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You are here: > Kudos

Kudos for Free Energy News

(For a few years, the home page has been pointing to where the news can now be found.)

Best in the World

     "You are the best in the world covering these issues. ...That is our goal: to push through denial, to spread information, and try to correct the wrong education."

-- Vladi Sergey Travkin (May 20, 2015)
Denver, CO, USA / Ukraine

No One Has Done As Much

     "You are one of very few people shining an honest light into one of the most heavily suppressed areas in our civilization. And, you are doing it on the world stage with a shoe-string budget. You are definitely the one who has made the biggest impact to bring out the truth. Across the globe, there is no one who has done as much to organize and spread the word as you have. Please keep up the great work."

-- James Bell (July 16, 2014)
Wharton, NJ, USA


     "I must congratulate you on an excellent web-site. Over the past few months I have studied hundreds of new energy web-sites and yours is by far the most informative as well as objective."

-- Wouter Oosthuizen (March 3, 2007)
M.Comm, Chartered Accountant, South Africa

Powerful Wave

     "I appreciate everything you've done, and continue to do, at great personal risk to yourself.  I am genuinely surprised at the progress that's being made for some of these technologies.  All of a sudden, we seem to be on a very powerful wave going forward.  A lot of the credit for that has to go to you."

-- Glenn Hampton (April 23, 2011)
Florida, USA

Stanford Professor Weighs In

     "I visit your website nearly every day. I have to say it's really one of the more interesting ones out there in the energy arena (free energy or not). Just writing to say thank you for all your efforts promoting new approaches to thinking about this area.

     "Also writing [...] regarding ***'s comments. While caution is always merited, that kind of argue-by-diminution really bothers me. "Can't be done" is a line of reasoning I've heard my whole life—I simply ignore those who say "it can't be done" and we go straight on to surprise them. If you don't leave room for "maybe", then you can easily cut off opportunity or a productive line of reasoning… a concept that powers the very idea of your website.

     "You see, I think people like that Assistant Professor have fully thought out the consequences to their career of supporting these ideas. Just like I've thought it out. I'd rather "open source" open-thought-processes than let people think they can blackmail one into silence. That's why I like your website: You come forward with something, you present it, warts and all, let people hash it out in a public space, and if it goes south (e.g. Inteligentry), you call them on it. That's how good science is done, too.

     "Thanks for your help in building the community.

     "Keep up the great work.

-- Garry Nolan, Professor at Stanford University (January 6-7, 2013)

Sterling responded:

It's very refreshing to encounter someone in academia willing to be associated with the "fringe". Most just lurk silently, embarrassed to be associated, but grateful for the nuggets that come along, rationalizing their observation involvement as "entertainment only".

You've got balls. Very rare.

Balls requires humility because it means you have to put up with ridicule; and ridicule is anathema to ego, which is usually embedded and even expected in proportion to years and accomplishments in academia. In my observation, ego is anathema to science, and is at the root of politics, which obliterates the scientific method. I would argue that a token of a true scientist is humility, for without it, intuition is blocked, and intuition is where new ideas and inventions come from. And in a world where ego reigns supreme, it takes courage to be humble.

He replied:

     "I am often shocked at my otherwise successful colleagues who live in fear. More than willing to be honest in a dark and smoky room, but political to the extreme in public."

Selfless Leader

     "I've been a faithful follower of your website now for several years. Like you, I too dream of a free energy device that will 'save the world'.

     "I was there when you were blasted for backing a couple magnet motor guys who turned out to be either nuts and or scammers. You lost some followers, colleagues, and credibility, but you've come survived the turmoil and now with several REAL 'almost' free energy devices coming to market, it seems you are now more than ever 'in demand" as the' expert and 'spokesman' for free energy. I can only imagine how 'in demand' you'll become as word spreads about PESN and the Top 5. CNN/FOX/MSN should be ringing your phone off the hook. Political candidates and critics should be calling you for information to use in their campaigns.

     "Build a website and they will come. And rightfully so. You're there at the tradeshows, seminars, actually talk to and visit people with 'free energy' devices that sound promising, and you continue to speak out against the government and it's wayward ways of lies, misdirection and foolish spending. There's no bull in your material, just facts and figures. You're not afraid to give us links to other websites. You encourage us to dream, create and or 'replicate'. These are all the characteristics of a truly selfless leader.

     "And now as we watch your TOP 5 list begin to materialize into marketable products, I think you can feel good about what you've accomplished, having survived the criticism you received over the years. Free energy isn't just a pipe dream that you are chasing, it's a passion that you share with all of us by allowing us to live vicariously through you.

     "As one small voice, I just want to THANK YOU on behalf of your readers/followers for doing such an outstanding job of tenaciously pursuing 'free energy', always being honest, encouraging others, informing everyone through your website, staying positive, and seeking experts to evaluate these devices that come before you. You've developed a lot of high level contacts that are proving helpful in your efforts and I'm sure many more will be forthcoming to you as they hear of what you have been and are doing.

     "Congratulations are in order, as you've earned yourself a place as a 'celebrity' on 'talk shows' and 'energy tradeshows' and who knows what else.

     "Keep up the great work. I look forward to each and every article and newsletter."

-- Craig Stangland (January 26, 2012)
Spark Letterpress Love

Good Heart

    "Thumbs up for Sterling Allan. The guy has heart."

-- Kyle Carrington (Oct 14, 2012)
In response to this which, Sterling's wife responded: "What a nice video! With a front row seat, I'll 2nd him on it not being easy for the family with all the traveling Sterling needs to do (I feel like a single Mom with four kids a lot of the time!). It's also been a bumpy road getting to place he now is. It's nice that someone recognizes that."

Amazing Response

     "I am happy to inform you that the response created from your site is 'overwhelming' and that is putting it mildly. I have been at the computer for 17 hour straight with the exception of stopping long enough to eat."

-- Ralph Lortie, CEO (Feb. 5, 2010)
Arrache Gravity Motor Research

Just Scratched the Surface

  • Ten Best Environment Websites in the World - Robert Ludwig of Future of Business, a site that provides commentary on green business, has ranked PESWiki second.  "They have only scratched the surface as to what it can offer, and what it could mean to the environmental community." (Aug. 27, 2007)

Most Comprehensive Resource on Alt Energy

        "I've been following PESWiki for a couple of years and think its the most comprehensive resource on alternative (e.g. not covered by mainstream media) energy and related issues available."

-- Henk, December 21, 2009
(Hawaiian multimillionaire)

Active and Reliable Coverage

        "Nobody in any country seems to have, so active, covering and – as far we have seen – reliable service on the field as you do. Thanks, it has been helpful for us and for many others."

-- Director, (June 19, 2003)

Consistently Good

    "I have found the Free Energy Updates Newsletter to be a consistently good source of information on developments in the alternative energy production sector.  They provide an excellent service."

-- Sepp Hasslberger (April 15, 2005)


    "You have one of the most comprehensive energy websites I've seen - so much great information! I'm so excited to see that there is a quickly growing network of alternative energy resources out there!"

-- Alex Ramon (March 10, 2006)

Sheer Fullness of Content

    "I am greatly inspired by the sheer fullness of content you provide through your web presence, and want to thank you and encourage you to carry on with your important work.  It is much needed in these dark days of confusion we now live in."

-- David Cutter (July 13, 2005)
Village Energy

One-Stop Source for Getting Latest Updates

    "The Pure Energy Systems website is a valuable tool for me. It's pretty much a one-stop source for getting the latest updates in the alternative energy arena, and for education in the particulars of a wide range of energy technologies. I frequently recommend this site as a resource to folks who are new to this field, and to alternative energy veterans who were not aware that such a comprehensive website exists. Hats off to Sterling Allan and his associates for their dedication to this critical aspect of the planetary sustainability movement."

-- Joel Garbon, (April 20, 2005)
Associate Director, New Energy Movement

Most Comprehensive

    "You are to be congratulated with your daily which is the most comprehensive coverage of present and future revolutionary energy technology ever presented in print or online. This information is very valuable at this time as companies and individuals are scrambling to find energy alternatives to cope with unstable and high oil prices and potential shortages. We will reference you in our next printed edition as the most comprehensive new energy information source as well as your specific technology stories we publish."

-- Bruce Meland (April 19, 2005)
Editor-Publisher Electrifying Times

Bound to Become a Mainstream

    "FreeEnergyNews is a valuable news service. It is bound to become mainstream soon as the world becomes more desperate for sustainable energy, with the decline of fossil fuels."

-- Thomas Valone, PhD (April 19, 2005)
President, Integrity Research Institute, Washington DC

Filled a Void

    "Free Energy News and its daily newsletter have filled a void.  They provide anyone interested in solutions to urgent problems such as: Global Warming; Peak Oil; Dependency on imported fuel; or the vulnerability of nuclear power to terrorist attacks and bomb manufacture -- with a way to remain informed of developments that may be of interest.  It has been a difficult task. We are most grateful."

-- Mark Goldes
Chairman & CEO
Magnetic Power Inc.

Energy "Reader's Digest"

    "Thank you for your time and effort. The sheer volume of new information available daily over the internet is overwhelming. The general dissemination of this 'available' knowledge on new and free energy technology is very important and will change the course humanity. Your news service provides exceptional coverage with links, comments and annotations. You are the Energy Readers Digest of the internet. Thanks again!"

-- Larry Oja (April 20, 2005)
Distributor - Water Torch Collective
Brown's Gas Machine - ER 1200 - (Eagle Research)

Helps Answer Education Need

    "Sterling Allan provides a valuable service in our burgeoning field of radical, new energy sources. For these sources and this field to be accepted in our world, information and education about these devices is desperately required, and your daily "Free Energy News" updates helps to answer this need. Our team appreciates the service you provide."

- Reed Huish (April 17, 2005)
President of ZPower

Holds up to the Fire

    "I enjoy working with Sterling Allan and Free Energy News weekly on my radio show (Feet to the Fire) to bring "This Week in Free Energy" to the public. It is interesting to hear the new and innovative advances in Free Source Energy, much of which is unfairly overlooked by most media outlets. Also, I know I can trust what is presented, as Free Energy News is not afraid to hold "free energy" claims "To The Fire" and request back up for Free Energy claims with real evidence and data."

-- James Arthur Jancik (April 17, 2005)
Feet to the Fire Radio Talk Show Host

I Read it Every Morning

    "I find your daily news letter quite interesting reading.  It is about the first of my emails I read each day, now by habit. You seem to have the best coverage of this subject, particularly the first earliest publication. I am glad you have the time to search out and share the important info."

-- Walter L Rosenthal (April 17, 2005)

Open Sourcing is a Great Approach

From: "Tim Harwood "
To: "Sterling D. Allan"
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 4:06 AM

Having run the old Adamsmotor and Parallel Path egroups, and been two time Science News published in Nexus Magazine, I understand how much hassle is involved in trying to do the right thing. At the same time, contrary to what some folks think, also how little money / thanks is involved.

I think your PESWiki project is an outstanding idea, and whether we agree or disagree on any given issue is beside the point. I firmly believe work like this is important, because I know from my own experience in these matters, every now and then you really do find a diamond in the rough.

What community projects on the internet offer, now commonly referred to as the open source movement, is the chance for suppressed talent to express itself. Great inventors are rarely academic professors, and I think it is important for alternative forums to exist where exotic claims can be documented, evaluated, and possibly developed.

Tim Harwood M.A.

* * * * *

From ZPEnergy

From: ZPEnergy
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 11:02 PM


[...] I have to admit you have come a long way from the original news service for the Tilley Foundation on your site, the Alternative Utilities on the, to the comprehensive alternative energy news portal your site is today.

Since you are a religious man, I'm sure honesty must be highly regarded by you; and it should be so to gain credibility in this business. We all make mistakes, which we call honest (and you're no exception), but as long as we don't persist in them because of pride, ego, greed, etc. we're still doing a good job and have a clean conscience. You have proven that as well and I hope you'll continue to prove it in the future.

My site has pioneered the NewEnergy/Free Energy News concept many years before you came along (even though on a much more specialized/fringe topic), but again, I have to admit, you proved to be a fast learner and a good and inventive manager of your resources. Our site concepts and modus operandi are different, with advantages and disadvantages on both sides, but it is obvious that the concept of volunteer work and free, altruistic sharing of information is still not sustainable in the current society (maybe only related to religion - it is a miracle it did work for us for so many years but mostly because of the original team of dedicated, open minded, enthusiastic but "aloft" people).

But Sterling, PES and the open source projects is what you deserve all the credit for and that's why I'm writing this kudos for you. I hope it will catch up and something really good will come out of it, if people understand its potential and finally act for the benefit of all the human race.

Good luck,


P.S. Remember this?:

An Honest Man Alters His Ideas To Fit The Truth.
A Dishonest Man Alters The Truth To Fit His Ideas.

* * * * *

Gathering of Knowledge

    "I understand that you are sort of the aggregator of information and lists."

-- (Media Mogul interested in FE; May 24, 2004)


    "I for one have been working on energy related projects on the funding side, for over fifteen years.  Being a reader and follower of your website for many years, I find your website very informative and up to date with the latest technologies."

-- "Hank" Alfred H. Artze (April 17, 2005)
San Juan Puerto Rico

It's a Highlight of the Day

    "Keep up the good work, it is often the highlight of the day at work when I check your email during my break."

-- Stuart Brown (April 18, 2005)

Coming up as most complete, open FE website

From: "eric krieg" <>
To: "Sterling D. Allan" <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 6:59 AM

I think you will soon overtake Bailey, Keelynet and Beaty for the title as the most complete open free energy website. You are not just a free energy site that offers both points of view, but you also have very complete up to date coverage. I imagine that your hit rate must be very high. I hope you make sure that your pages will stay up for years to come. If you ever have a point where you think you may not be able to run your web site in a year or two, send me (and maybe a few other FE enthusiasts) a CD with your full site content so I can make sure it stays available. Eventually, I want to make provision in my will that my web sites are available in perpetuity. I hope you do likewise.


* * * * *

Watering Hole

    "Greater Things is becoming a watering hole for the F.E. community and as such will doubtless become a target of the disinformation masters. Be vigilant and cautious."

-- Richard (July 05, 2003)

Interesting and Useful

    "I want to take this opportunity, also, to thank you for your free energy update website. I check it out every day, and have found it very interesting and useful. Thanks."

-- David Wood (June 25, 2003)

    "I look at your site almost every day. It's not very easy to do what your doing. I respect that."

-- Bruce Maber (June 12, 2004)
Ottawa Ontario Canada

For the Exchange of Ideas

From: spicerdas
To: Sterling D. Allan
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 4:34 AM
Subject: Re: Contact
With your ability to stay on top of latest energy break-throughs, news, and trends you provide a place for the rest of us to come to and catch up. A clearinghouse or exposition of the latest and greatest of what is new and exciting in replenishable energy resources. For those of us who share your concern about these things; you do what we would like to do, but don't have the time. My hat is off to you.
Your site also has great potential to act as a catalyst for ideas. There is a great deal of energy news and ideas floating around on the net. Those involved in research and development tend to think in a linear fashion. They are quite rightly focused on the problems associated with their individual efforts. By bringing together in one place all of these differing ideas and technology you can provoke new ways of combining differing technologies in a more efficient way.

Dan Spicer

* * * * *

You've Done it Again

[Regarding Coral Castle Magnetic Wheel index.]

Thank You Sterling!
've done it again!
Another 'STERLING' report!
Ciao, Jim

* * * * *

Good Info in Email Updates Service

    "You've got good update emails with a lot of good information."

-- B. A. (July 27, 2003)


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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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