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You are here: > Directory > Gravity Motors > Sully

Paul Sully's Gravity Motor Design

Posted with permission of Paul Sully starting June 4, 2004.  No working prototype yet.  He built "a crude prototype," and said that though it didn't work, it "gave me enough insight to convince myself that this device will work."

Precedent: Another team, with another gravity motor design (Waranlinc Wheel), claims an operational unit, and is preparing for market introduction.

U.S. Patent 5894757

Computer Renditions (enlarged) with Animations

Go to: How it Works

Quoting from Paul Sully

Abstract: A device employing multiple counterweights for enhancing rotational movement. The device employs a horizontally disposed counterweight coupled to a vertically offset second counterweight by an adjacent sprocket. The sprocket times the counteracting weights to provide a single rotational direction whose inertia is maintained by a flywheel. The device has a 6:3:1 ratio resulting in a near continuous rotational movement upon the operational movement of the first and second counterweight. A generator can be coupled to the device providing an ancillary source of power.

I am a fifty year old inventor, originally from Hispaniola, I  have self-taught mechanical/electrical engineering background. I entered the states in `76 and have been married to my beautiful wife, Mirlande, for twenty-five years and we have two sons. As for the future, I have many ideas but my plans consist of pushing this invention (and a couple more) into the energy sector.

I am presently holding one U.S. patent for this invention #5894757. My invention is quite innovative in many ways. First, the instant invention employs two offsetting counterweights coupled together to provide complementary and counteracting balance between the weights. In other words, gravity is being used in a way it has never been used before. Meaning, one moment weight is being applied, a moment later, the weight is being shifted away and reserved for future use, not lost. Each weight is of different size having strategically positioned triangular cut-outs allowing for a reciprocal over-center rotational movement. Now, let's take a look at the first counterweight: the two opposite sides are for balancing purposes, being of equal strength, they effectively cancel each other out, and stability is maintained. The high V-shaped part of the weight, above the largest triangular cut-out, does most of the work. The way it works is like this: when perfectly still, at the dead center 12:00 position, no pressure is applied on either one of the pedals. The slightest tilt to the 11:59 or12:01 position , meaning left or right, pressure starts applying to the responding pedal. The cycle moves like this: centered (no pressure applied to either pedal), tilted; pressure applied to pedal one, centered again, then pressure applied to pedal two. The second weight/counterweight vertically disposed between 15 and 40 degrees, acts very much like a hammer, again two sides canceling. Once again, the V-shape does the work, pounding the crank with powerful rhythmic beats, (on both sides) helping not only in bringing the first counterweight back to its original 12:00 position, but also aiding the flywheel maintain inertia. This is all timed and synchronized by the spinning flywheel. A predetermined gear ratio for the crank and sprocket allows for every quarter turn of the sprocket, the flywheel receives a push from both the first and second counterweights, resulting in high speed. The object of the instant invention teaches things: One, a device that operates multiple counterweights so as to cause an efficient rotational, directional movement. Two, the use of offsetting counterweights to provide rotational movement for driving items such as generators. Third, a counterweight shape capable of rotating with a diminished expenditure of energy. As for the energy equilibrium, it is not a concern because aircraft engines, for example, contains more than one hundred bearings, yet the total power consumed in overcoming friction is less than one percent of the total power output of the engine. As for my invention with only six bearings and four sliders (guiders) , by design alone, will be able to achieve great energy output with very little energy loss.

If there is such a thing as a single, green power source, this is it. Green meaning, power generated by this invention is one hundred percent safe; no pollutants, no radiation. Let's look at some other power sources in light of my invention. Hydroelectric: requires large dams to store water to generate electricity on demand. These dams can impede fish upstream migration and decimate many species life and reproductive cycles. Wind Power: the flaw with this is wind is unpredictable. Less wind today means less total power generated. Geothermal: this can only be put to use in areas where super-heated water exist. Nuclear Power: has continued to be promoted, but concern about health and safety of operating plants; also of where to dispose of nuclear waste is also a major issue and thus has caused widespread disfavor. The beauty of this invention is it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Though providing more than enough electricity to power a whole city, this invention can be housed in no more than a small airplane hangar.

We must clean up the air. "The time is now and this is the invention that makes it possible."

Feature Contents

Where to from Here?

Though the crude prototype Paul built did not work, he believes the device will work if built properly.  The first thing he needs is to find a person or group that is willing to help him build a proof-of-concept prototype.  From that point, he wishes to take the technology to market, after it is engineered for production.

-- Sterling D. Allan
    June 5, 2004, updated July 19, 2004

See also

  • Precedent > EnvironEnergy's Waranlinc Wheel with SPEGG Generator - Young group of scientists has designed a wheel that uses gravity and the kinetic force of spinning arms and firing bullets to generate output torque that can be tapped for work.  Working proof-of-concept claimed.  Prototype unveiling pending Aug. 24, 2004, London. (Submitted by Doug Derbes)
Waranlinc Wheel


  • Paul Emile Sully, Inventor
    (321) 757-8135
    mailing address:
    1550 Alpha Dr., Melbourne, Florida 32935
    email : <ps5 {at} >


Feature page created by Sterling D. Allan, June 4, 2004
Last updated November 17, 2006



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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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