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Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor

There is not yet sufficient information here to build a working device.  Stephen Walker said he would divulge all, but he did not complete his promise.

Recommended alternative directory: Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor (index) - other projects, HJ motor resources.

Page Contents:
Preface "Over Unity" FAQ About HJ Series INSTRUCTIONS: Part I Sourcing Magnets Stephen on Hold Newsletter   See also Contact

 "The HJ2 has been running steady since October the 3rd or 4th and is still running now and the light is still lit as of this post, dated November the 4th, 2002."

-- Stephen Walker

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Nov. 2, 2002

I want everyone to build an HJ so that they can see for themselves that FE [free energy] is possible and when everyone realizes this they will begin to make their own versions of perpetuated cycling through magnetics.

I have plans to design a high tech web site that will be "build it your self" friendly offering step by step instructions on how to build not only this unit but many others including my own PG unit which I will offer to the public free of charge. I will never charge anyone for anything. This way my credibility is not open to be attacked by unscrupulous "skeptics".

 The thing that I shall get out of this type of set up is to build an army of those who built it and tried it and approved it. With the combined strength of the ones that have succeeded, any skeptic still on the web can be blown straight out of the water with one bulls eye shot.

"Over Unity"

Nov. 1, 2002

This unit with 150 horse when mated to a generator such as my flux conduction generator will produce over unity in that the amount of horses that is generated from the electrical output is greater than the horses necessary to produce it.

This is common with magnetic devices and is how the US government prevents its common acceptance in mainstream society because it breaks the laws of thermodynamics which is very flawed because these laws never include the reality that magnets contain electrons that are all spinning in the same direction but that aren't moving like in a copper wire. With this omission in that physical law, the government can literally get away with murder by using triangular science to argue that squares don't exist. VC is a perfect example of one who is faithful in what he is taught about physics and that there are no squares because triangles have only three sides. But rest assured, I don't omit the new finding of a fixed magnets electrons spinning all in one direction while not being moved from one point to another. I know about squares and so do about 3,000 other inventors which includes Howard Johnson. His device is elegantly simple and is why I chose his device to bring people like Eric and VC out of the closet of triangular disbelief.


Questions posed by Sterling D. Allan to Stephen Walker, who responded on Nov. 4, 2002

Q. What's your phone number?

A. I do not give out my phone number until I have verified all threat factors meaning official, superficial and just plain nut cases. I would have no problem calling you however.

Q. What size(s) of HJ device are you making?

A. I have made a mini HJ which works and lights a halogen headlight bulb. This unit is destined for Sir Eric Newton at for his inspection. I am making 12 micro HJs to send to Eric's sites participants in February. Sterling, I would like you to have one as well. These micro versions light a flash light bulb.

Q. What is the output (of each)?

A. At this point, I have the stats of the mini HJ type #2 and am working on the info for the other models. The output in volts for the type #2 is <12 @ 900RPMs. All other models are pending. The power is based on RPMs via the type of magnet used. I used Neodymium for the first prototype. The second is being built using rare earth magnets.

Q. What is the approximate cost of materials (for each size)?

A. The cost of the micro version Type #1 is about $50
The cost of the mini version Type #2 is about $250
The cost of the original version Type #3 is about $1,200
The cost of the Giant HJ version Type #4 is about $5,000
These costs are including all materials, magnets, pop metals or plastics, casings and bearings. The cost of any generator is not included here. These costs are associated with HJ versions only.

Q. What skill level is required to make it?

A. The skill level needed to produce an HJ is minimal as long as the individual that participates has basic knowledge of math and electronics as well as having all their components prefabricated according to the specifications listed at the site. At this point, the tasks become a matter of assembly.

Q. What tests have you run on it (do you have data to post)?

A. Yes, I do have data that I can post though it is less than professional at this early stage. The horse power test on the mini was judged using the brake disk assembly method showing pressure gauge measuring at .3 horsepower at nearly 900 RPMs. The light used has stayed lit since implemented into the HJ mini device in the first part of October of 2002 and is still lit. The light is about 20% dimmer than in a running car. The electrical source is from an apparatus that originated with my PG unit that involves a plastic mesh frame with parallel copper coils. The outer passing magnets generate a current through the non-moving copper coils by way of magnetic flux conduction yielding slightly lower than 12 volts. Because the current is produced through conduction there is no draw on the motor itself from running a generator.

Q. How long has it been running, if it has?

A. Since the 2nd of September of 2002. I then stopped the device in the first part of October 2002 to add electronic components to it to accommodate the introduction of the light used to prove that it can generate energy without any outside source. The HJ2 has been running steady since October the 3rd or 4th and is still running now and the light is still lit as of this post, dated November the 4th, 2002.

Q. How many have been made?

A. I have produced only one finished working HJ2 unit at this time but am currently building 12 micro versions to allow the skeptics the advantage of first hand inspection and experimentation at my cost and I will send them each one micro unit in the mail certified at my expense.

Q. How many people have successfully made one?

A. To my knowledge at this early date, Howard Johnson and myself that I know of. Soon, hopefully, this will change. It is my hope that everyone that builds one with the instructions from the site will show their friends how to build one and their friends and so on until Howard Johnson becomes a household name. Then the critics will have no place to hide and no one to promise that FE is impossible.

     It should be noted that this is a new site and that in order for the proper information to be placed upon it, certain data must be generated that will surely be asked by inquiring participants. I had no time to generate this information as I didn't know that you would be building a site for me as you did. I will get the information to you as I generate it.

Thanks again for your interest Sterling.


About the HJ Series

Nov. 1, 2002

You are interested in HJ type #4 which I call the giant HJ. This unit
produces about 150 or 160 horse power and can easily run your home like the type #3 only it has more horse and can also run an electric motor in your car but the down side is that the type #4 costs nearly $5,000 to build because of the larger magnets involved and the bearings and pop metals and metal casings. This unit produces about 150 or 160 horse power and can easily run your home like the type #3 only it has more horse and can also run an electric motor in your car but the down side is that the type #4 costs nearly $5,000 to build because of the larger magnets involved and the bearings and pop metals and metal casings. [...]

Well, if you're sure you can afford this venture, I'll give you what ever you want to be successful. Now remember that the HJ micro (type #1) is about $50 to build, the HJ mini (type #2) is about $250, the original HJ (type #3) is about $1,200 and the giant HJ (type #4) is about $5,000. These costs are for the parts only and you are instructed to purchase them yourself and not through me but through you directly as I will not be responsible in any way for selling any unit. I will give you step by step advice and instruction and then you build it.


Nov. 2, 2002

I am getting a lot of requests from people that want to build their own HJ so here is something to get everyone started:

The length of the armature magnets are 3.125", the stator magnets are 1" wide, .25" thick and 4" long and grain oriented. The air gap between the poles of the armature magnets and the stator magnets are 1.5" and the air gap between the under center of the arched armature magnet and the stator magnet is 2.7 and the spacing between the stator magnets is "approximately" .5".

All stator magnets positive ends are pointing upwards (which means outwards) and all six armature magnets have their positive ends pointing in the same direction which means their negative ends are pointing in the opposite direction. The magnetic orientation of the stator magnets all point up and down when seen at top dead center. The magnetic orientation of the armature magnets all point left to right when seen at top dead center (laying on their sides when the armature magnets are in their non moving status).

I need you to see the over all dimensions of the HJ again so look at the attachment.

image pending

Notice how the shape of the armature magnets are slightly concave shaped with their concave pointing down towards the drum like stator magnets in the artists depiction. This is important because at side view the stator magnets are thick in the middle and thin and pointed at each end to eliminate unwanted flux fields. The stator magnets are positive at one pointed end and negative at the its other pointed end. All three pairs of stator magnets have their positive magnetic ends pointing in the same direction. Each pair of armature magnets are not even. The armature magnet closest to the speed control knob is about one inch ahead of the its neighboring armature magnet as seen in the attachment. (This eliminates unwanted "pulses" associated with a single tri set up).

Try and compare the magnets in the attachment to the ones that you are familiar with. I think that using the most powerful magnets are recommended here.

Let me know if this is enough to get you started.

On Hold

Note from Stephen November 06, 2002


     I am required to go back to work for a five month hitch. I work in Los Alamos New Mexico and I'm fixing to travel there. I may not respond for awhile as the security there is strict. However, I am going to have stand ins for me, one of my associates in Jacksonville Florida and another from Boston.

     The site looks wonderful. I got short notice this time of my evac. I will be allowed a 2 day furlough in about a month. I'll talk to you then. Plane is leaving soon gotta go. Good luck and I'll be sending you a micro. A good one.

* * * * * *

April 15, 2003 update

Stephen Walker was back -- for a Little While Anyway - After suddenly having to leave to Los Alamos, and go incognito, Stephen returned and then left again.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 2, 2002
Last updated November 17, 2006



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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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