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You are here: FreeEnergyNews > This Week in Free Energy > July 17, 2014

This Week in Free Energy™ Featuring John Hutchison -- Effect Behind 9/11 WTC Destruction

By Sterling D. Allan
July 17, 2014

Hutchison-Effect metals for sale on eBay • Hutchison's Field Stress Detector • Landmark interview with Dr. Randell L. Mills of BlackLight Power • Magnetic Energy Systems gets third-party validation of overunity • AuroraTek claims 200% efficiency • Tesla Course in Brasilia • Crystal cell replica by Thomas Soares • The birth of direct electric power


Images added, pertaining to the audio.

Show Notes


  • Live interview with John Hutchison today 22-23 GMT about 9/11+ - We plan to talk about what role the Hutchison Effect had on 9/11, with the buildings going to dust; his recent work with radiation mitigation; what he accomplished down in the Gulf following the Deep Horizon spill... (Free Energy Blog; July 17, 2014)
  • Featured: Plasma > Hutchison >
    John Hutchison's Field Stress Detector - This is actually something he dredged up from some work he did several years ago. Reading between the lines, one of the guys he was involved with was able to take this commercial but didn't remember John and his involvement in developing this technology. (PESWiki; July 13, 2014)


  • Featured: John Varney >
    The birth of direct electric power - John Varney's letter to the US Secretary of Energy and other leaders; promotes Blacklight and Lawrence Plasma Physics`, and comments on EEStore's ultracapacitor. (PESN; July 15, 2014)
  • Need help - For nearly the past year, we have been slipping behind on some important payments, such as taxes, which will end up costing more, with penalties and interest. It is personally very demoralizing to not have sufficient for our needs. (Free Energy Blog; July 14, 2014)

Featured Guest John Hutchison

Here are my notes. I plan to write a story about this.

Welcome to the show.  I’m your host, Sterling Allan.  You can join us online at

We’re joined today, July 17, 2014 by the one and only, John Hutchison.

While attempting to recreate the experiments of engineer Nikola Tesla in the late 1970s, Hutchison claims to have discovered many new phenomena, primarily manifesting in metals. The effects of his experiments supposedly included metal objects floating to the ceiling, shattering, becoming warm, and fusing with other objects. These disparate manifestations are all lumped together under the name "Hutchison Effect."

But first, let's do our This Week in Free Energy recap, which actually includes three news items about John, including an announcement of this interview.


John, welcome to the show

~11:30 Deepwater Horizon
before / after tests were interesting and positive
RF generation equipment, tones, audio signal; 18 different frequencies; d

At least a mile or more
last location: East Point Florida
support from Hollywood dropping in
went up to Minesota after Fukushima
Nancy likes to document heavily

one anti-gravity video released

8 hours of length

uploaded to daily motion
best website:
John Kenneth Hutchison at Facebook
JohnKHutchison1 on Youtube


If they super developed anti-mater; Los Alamos in 1980s

there would be storms forming over the lab;

Heavy rainstorms; shut off; and leave

December 2007; mayor of New West Minister, Canada, fire marshal; Steven Segal
film crew; tom sky talked about it on CBS radio; got hit by something
given an order by firemarshal to clean everything out of apartment

Concerned with structural
almost like "cleanse effect"; electrolytes out of balance
talked to Ken Shoulders and Steven Segal
exotic vacuum objects escape in

Storm experiment in the 80's

Working with different groups; Canadian govt. US govt.

Tuning up one night; storm overhead

fire marshall put in order; friend in media
makes us a pathway to back door

I do have samples from that place; NY
a lot of people contacting me from WTC and Pentagon after 9/11

Videos that people took

Ebay shows people selling stuff

Scores on original artifacts

TV shows; a lot of fans in US Pentagon building

Got endless emails
got pieces of metal: looked like they were heated up/melted


Friend: I was a cable boy for Engineers building WTC; stash of metals

Falling from buildings


I stuck it in one of my crates with metal in it
I'm going to put these things on eBay: WTC Memorial project

Back to metals

"I don't know"
There are a lot of things that people say

Extremely emotional topic
I've watched nearly every video; about the event
building 7
2001-4 anyone who took videos kept it quiet

had metals that would turn to dust or smoke
George Hathaway
other times, metal pieces would fall apart
dust was airborn

the results are so tightly wrapped up; bound up

Last couple of years, people releasing onto ebay items.

Anything to do with the steel and artifacts: nothing really showed up

a few videos I took; giving demonstration for film crews; always had film going; monitor as well; I wound up with the cassettes;
Dr. wood saw my
Engineer; really knows her; she could see a lot of

Dr. Wood is working on evidence question
written documentation on energy required
physical samples up on EBay

George Hathaway has a huge collection
Reny Luis: energy: in space-time continuum
57,000 megajoules energy in square meter
working with zero point

Cubit centimeter boil off oceans of world
Ken Shoulders' data; probably not available

Radiation Mitigation
Nancy has built mobile units; getting out; radiation drops

RF orientated;' ccpm from 7-11 is normal
ground waves; sky waves; appears to be working
also in Japan
email Nancy :

Field Stress Detector
in 80's

See also

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated July 22, 2014
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