoneenergy.com/emr-orgonium-harmonizers
Energy_Title:                    Geoclense Orgone Generators Reduce Electricity Usage Whilst Harmonizing EMF & EMF
how_did_you_hear_about_us_other: hits to our site
name:                            Karen Winter
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Date:                            Monday, August 06, 2012
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To activate the Geoclense Orgone Generator simply plug it into a live or active electrical point or power socket and leave it PLUGGED in. The Geoclense Orgone Generator does not actually use any electricity, and as it reduces resistance in your electrical wiring it actually saves you some 10-15% of the cost of your Electricity bills. The Geoclense Orgone Generator harmonizes all noxious energies emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized electrical circuitry.


When our highly effective Geoclense Orgone Generator is plugged into an active power point or electrical socket, it operates by removing the stress from our Nervous system, Immune system and Heart. It effectively harmonizes the "positive ions are rendering any noxious energy as neutral, as well as increases oxygen and "photon levels" in the air, bringing the building and surrounding property back into harmony. Within an instant the space feels lighter and clearer, and the well-being of everyone is restored creating a healthier and happier home, office, farm or workplace environment.

From: Clay Graner
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 10:13 PM
Subject: Ed Storms Explains Low Energy Nuclear Reactions



Energy_URL:                      http://www.gpa.uk.net/pneumatic-systems
Energy_Title:                    Pneumatic  Systems
Date:                            Friday, August 17, 2012
Time:                            11:35:42 AM -0400


Granta Pneumatic and Automation are a large company supplying pneumatic systems to the energy industries.

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Paintable Battery
Researchers at Rice University have developed a lithium-ion battery that can be spray-painted in layers on virtually any surface. Experiments have demonstrated the battery's capability to power LEDs.

MIT develops new "reverse air conditioner" solar power system for the developing world

Solar power would appear to be an obvious choice for the developing world, but as impoverished regions need systems that are simple, self-operating and cheap to build and maintain, this is generally not the case. The ability to provide heating in addition to electricity would also be beneficial because many communities need hot water has much as they need lights. An MIT team has developed a solution that meets these needs with a solar power system that is an air conditioner built backwards.

http://www.mail-archive.com/vortex-l@eskimo.com/msg69492.html Noble Gas engines & cancer

Energy_URL:                      / / www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuVZLyaBpwM 
Energy_Title:                    Powerfluxor , energy
name:                            Dennis Sieling
email:                           ge-powtec@web.de
Date:                            Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Time:                            08:29:23 AM -0400


Powerfluxor new energysytem for everyone


good day! my name is dennis Sieling and I'm the inventor of a self-sufficient powerfluxors stromerzeuger not the fuels needed to produce electricity. Powerfluxor is no magic crate he produces electricity through a complex system of mechanics, and many others, linked by small pulse bursts from a secret system, and a mixture is chemically made ​​safe a particular driven flywheel that required by the generator module, it can 2years with powerfluxor min produce free electricity anywhere in the world! All two-year time to replace a special container. The Powerfluxor Produced 7days a week in the year 365tage reliable continuous power. A great alternative to photovoltaic and solar! Here's a little home video

:/ / www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuVZLyaBpwM

What do you think? Best wishes from germany

Energy_URL:                      http://RistauLLC.com
Energy_Title:                    Low temperature Geothermal processing
name:                            Judson Ristau
email:                           Judson@RistauLLC.com
phone:                           541-326-5037
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Monday, August 13, 2012
Time:                            10:38:15 PM -0400


The Ristau Motor is a hyper efficient processor Capable of processing the low pressures & volumes created by low temperature Geothermal.


Processor efficiency has always been the wall blocking the way to viable commercial energy production through low temperature Geothermal.  That is no longer a factor. Now power is only dictated by the size of the heat exchangers and the temperature spread itself. Further explanation can be found at RistauLLC.com

Energy_URL:                      http://pvdepot.com/
Energy_Title:                    PVdepot.com
name:                            Felix
email:                           felix@skyboltstudios.com
phone:                           +1 (800) 277-5219
relationship_to_listing:         associate
Date:                            Monday, August 13, 2012
Time:                            10:22:32 PM -0400


PVdepot.com is the #1 distributor for all major brands of residential & commercial solar panels, solar inverters & solar energy systems.

[Not overunity yet]
Energy_URL:                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdSU4H9RbEQ
Energy_Title:                    Gravity Motor Prototype Version 2.0
how_did_you_hear_about_us_other: Been long time viewer
name:                            Eph Evans
email:                           ephevans@comcast.net
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Monday, August 20, 2012
Time:                            06:48:03 AM -0400


Here is a simple gravity motor most can easily build, shows it working adequately, battery driven, geared motor moving mass, shockless motion, meaning the motion is natural and goes with the natural direction and motions generated without sudden reversals and stops.

Professor Konstantin Meyl, the New Tesla | Ingienous Designs

Thank you for taking my call.  We would very much like to add a feature page to the PESwiki.  IN the meantime, here is some information about The BioPro™ biodiesel processors which we make manufacture here in Chico , CA . See attached photos. Please pick whichever one you feel works best. And feel free to examine our website at www.springboardbiodiesel.com

Thank you for your help and please let me know if there is anything further I can send you.


Springboard Biodiesel and the BioPro™

Springboard Biodiesel is a clean-tech manufacturer located in Chico California .  They are currently best known for their BioPro™ and SpringPro™ lines of automated biodiesel processing equipment which convert used cooking oil (any vegetable or animal oil) into ASTM-grade fuel.  The BioPros™  are batch processors that range in size from 50 to 100 gallons. They are made from 304 stainless steel and fabricated from UL and NRTL compliant parts.  All of their motors and pumps are explosion proof and their heating systems feature low watt density heating pads that supply indirect heat conducted through the body of the machine.   The BioPros™ shepherd a two-reaction process, allowing them to convert any vegetable or animal oil that is 5% FFA or less.  They will complete the entire process in an automated cycle in 23 or 48 hours, depending on the model.

IBM sets world record for photovoltaic energy conversion efficiency with earth-abundant materials


Great current  6 minute video from Australia - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF5MHrp1IlA&feature=related

Thorium a safer option. http://minormass.com/2011/12/australia-czech-thorium/ 

THINK nuclear energy without the threat of a meltdown (such as Fukushima ) or a power station blowing up (as at Chernobyl ) and using a fuel that would be beyond the abilities of terrorists to use for nuclear weapons.

That is the promise of thorium, the other radioactive mineral, which is far more abundant than uranium in the earth's crust and far less radioactive.

It holds huge promise for India , a country dependent on importing uranium to fuel its nuclear reactors (20 existing plants, with six more under construction). And it holds huge promise for Australia .

While India has 30 per cent of the world's thorium, Australia holds slightly more.

An experimental thorium reactor will be built by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai, while China 's Academy of Sciences is also planning one.

Thorium reactors have a passive cooling system that operates naturally if the reactor shuts down. Advocates say none of the various situations at Chernobyl in Ukraine , Three Mile Island in the US or Japan 's Fukushima would render a thorium reactor dangerous.

Already in everyday use, thorium -- a silvery white metal frequently found with the rare earth minerals -- is used in light bulb elements, lantern mantles, arc-light lamps and welding electrodes.

But for nuclear powers thorium lacks the one essential ingredient: it cannot, as does uranium when refined into plutonium, produce a mushroom cloud.

Australia ( which has no nuclear reactors ) is partnering with Czech scientists on thorium reactor design. Why?

Work by Geoscience Australia , published in 2007 estimates that Australia is home to the world’s largest

estimated thorium reserves, and preliminary data suggest that Australia may account for about 18 %

of the world’s total Reasonably Assured Resources and Inferred Resources of thorium.


Then the USA is partnering with China on thorium technology as China is currently building 2 reactors.

U.S. partners with China on new nuclear


By Mark Halper | June 26, 2012, 9:10 PM PDT

E Pluribus Thorium? U.S. Assistant Energy Secretary Peter Lyons and Chinese Academy of Sciences' Jiang Mianheng have joined forces for thorium development. What's in it for the U.S. ?

The U.S. Department of Energy is quietly collaborating with China on an alternative nuclear power design known as a molten salt reactor that could run on thorium fuel rather than on more hazardous uranium, SmartPlanet understands.

Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current,  Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity Part II: Directionality and Source


Scientists produce H2 for fuel cells using an inexpensive catalyst under
real-world conditions
Changed:4:54 PM on Sunday, August 26, 2012

 spherical lens solar collector

This battery design looks interesting - manganese dioxide as the cathode andolivine sodium phosphate as the anode in some sort of salt solution.

Low tech in some way but it uses cheaper materials than Lithiumand it will fulfil a need.

Given sodium explodes in water, I am not sure what thesalt solution actually is, I hope we find out!   Murdoch University New salt-based battery a leap for green energy http://media.murdoch.edu.au/new-salt-based-battery-a-leap-for-green-energy Salt-and-water battery could help plug renewables gap 

ECOS Magazine    
Monday, 27 August 2012



Chris H

Picture this: You've brought your sick child to the doctor's office. After checking her pulse and blood pressure, he takes a nasal or throat swab and inserts it into a mysterious black box. Before the doctor finishes his examination, the black box beeps, indicating that the pathogen that's making your child sick has been identified
Read more at:    http://phys.org/news/2012-08-advance-near-instantaneous-dna-analysis.html#jCp    

U.S. finalizes big jump in auto fuel efficiency

Date: 29-Aug-12
Country: USA
Author: Valerie Volcovici
Fuel efficiency of U.S. cars and light trucks will nearly double by 2025 under a standard finalized by the Obama administration on Tuesday.

Romney's Energy Plan Ignores the Success of Solar and Wind: View

by Deborah Solomon and Mary Duenwald, Bloomberg Editors | August 24, 2012 | 36 Comments


Mitt Romney sets an ambitious goal with his pledge to achieve U.S. energy independence by 2020. It's just too bad his plan relies almost entirely on fossil fuels and largely ignores the solid promise of clean energy. Full Article

http://electriccity.yahoo.com/ep1-en-truth-or-consequences.html - Electric City . Very dark.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE6kWYEz8s4
Energy_Title:                    Air Powered Car - Future Of Urban Transportation
Date:                            Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Time:                            02:13:14 PM -0400

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27-3TKKXsm4&sns=emvy - magnet motor perpetual motion machine free energy

How about this?

T Lee Buyea - Fla. News Service  Miami , Fl. USA

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1l_0J8g6w0 Ordinary guy discovers FREE ENERGY of SPINNING ELECTRICAL SECRET CPU FAN
expose http://www.youtube.com/user/GREENPOWERSCIENCE 

Re: "The Hidro Affair"
I just wanted to tell you that the Centium Electric company from
Australia has started a stock offer, reserved to Australian residents.
You can read everything about it here: http://www.centiumelectric.com.
I have reaaally too many things to do for my business so I haven't got
the time to write an article about this.
I also don't know if its the case to mention this on your PESN sites.
Even if I found a partial explanation for the Hidro+ machine, I am still
very suspicious about James Kwok and his companions.

Energy_URL:                      http://gmbajszar.wix.com/mbcim
Energy_Title:                    Free energy business
how_did_you_hear_about_us_other: random searches
name:                            George M. Bajszar
email:                           gmbajszar@yahoo.com
phone:                           719-271-6232
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Thursday, August 30, 2012
Time:                            08:04:31 PM -0400


I did all the work so you don't have to follow others' work. We can start a company, with very reasonable grounds established with perpetual motion machines that work for sure.


If you have so much interest in free energy and want to start something up, my web page offers seminar style presentations that explain all ideas I uncovered in this field.

I have submitted my work once recently, you said that there has to be a built machine.

The concept is something that a fifth grader can understand, though my page covers many concepts.

Take one, where we press a bucket filled with air under water (bucket is upside down). You probably heard of the Travis Effect. Here we can create something similar but a lot more effective if we place a gradual weight on the bucket. Gradual weight means that one uses a wheel, and drops the weight from the top of the wheel toward 9pm position. At 9pm position the whole weight sits on the bucket that is pressed all the way under water. At 10:30pm position half the weight is dropped from the wheel above the bucket onto the bucket. We can feed as much weight to sit on the bucket so we can always control with a finger's touch how deep the bucket goes under water. We can lift it or press the bucket.

So if we have one bucket of air that needs four pounds to press it under water, and another bucket of air which needs a few grams of weight to press the bucket under water, logic dictates that we can build a perpetual motion machine from this process (called Bajszar Effect, the idea has similarities to the Travis Effect. The Travis Effect is found somewhere on your pages.

But unlike other greedy inventors, this invention, though I have better ones on my pages is intended for you all to turn it into success, or at least that is what I am trying to propose here, a business.

I get 10 percent, whoever builds it and turns it into the product get 90 percent. My page is at http://gmbajszar.wix.com/mbcim 

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=[...]&type=1&relevant_count=42&ref=nf A collection of photos from the TeslaTech 2006 Conference in Salt Lake City . — TeslaTech 2006 (42 photos)

Arc Lightning: Causing Massive Explosions, ‘Earthquakes’ and Destruction Worldwide

CURATOR: Sebastian Clouth. More and more there have been massive explosions, ‘earthquakes’ with no seismic activity, and destruction to nature and manmade structures worldwide that elude scientific explanation. All of these incidents have occurred without any warning and within a span of time that is very, very short. So short, as...


Web Comic Helps Fuel Donations to Tesla's NY Lab

August 26, 2012, ABC News/Associated Press


A jolt of support from a popular Web cartoonist has re-energized a decades-long effort to restore a decrepit, 110-year-old laboratory once used by Nikola Tesla, a visionary scientist who was a rival of Thomas Edison and imagined a world of free electricity. In little more than a week, tens of thousands of donors from more than 100 countries have kicked [in] more than $1 million ... to pay for the restoration of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe laboratory, located about 65 miles east of New York City . "Enormously, overwhelmingly, astounding," is how Jane Alcorn, president of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe [described] the project's newfound fortune. This summer Alcorn learned that Matthew Inman, a cartoonist who runs theoatmeal.com, posted a tribute to the scientist titled "Why Nicola Tesla is the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived." Supporters of the Long Island effort reached out

http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/economics/why-valve-or-what-do-we-need-corporations-for-and-how-does-valves-management-structure-fit-into-todays-corporate-world/ - from Nate

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The following was called a hoax by the creator.]

From: Walt Noon 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2012 1:21 PM
Subject: Re: free energy from simple copper coils and magnet

These videos are a hoax, all of them.
This video was made as an April Fools video as part of an article on "build it yourself" electronic April Fool's tricks.
The web page given in the video takes you right to a page that says "April Fools" and gives the steps to build your own "perpetual motion" machine.

Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 7:51 AM

Subject: Fw: free energy from simple copper coils and magnet

I plan to work up a feature on this at PESWiki:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0fwjY6_-1M  - free energy generator - partlist included - 100% free

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoCBORXzOqU  free energy generator - raw video footage - uncut version

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIWv7KCrf68 - How to Make A Lead Alum Crystal Battery (Bedini)

Showing the way to improved water-splitting catalysts

Changed:12:27 PM on Wednesday, September 5, 2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm5m_yf056c - Coast To Coast AM - Tesla & UFOs - 09-04-2012 - C2CAM

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugGIL-KL5rc&feature=g-vrec Gerador Magnético de Energia Infinita

Energy_URL:                      http://www.hielscher.com/ultrasonics/oil_nox_reduction.htm
Energy_Title:                    NOx-Reduction by Ultrasonic Oil/Water-Emulsification
Date:                            Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Time:                            08:42:15 AM -0400


Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are known to be immediately dangerous to human and environmental health. Mobile and stationary diesel and gasoline engines are contributing largely to the worldwide NOx emissions. Emulsification of the fuel with water is a way to reduce the NOx emissions of engines. The ultrasonic emulsification is an effective means for generating fine-size fuel/water-emulsions.

Energy_URL:                      http://free-energy.yolasite.com/
Energy_Title:                    let electricity generate itself
name:                            (joe) Joseph Adam Lynch
email:                           one_christian_warrior@yahoo.ca
phone:                           1-902-895-3710
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Thursday, August 30, 2012
Time:                            08:24:23 PM -0400


you use a DC motor to power the turning of a large pulley, then you attach a belt to this system, connecting the belt to a few small pulleys.


 These pulleys are connected to a few AC generators, which spin faster than the drive motor, in effect multiplying the electric power.

Energy_URL:                      http://mad-science.wonderhowto.com/inspiration/giant-glass-globe-turns-moon-and-sunlight-into-power-possibly-even-solar-death-rays-0138882/
Energy_Title:                    Solar sphere
Date:                            Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Time:                            08:01:40 AM -0400


Just a solar stoy, but worth looking at.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.recltd.co.uk/environmental-services/renewable-energy/commercial-air-source-heat-pumps
Energy_Title:                    Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps
Date:                            Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Time:                            05:30:31 AM -0400


REC Renewable Energy provides complete design, feasibility assessment and installation with the ability to fully coordinate all commercial air source heat pumps with existing energy services.

http://free-energy.xf.cz/ - Czech Free Energy Site

Building Cheap Batteries to Circumvent the Grid
by Kevin Bullis
Startup Aquion prepares to ramp up production of products for storing power in remote microgrids.
Read More »

Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them
The symptoms they claim to have suffered may vary – including dizziness; increased blood pressure and depression – but the theme remains the same http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2199284/Wind-farms-Are-wind-farms-saving-killing-A-provocative-investigation-claims-thousands-people-falling-sick-live-near-them.html#ixzz264rr2RAl 



i found a company in india claiming electricity from water pipes. had a little trouble getting into their site.
concept is nice, if you have flow. -- Tom C

Energy_URL:                      http://ohmcycles.com
Energy_Title:                    OHM Electric Bikes
Date:                            Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Time:                            06:25:44 AM -0400


OHM Cycles makes premium electric bicycles -- commuter bikes for urban commutes, and mountain bikes for all-terrain riding. The ultimate car replacement.

The Return of Sailing Ships

With global production and distribution of goods a reality of 21st Century life, cargo ships are ubiquitous.  They bring goods to consumers all over the world, and more and more ships are transporting goods and raw materials, all while burning some of the most polluting fuels. A recent article about the rise of wind-powered designs for cargo vessels notes that, "If the world’s shipping fleet were a country, it would be the world’s sixth leading emitter of greenhouse gases." So there is lots of good to be done with improving the efficiency of cargo ships. And a number of companies are taking steps in that direction.

Bigger automakers should focus on flying cars: Tesla investor

Date: 13-Sep-12
Country: USA
Author: Ben Klayman
An investor in Tesla Motors Inc thinks it may be time for big competitors of the electric car maker to admit defeat on their electric models and focus on the next technological leap, perhaps flying cars.
Photo: Shannon Stapleton

Hi [ Sterling ] Allan,

I stumbled upon this nice link. Since you are in Europe , you might consider visiting them, or at least reporting about this on pesn. They have made a 1950 W solar collector for 150 €. Looks nice. There is also a battery charger windmill made out of an old floppy drive.



Power U.S. East Coast via wind? Doable with 144,000 offshore turbines,
study says - U.S. News

 Patrick: "he is tuned in for sure"
Energy_URL:                      http://www.scraptopower.co.uk
Energy_Title:                    Scraptopower - Free Stirling engine plans from scrap
name:                            Scraptopower
relationship_to_listing:         webmaster
Date:                            Saturday, September 15, 2012
Time:                            01:43:24 PM -0400


Collection of free Stirling engine plans, made
from scrap and recycled materials.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.superconductors.org
Energy_Title:                    Superconductors
name:                            BK
email:                           bobbyvader@gmx.de
Date:                            Sunday, September 16, 2012
Time:                            03:39:11 AM -0400


New high Teperature Superconductors at room temperature



first thank you for your videos, and the articles here. I think you may find the link http://www.superconductors.org/
intersting, because once a electric current flows inside a superconductor it nearly flows forever (0,00009 % loss/each hour).
Imagine a electric device for example a vacuum cleaner, you turn it on, unplug the electric cable, and the device runs for months self substain :)

The author complains about, that there is a blackout in testing and developing the newest room Temperature HTS. Maybe you can contribute and post one or two articles about it.

Wish you luck and the best.

There is so much potential to the technology

Building Cheap Batteries to Circumvent the Grid
by Kevin Bullis
Startup Aquion prepares to ramp up production of products for storing power in remote microgrids.
Read More »

Dry-run experiments verify key aspect of Sandia nuclear fusion concept
Albuquerque NM (SPX) Sep 18, 2012 - Magnetically imploded tubes called liners, intended to help produce controlled nuclear fusion at scientific "break-even" energies or better within the next few years, have functioned successfully in preliminary tests, according to a Sandia research paper accepted for publication by Physical Review Letters (PRL). To exceed scientific break-even is the most hotly sought-after goal of fusion ... more

Energy_URL:                      http://technogeo.ucoz.com/
Energy_Title:                    The combined aero-hydro-turbine and propeller.
name:                            Jakob Byzehr
email:                           byzehr.111@gmail.com
phone:                           995322 793312
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Time:                            01:06:41 PM -0400


 This combined turbine is the best synthesis of known technologies of Richard Klemm and Victor Shrauberger


The combined turbine (for a wind or hydrogenerator) is in 3 times more effective than the already existing.

 This turbine fundamentally differs from approved.

    In similar prototypes the same concept is realized: This is the creation  of artificial whirlwind with ascending streams. I.e. everyone try to create the artificial  analogue of a natural whirlwind.

    And in this variant  is not created   a artificial  ascending whirlwind, but  two whirlwinds collide inside the turbine. Also rotate the turbine internal pressure.

     The prototype of the submitted turbine is the vertical propeller for  windgenerator.

Lack of such propellers is their small efficiency. As 1/3 blades rotate against a wind and 1/3 more stays idle.

And in the submitted turbine work is made with all blades. (Fig. 1)

   This effect is reached by that between vertical blades (2) of the turbine horizontal propellers (3а) and (3b) are (free or rigidly) located, which force air in space between blades. Such horizontal propellers can be a more.

    Between these propellers in the center of the turbine is   placed a  turboexspander (3) which will acquire capacity of forced air.

It is possible the variant without a turboexspander, but it will be less effective.

  The raised pressure inside the turbine presses on all blades and detander equally and forces them to rotate. As these blades are located to internal pressure under a sharp corner. Thus work is made with all blades. Hence capacity of this turbine in 3 times more than usual.

Different variants of an integrated turbine are possible - with different vortex effects.
1. The  "half" version of  presented in the figure. This variant  can be used instead of horizontal wind  propellers and as hydroturbines. In this embodiment, the flow of air or water initially acts on the propeller, then on  the detander and then on the turbine blades. Thus does it 3 times more work. The best variant of the water-wheel likely will be such, in which the top horizontal propeller will have the form of Francis-turbine. At use in the water environment on hydroelectric power stations this turbine will reduce the charge of water in some times.

2. The turbine has the shape of a cone. In this scenario, a lot of the propellers with a small radius will be pumping air into the chamber with the vertical blades of large radius. This difference of  radien allows the use of centrifugal acceleration.

  This variant of the turbine is the most effective cooler, as air is very strongly cooled at expansion on turbodetander.

   If this turbine to put on seacoast in desert it will condense water. Thus to turn out two products - an electricity and  distilled water.


Such turbines can be used as amplifiers of capacity on automobile wheels as caps or as disks.


The forms and the number of blades (or nozzles) and propellers can vary  in a wide range to achieve maximum power.


By this principle it is possible to create the combined propeller. Three variants are possible.

    In the first variant both propellers (without turbodetander) will blow air in one direction. And longitudinal blades will force air between them.

   In the second variant there will be one propeller with one layer of perpendicular blades.

  In the third variant participates also the turboexspander. In that case the forward propeller forces air to the detander in the first compartment of the turbine as usually. But the second propeller - on the contrary - pushes out air from the second part of the turbine. And blades of the second part force air into.


  This combined turbine is the best synthesis of known technologies of Richard Klemm and Victor Shrauberger. But these inventors considered that their turbines work on any cavitation and emplosion. Therefore their designs have many superfluous details which reduce potential efficiency. Actually in all perpetuum mobile work is made with centrifugal acceleration which in electrodynamics is named as a radiant field or current.

The combined turbine has no pump and radiator as against predecessors. But it has forcing propellers, the turbodetander and a flywheel. These details increase capacity of the turbine many times over.

 On appearance the most simple variant of this turbine is very similar to the turbine of W. Mac David's (the patent of the USA № 6800955). But they differ from each other polarly by a principle of action. In the turbine of Mac David's the propeller creates low pressure inside the turbine for creation of an artificial whirlwind. But it turns out on the contrary - external pressure of air brakes all blades. In the submitted turbine the propeller forces air inside the turbine and internally pressure accelerates movement of all blades.


This turbine fundamentally differs from approved.

    In similar prototypes the same concept is realized: This is the creation  of artificial whirlwind with ascending streams. I.e. everyone try to create the artificial  analogue of a natural whirlwind.

    And in this variant  is not created   a artificial  ascending whirlwind, but  two whirlwinds collide inside the turbine. Also rotate the turbine internal pressure.

Energy_URL:                      http://
Energy_Title:                    Avoiding The Re-organization Chaos as New Energy Shifts Values
name:                            Richard Williams
email:                           arttam54@hotmail.com
phone:                           3609693352
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Time:                            12:56:25 PM -0400


Let us get organized ahead of time on the coming shirt of structure of society that will and is taking place now.  Or else with will be chaos unnecessarily.


Contact the website and ask for a topic to be made to address the planning.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYdWGDjfhL4 F.M.Chalkalis Energy Multiplier No.2

Energy_URL:                      http://open-source-energy.org/forum/show...hp?tid=716
Energy_Title:                    pulse motor build off
Date:                            Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Time:                            01:36:25 PM -0400


free yearly contest with contestants from different free-tech-build forums
Read more at the url


Join the build and or check the video's

Energy_URL:                      http://www.squidoo.com/pinwheelgenerator
Energy_Title:                    Power Multiplier Device
Date:                            Saturday, September 22, 2012
Time:                            01:46:56 PM -0400


Gravity driven free energy generator.

New Material Could Make Thermoelectric Power Practical
by Kevin Bullis
Researchers demonstrate a significant jump in the efficiency with which heat can be converted directly into electricity.

New Method Makes Solar-Cell Production Cheaper, Easier
by Kevin Bullis
Crystal Solar's approach simplifies the manufacturing of silicon wafers and eliminates some expensive equipment.

Detect Scalar/Torsion Fields Like R.Hoagland & Sterling Allan Who go to
Coral Castle to do those type things at the interections of the

Detect Scalar / Torsion Fields with SmartWATCH by William Alek


http://madliketesla.com/ - book

Energy_URL:                      http://www.accessweb.it/en/oxyhydrogen_plasma_hho_cells/hho_cell_bmc.htm
Energy_Title:                    Blu Magic Cell Oxyhydrogen Plasma Generator
name:                            Samuele Caraccioli
email:                           samuele.access@gmail.com
phone:                           +393356440933
relationship_to_listing:         principal
Date:                            Monday, September 24, 2012
Time:                            05:40:16 PM -0400


Blu Magic Cell is a plasma generator, the system can produce plasma of oxyhydrogen or HHO by distilled or rain water to make the fuel, without any electrolyte at all.
The system is composed of a new concept cylindrical electrolyser with built-in tank, whose complete dimensions are 33cm high and 10cm wide, and which is driven by an intelligent PWM (Pulse Width Modulator); the cathode and anode are the cylindrical spiral plates of a supercapacitor in 316L steel optimized with a special life-extending treatment.

Energy_URL:                      www.youtube.com/watch?v=WooCJ3mye54&feature=related
Energy_Title:                    Found this Simple Free Energy generator on YouTube
name:                            Craig Stangland
email:                           ufosarereal@sio.midco.net
Date:                            Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Time:                            09:18:24 AM -0400


This YouTube video is of a very simple generator that warrants some feedback from all of you.


It won't exactly power your home as is, but assuming it's legit, I'm sure someone could figure out how to crank up the juice.

Energy_URL:                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0fwjY6_-1M&NR=1&feature=fvwp
Energy_Title:                    A hobbist Free Energy Generator?
name:                            Craig Stangland
email:                           ufosarereal@sio.midco.net
Date:                            Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Time:                            09:23:50 AM -0400


Another YouTube Free Energy device.  A small scale version of what we've seen on PESN as a means to validate the process.


This seems simple enough for someone to make at home.  I'd be interested in hearing from others who have the time to make this or something similar.  Even a video showing it being built with costs.

Using Electricity to Fight Fires

Fire fighting could take on an entirely new character with the rediscovery of a principle first noticed more than 200 years ago: electricity can stop flames.  Scientists do not yet fully understand how electricity stops fire. "The process by which it does this is complex, the researchers say, and is actually not really well understood (there are a lot of different things happening at once, apparently). But critically, it seems the carbon particles (soot) generated during combustion are easily charged, and once charged they respond to electric fields in strange ways that affect the stability of the flame. Shake that stability hard enough, and the flame collapses."

<p>Good morning,<br /><br />I am writing to tell you that Blu Magic Cell, a device that uses rain water or distilled water as fuel to produce hydrogen plasma what you can use as fuel for cars and many other applications, all information is available through the link http://www.accessweb.it/en/hydrogen_car_conversion_kit.htm <br /><br />Yours sincerely <br /><br />Sandro De Rosa <br />Sales Manager <br /><br />Access Group Srl <br />Viale della Pace, 286 <br />36100 Vicenza - Italy<br />Phone IT +390287188645<br />Phone UK +442081233175<br />Mobile UK +447050686205<br />http://www.accessweb.it <br /><br />Unsubscribe: send an email with object &quot;delete&quot; to address info@accessweb.it</p>

GM seems to be forming some kind of partnership with them.



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Scan Gauge II

Plugs in dashboard for instant mpg and other performance data.

Making Algae Biodiesel


Cell Phone Shielding
EMF Safety Store

LessEMF.com is the place
to buy Gauss meters, RF
meters, shielding.

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
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When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)


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