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Featured Stories

Listing of headline stories that have appeared at the top of the Free Energy News and Directory pages.

Current Features:

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Alt. Fuels > Waste to Energy / Plasma >
GlidArc Plasma and Syngas Technology for Waste to Energy - The GlidArc process, invented at the University of Orleans, France, entails a discharge from a 10,000 volt power supply which glides continuously along diverging electrodes until this electric discharge blows off and repeats itself, creating low temperature plasma which creates syngas from the substrate in the presence of a catalyst. (PESWiki; March 27, 2010)

Waste to Energy > from Sewage >
Wastewater-sludge-to-energy process nearing production - A research team at the University of Nevada has developed a process takes de-watered sludge from a wastewater plant, and is able to efficiently dry it to the point that it can then be gasified into syngas, which can then be burned to produce electricity. (PESN; March 26, 2010) (Comment)

Organizations / Time Travel >
Anderson Institute's Time Control Technology - Dr. David Anderson and his associates at the Anderson Institute allegedly are able to actually control time. There are also ramifications for free energy in the research they are doing. (PESWiki; March 25, 2010)

Cold Fusion >
American Chemical Society Symposium on Cold Fusion Under Way - At the American Chemical Society's Spring 2010 meeting in San Francisco held March 22 and 23, 2010, a symposium is being held on the subject of "cold fusion" and its potential as a new energy source. It is one of the largest scientific sessions at the 239th National Meeting. (PESWiki; March 22, 2010)

Previous Features:

Nuclear > Cold Fusion > New Energy Times >
Krivit says cold fusion is not 'fusion' but LENR - Steven B. Krivit, a leading journalist in the field, points out that what is generally referred to as cold fusion does not involve fusion but that the experiments do prove the discovery of a potentially abundant source of clean nuclear energy probably from electroweak interactions. (PESN; March 22, 2010) (Comment)

Hydrogen > Blacklight >
Blacklight Power launches home page make-over - Includes a new multimedia presentation touting "our next leap forward: the power of water. Using water as fuel, hydrinos release 200 times more energy than by burning hydrogen, making energy that's cheap, abundant, and generates no pollution or greenhouse gases." (PESN; March 21, 2010) (Comments)

Magnet Motors >
Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor - A Turkish inventor who several years ago had a homopolar overunity motor design claim, now appears to have an all-magnet motor. A news report says he plans to give a public demonstration of it in May. (PESWiki; March 20, 2010)

Prizes >
PESWiki to pass 66,666,666 page views today - Since we at PES Network, Inc. launched this site in August of 2004, the site has now surpassed sixty six million page views. If you can get a screen grab of 66,666,666 or be the closest to it, you can win a PESN T-shirt. (PESWiki; March 19, 2010)

Cooling / Capillary Action > NEW: U of Rochester's laser-etching
Laser-etched silicon draws fluid upward – ideal for evaporative cooling, not for perpetual motion - Researches at the University of Rochester have devised a process in which a special high-power laser etching on the surface of silicon makes liquid flow vertically upward along the silicon surface, overcoming the pull of gravity, without pumps or other mechanical devices. (PESN; March 18, 2010) (Comments)

Electromagnetic > Electric Vehicles > eCars > ArcticTek >
Alaska Star's axial flux motor revolution (Interview) - Chris Hunter describes his new ultra-efficient, 800-mile range electromagnetic motor design that he's making for his Alaskan car. He also talks about some of his other emerging prototypes, including the Aerothermal Rankin cycle engine, beta voltaic solar panels, magnetolysis, and battery extender. (PESN; March 16, 2010) (Comment)

Electromagnetic > Electric Vehicles > eCars >
Chris Hunter's Axial Flux Motor - Alaskan inventor, Chris Hunter, is retrofitting his '93 Geo Storm with an electromagnetic motor of his own design, which draws from a wide range of scientific studies, including Flynn Parallel Path, Bedini battery rejuvenation, back EMF harvesting, and other innovations. (PESWiki; March 15, 2010)

Conspiracy / Health >
Food, Inc. as a metaphor for the energy cartel - Oscar-nominated documentary exposes the corruption in America's food industry as it has been taken over by huge corporations who are out of touch with the suffering of the animals and the degradation of the crops and the lives of the farmers and workers. Holds parallel to the energy cartel with its corruption, centralization, and vested interests seated in government. (PESWiki; March 14, 2010 )

Humor / Fuel Efficiency > Transmissions >
The one and only Turboencabulator - The Turboencabulator or turbo-encabulator (and its later incarnation, the retroencabulator or retro-encabulator) is a fictional machine whose alleged existence became an in-joke and subject of professional humor among electrical engineers. A must see video if you've not seen it before. Hilarious. (PESWiki; Mar. 12, 2010)

Geothermal / Engines > MYT Engine >
Angel Labs eyes geothermal for MYT Engine application - The MYT™ Engine as a pump/compressor purportedly exceeds existing pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow -- all in one unit. This attribute makes it ideal for geothermal energy, among many other such applications. The Tesla Corporation, LLC has drilled a well on which to test this out. (PESN; Mar. 11, 2010) (Comments)

Organizations / Funding >
Blue Sun Energy scouting for clean energy tech for Haiti rebuilding - Company has funding for clean energy technologies ready to go, and is open to exotic technologies outside the norm. This presents a great opportunity for breakthrough modalities ready to beta test or do a first roll-out. Let your favorite company know. (PESN; Mar. 10, 2010)

Fuel Efficiency > Fuel Pre-Heating >
Transonic Combustion's TSCi™ process boosts fuel efficiency by 50-75% - Transonic Combustion, a finalist in ARPA-E's Energy Innovation summit, has a proprietary process that involves a catalyst and bringing the fuel to the "supercritical state" prior to injection into the cylinders, so that no droplets remain, and essentially all the fuel is burned, not wasting any, while also reducing emissions. (PESWiki; March 9, 2010)

Magnet Motors > Commercial >
Jose Zapata's Magnet Motor - Last November, Mr. Zapata posted a video of his magnet motor system that received an Argentine patent in 2001 and is open for licensing. A starter motor gets it turning, after which the permanent magnet interactions are said to keep it running, which turns an alternator. (PESWiki; Mar. 8, 2010)

Electromagnetic Overunity > Bearden >
Bearden writes to New Scientist about fundamental flaws in EE model - Tom Bearden urges the scientific community to reexamine their core electrical models to account for asymmetric systems that physics acknowledges, thus providing explanation and support for the many inventors discovering overunity electromagnetic effects. (PESN; March 7, 2010)

Events: Tesla >
Tesla Technologies Symposium in Vienna - Look at this line-up of topics and speakers coming March 12-14, including The Secret of Water and Vortex Phenomena • Interaction of solar and cosmic Neutrinos • Demo of Tesla Experiments • Energy from Vacuum • GEET demo • Mechanodynamics • Magnetic Motor Technologies • Nuclear Resonance Coupling. (PESWiki; Mar. 7, 2010)

Aether / Conspiracy / Emergency Preparedness >
Stan Deyo and The Millennium Ark - Stan Deyo, famous for his research into Earth Changes, is a fascinating author and lecturer, with insights into Aether physics while also promoting an awareness about conspiratorial forces undermining freedom in the world. He is an alternatives expert on solar cycles, emergency preparedness, and end time predictions. (PESWiki; March 6, 2010)

Top 100: Hydro > River > Izumi >
Izumi claims their run-of-river turbine is cheaper than grid power - A Slovenian turbine-generator that is designed to work in relatively slow and shallow moving water supposedly could not only provide clean energy but at a price point many times cheaper than the cheapest grid power presently available. (PESN; March 5, 2010) (Comments)

Awards / Noble Gas Engines > PlasmERG >
PlasmERG among EE Times' ACE Award finalists - PlasmERG Inc, who is developing a noble gas plasma expansion motor providing clean, cheap, and reliable power has been selected as a top five finalist among the "Most Promising Renewable Energy Technologies" category for EE Times' prestigious Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards. (PESN; March 3, 2010) (Comments)

Free Energy / UFOs > Reverse Engineering >
Free Energy hope for doomsday and ET disclosure - The primary reason why most national governments have been suppressing UFO sightings and downplaying the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation and technology is that once people realize that these things are real, then their creative genius will liberated, and replications will follow shortly, making oppressive governments obsolete. (PESN; Feb. 28, 2010) (Comments)

Conspiracy > 911 >
911 Truth Video Collection from Winter 2010 - There have been some excellent 911 Truth videos produced recently that deserve your attention, whether you are already convinced that there is a conspiracy and cover-up from elements within the U.S. government, or you have yet to come to that conclusion. It is relevant to free energy technology which could help liberate us from such Orwellian plots. (PESWiki; Feb. 25, 2010) (Examiner)

Organizations / Orwell >
Will Google Become King of Energy Too? - We've created a page featuring Google's various renewable energy initiatives. With Google Energy being given approval to buy and sell energy as a utility, as long as their efforts move us toward more distributed energy and autonomy, not toward an Orwellian world, then we might be glad. Sign petition telling Google not to enter agreement with NSA. (PESWiki; Feb. 24, 2010) (Comments)

Fuel Efficiency > Fuel Cells > BloomBox >
BloomBox poised to make distributed, cleaner power materialize - Bloom Energy, a Silicon Valley startup, has developed a fuel cell technology that purportedly will to be cheaper and cleaner than grid power. They envision seeing their fuel cell in every home in five to ten years with the average unit costing less than $3000 USD. (PESN; Feb. 22, 2010) (Comments)

News > Raw Hoppers
Raw News Hopper -- Free Energy News -- Feb. 21, 2010 - This page contains items I placed in my news hopper, intending to format them for inclusion in the news, but limitations of having only so many hours in a day prevented it. Rather than have them go unannounced altogether, I present them here in a raw format. There are some great gems here. (FreeEnergyNews; Feb. 21, 2010) (Comments)

Alt Fuel > Biomass / Non-Fossil Oil > W2E > GPI >
GPI's waste-to-fuel process validated by U.S. military - Green Power Inc. has had the U.S. military test the input/output volumes and quality of their municipal-waste and biomass-to-fuel plant, validating that it produces as GPI has stated. U.S. sales may finally take off, and bureaucratic resistance will hopefully melt away. (PESN; Feb. 19, 2010) (Comments)

Top 100: Fuel Efficiency > Engines > MYT >
MYT(tm) Engine submission for Popular Science 2010 invention award - "The MYT(tm) engine is a revolutionary new internal combustion engine with unprecedented power to weight ratio that has already been developed and tested. The engine has several advantages over traditional engines." Ultra light, fuel efficient, fewer moving parts, high power density. (PESWiki; Feb. 17, 2010)

Nikola Tesla >
Nikola Tesla in Alphabetics Bible Code - A look at the years of Tesla's death and birth, as well as the room number in the New Yorker where he passed away, reveals some fascinating commentary on this phenomenal inventor whose work is still being brought into fruition to transform our world -- again. (GreaterThings; Feb. 16, 2010) (Comment)

Conspiracy >
2012 in Alphabetics Bible Code - "The words and numbers corresponding to 2012 and 1221 (Dec. 21, 2012) in the Old and New Testament Hebrew and Greek lexicons as well as the English dictionary tie into the idea of a great transformation to take place." Too much spare time on your hands, Sterling? Not hardly. (GreaterThings; Feb. 15, 2010) (Comments)

Radiant > Electromagnetic > Bedini >
Bedini on Oscillator vs. Tesla Switch - "The Oscillator can work down to voltages of 0.7 tenths of a volt, so it can charge in very low light -- no magic except in the conversion here; just good engineering..." Videos show analogue meters and oscilloscope readouts of the input (3.8 amps) versus output (8.5 amps). (PESN; Feb. 14, 2010) (Comments)

Electromagnetic > TWM Technology >
Recent TWM Technology correspondence - "The reason I was back peddling about the overunity thing was because of the pressure of the business professionals being on one side of the issue and the other side being the facts. Our device is remarkable and we are going into refinement for commercial use." (PESWiki; Feb. 13, 2010)

Electromagnetic > Steorn >
Orbo third-party testing under way - Since the beginning of February, Steorn has been hosting third-party testing and has been finalizing calorimetry tests, the results of which will be made available in the coming weeks. Appointments still being accepted for testing. (PESN; Feb. 12, 2010)

Radiant > Electromagnetic > Bedini >
Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference - The April 10 event in northern Idaho will feature a new Tesla switch that enables the batteries in a solar array to last much longer, while also enabling more energy to be drawn from the solar panel system. The Renaissance Chargers and 10-coil Energizer kits will also be demonstrated. (PESN; Feb. 11, 2010) (Comments)

Funding >
Rasa says he has funding for FE inventors - "I am functioning to connect inventors with funding. Funding now does not appear to be a problem anymore. And any inventor who is looking for funding, please ask them to contact me." Grain of salt, but suggested information to include, Cc to Sterling. (PESWiki; Feb. 10, 2010)

Electromagnetic > Bedini >
Bedini 10-coil energizer kits now available - Tony Craddock has posted a new infomercial video about the 10-coil energizer kit being manufactured by Rick Friedrich. Their purpose is to educate about Tesla's radiant energy technology, especially pertaining to its desirable effect on batteries, to rejuvenate them and charge them with much less input electricity required. (PESN; Feb. 9, 2010) (Comments)

Conspiracy > Suppression >
Digital TV opens VHF for RFID tracking; Likelihood of Olympics attack as reason to launch RFID roll-out - Now that the ideal bandwidth for RFID tracking -- very high frequency -- has been freed up, now all that is needed is an event to catalyze a reason to implement forced RFID tracking of mankind. Why free energy is anathema to such conspiracies. (PESN; Feb. 8, 2010) (Comments)

Conspiracy > 911 >
Silencing Cheney Dissent -- How BYU Obstructed 911 Justice - In 2006, the 911 Truth Movement singled out Vice President Dick Cheney as the first choice for being brought to justice for his treasonous acts in complicity with the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. That movement fizzled when LDS-owned BYU honored the traitor in their commencement exercises in 2007, along with removing the outspoken Steven E. Jones, a cold fusion pioneer. (Examiner; Feb. 7, 2010)

Electromagnetic > WITTS >
WITTS demonstrates self-running 2000 watt fuelless generator - WITTS has posted a video showing a generator turned by a motor powered by the grid. Once it's running, the grid power is disconnected, and the generator starts spinning down. A switch then allegedly loops the output electricity from the generator over to the driver motor and the system comes back up to speed, at which point a load of fifteen 100-Watt bulbs is applied. (PESN; Feb. 7, 2010) (Comments)

OS: Magnet Motors >
Rasa's Zero Point Institute taking a magnet motor to market? - A person who goes by the name "Rasa", claims to have working free energy technologies that he's helping to bring to market soon, including a working all-magnet motor he designed that could power a house or keep an electric car battery pack topped off. He says will also be open sourcing, though no info is provided. (PESWiki; Feb. 6, 2010) (Comments)

Fuel Cells > Technology Management, Inc. >
TMI's 1 kW fuel cell module for 3rd world deployment runs on wide range of fuels - A modular fuel cell technology can convert just about any fuel into clean electricity using a chemical process. Technology Management, Inc., of Cleveland, plans to market this distributed energy solution within the developing world where they don't have power, enabling them to grow their own. (PESN; Feb. 5, 2010) (Comments)

Gravity Motors >
Arrache Gravity Motor Research - Arrache is a philanthropic organization for the research and development of gravity driven or amplified concepts. They accept designs submitted for analysis on a contingency basis. If deemed viable they construct prototypes for testing purposes. (PESWiki; Feb. 4, 2010)

Electromagnetic > Steorn >
Steorn posts video of Over-Unity demonstration - Two-part YouTube video presents CEO, Sean McCarthy's historic Jan. 30 "Proving Over-Unity" live presentation at the Waterways Centre in Dublin, Ireland. The presentation is professionally edited and rendered, with several camera angles. It's sure to become a classic, as the technology now goes into the hands of developers. (PESN; Feb. 1, 2010) (Comments)

Events: Conferences >
Free Energy Conference in Rome Feb. 13, 2010 - A day packed with visionary energy topics and exhibits on Tesla, Brown's Gas, Leedskalnin magnet machines, Keely vibrational physics, Milkovic's two-stage mechanical oscillator, and others; is being held with support of the historic city of Rome; accompanied by musical entertainment. The next day features a tour of implemented renewable energy technologies nearby. (PESWiki; Feb. 1, 2010)

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Archived listing of featured news headlines that appeared at the top of the Free Energy News and Directory pages.

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