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You are here: FreeEnergyNews.com > Buyer Beware > Future Horizons, Inc.

Future Horizons Inc.

Supplemental Index Page

Page Contents:
Boycott • Site Index • Tangent Observations • Feedback -- Skeptical • See also • Caution • Contact

Beginning in March, 2005, FutureHorizons.net began featuring a product on their home page that they said will enable one to "enter the mind of any person on this planet to compel them to do your will to help you to produce success, love, money, and peace of mind ... at the flip of a switch." This disregard for free will is not something we endorse in any way.

Site Index

Each of the items they list on their site either has plans for sell or an information packet; and in many cases they have fully assembled units available for purchase.

Most of it is hype, and the plans/kits are inadequate to build the device claimed, if such a device is even possible.

  • Main Page - featuring hoverboards, flying saucers, jetpacks, plasma sabers.

hydrogen reactor

  • Anti-gravity - magnetically levitated model train; ion propulsion motor; Hamel generator plans, book, video; Carr flying saucer booklet; space warp experiment; projects; Ionocraft plans; anti-gravity patents; magnetic levitator.

ion propulsion

  • Bionics - Pittman; Exoskeleton Springwalker; Armored Battlesuit Video

armored exoskeletal battlesuit

  • Free-Energy - Mueller Motor info; Free Energy Experiments plans; Ambient Power Module (plans or assembled); G-Strain Amplifier; Temperature Wheel; Scalar Wave Generator plans; Cold Fussion Cell plans

free energy experiment

  • High-Voltage - plans for Van de Graff Generator (medium and large); High-voltage power supply; EMF detector; Tesla Coil; Wimhurst Machine; High Voltage D.C. Generator; Tesla's Lost Inventions (booklet); Tesla Radio (booklet)

Tesla Coil
tesla coil

  • Hoverboards - plans or fully assembled, design notes; hovercraft plans.


  • Jetpacks - Hiller Flying Platform info; Flying Jetpack plans, fully assembled pending


  • Lasers - laser pistol plans or fully assembled.

laser pistol

saber handle

  • New-Age Medicine - Rife Machine plans or fully assembled; Rife frequency chart; Bio-Stimulator (acupuncture w/o needles) plans or fully assembled.

rife generator

  • Psionics - ELF Goggles (Tune your mind beyond time and space into altered states of awareness) plans or assembled; Neurophone booklet or unit; brainwave receiver; lucid dream goggles; astral projection kit; wishing machine; electric mind control; and more.

psionics helmet

  • Pyrotechnics - Nitrogen Triiodide; fireworks; smoke bombs; skyrockets; gunpowder; incendiaries; stink bomb; Roman candles
  • Space-Age Weapons - Ion Ray Gun plans or fully assembled; stun gun(talon) unit; stun batton; flame thrower; mini launcher; concussion gun; rockets

ion ray gun

  • Strange Science - air speaker system plans; EMP(electromagnetic pulse) info about shielding; Clark coil plans; Reich cloudbuste
  • Surveillance - radar speed jammer; wrist radio; HBO Descrambler; voice stress analyzer; olive mic; pocket pager; traffic light buster plans or fully assembled

voice stress analyzer

  • Time Travel - Hyper Dimensional Resonator induces out of body travel (unit fully assembled); Philadelphia Experiment reconstruction; Time Travel Machine plans; Zero Vector flux capacitor plans; more
  • UFOs - UFO Detector plans
  • Ultrasonics - Sonic Devastator, fully assembled, riot control; Ultrasonic Hearing plans; Ultrasonic Radar plans

sonic devastator

  • Newsletter - monthly newsletter about new products and research.

Tangent Observations

  • Future Horizons has taken an ad at Google.com under the key words "free energy."  They are the first ad.  That is where I found them.  I'm surprised I've not heard of them until now.
    Google.com "free energy"
    Free Energy
    Plans, kits and operational units
    tons of great Free energy info
  • Affiliate program coming in Dec. 2002.



Preface: Good eBay Track Record

todish does have a high eBay rating: 96.1% positive feedback of over 140 comments.


Dissatisfied customer

Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 7:18 AM
Subject: Problems with Future Horizons Inc?

Hi Sterling,                          12-1-03

I have sent you a warning about doing business with future horizons Inc, On the 16-12-02  I sent them an order
[$24.00] for the plans to build the Ambient Power Module (plans or assembled)            and till this day I have not heard from them! Either, by e-mail, fax, or telephone. I have sent many e-mails asking them to confirm if they have received my registered letter with my order, no replies. As a decent consumer with the Internet who should I get in contact with by email, I live in Germany, (Consumer complain department, etc) to get in touch with future horizons Inc. As what they are practicing is not right and other decent customers should be WARNED

Thank you for your help Sterling.

E-Mail: Kelly49086@aol.com

Sterling's Comment:
I have sent a follow-up message to Horizon to get their response and will report the outcome.  (Jan. 12, 2003.)

They have not yet responded after several inquiries.  (Mar. 21, 2005)


See also


  • Future Horizons Inc.
    • 24 hr order line 888-449-5197
    • fax (906) 249-1525
    • Email: info@futurehorizons.net
    • Mail:
      P.O. Box 125
      Marquette WA 49855  USA


Page compiled by SDA Nov. 13, 2002
Last updated July 01, 2005



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