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You are here: > Directory > Dennis Lee > D.G. tells his story

A Word of Caution from Former Dennis Lee Dealer

D.G. cashed in his IRA in 1993 to purchase a dealership to sell, among other things, a revolutionary free energy device, expecting a return on his investment in a few months.  Thirteen years later, after a long string of excuses and changed promises, he tells his story.

Statements by D.G.

Four Things to Know about Dennis Lee

The following, written by D.G., was originally posted at on Sept. 18, 2006.

All you need to know about Dennis is 4 things:

1. Any money you invest with him, goes into a black hole, never, ever, ever, to be seen again.

2. After the money is gone, it is ALWAYS someone else's fault (One of his employees, a vendor, an inventor he was working with, the power company, the police, a Judge, one of his dealerships, etc.,etc.).

As a last resort, if his "blame list" gets short, he blames "Jesus", ("It was the Lord's will that all your money was lost..." "We trust in the Lord completely, we only did what HE told us to do").

3. After, the money is all gone, he asks you to trust him "one more time with some more of your money", "this time it will be different" (meaning that his "excuse" for losing it will be "more creative" next time).

4. If you complain after he loses your money a second (or 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th etc.) time, his response is: "You are a spy for the power company", or "You must be working for Eric Krieg". He does this to distance himself from his victim because he knows that either future funds are dried up, or you are "on" to him. Either way, he will turn on you as soon as his "gravy train" gets taken away from him. He will call you whatever he needs to call you to get the attention off of himself and his past actions.

Rent the classic movie (if you haven't already seen it) "Little Shop of Horrors", to get a deeper insight how Dennis behaves "before" and "after" you give him money. In the movie, the role of Dennis is played by the talking "Flower". "Meek" before you give him your money (blood in the movie), a "tyrant" after he has your money and you ask him about accountability.

I know I am preaching to the choir telling "you" (of all people) about this. You have probably heard this story a hundred times if you heard it once.

But, you caught me off guard with that "credit card" Horror story (not to mention the 20% annual interest that some poor soul has to pay).

Now I'm going to have "Dennis Lee" nightmares for the rest of the week! (Me chasing him down the street after he lifts my wallet with all my credit cards in it, and as he runs down the street, he screams "Praise Jesus!"). No true Christian would handle money entrusted to him by his supporters, in such a haphazard way. And then after losing all the money, offer no apology, but rather insist that it is the fault of his supporters for not giving him MORE money. It's an "Alice in Wonderland" nightmare that never ends. And blue skies are just around the corner if you would just Trust Jesus, and give Dennis more money...

* * * *

Cashed IRA in 1993, still no return

On Sept. 20, 2006, upon being asked to include his name with the above statement, D.G. wrote:

Like many dealers, I hope I am wrong about him, and that Dennis will come through with his promises.

It's just that I have been told by him, since 1993, that the "free energy" device is just "a few months" away from being revealed to the public. That there was already a working model, and he sold many of them before going to jail. He just needed funds to start making them again. Many of the designs that Dennis was working with were published in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics many years earlier. In fact his current device was described in a Popular Mechanics article (1980's?) with inventor Howard Johnson (not related to the Hotel Chain). So, I had no reason to believe that Dennis was proposing an idea that wouldn't work.

So, I closed my IRA and sent him the money which would help him put some "finishing touches" on the device, and at the same time award me (and 1,999 others) with a dealership to market the device.

Well, 3 months have come and gone since 1993, and I still do not have delivery of the device. In his defense, he claims that the device IS now ready, but he cannot release it to the world because he "changed his mind" concerning his original statements and promises to the dealers.

He feels that it would not be a good idea any more to send the product to his dealers for resale, without changing the conditions under which this can happen. He now needs his dealers to sign up thousands of "witnesses" (for a nominal fee for each, of course) if we truly want him to change his mind and release the product to his dealers (This was at least 4 or 5 years ago). Now that many witnesses are signed up, my understanding that we can expect some "more" delays, "anyway".

He does not seem to mind that dealers like myself have already made commitments to our customers for delivery since 1994. Every month since 1994, his newsletter gives a "new" reason why the release date needs to be delayed "a few weeks". I already had an order for 1,000 units that I was to fill in 1994. Needless to say people attempted to sue me when I didn't deliver. Now, many of us dealers no longer receive a monthly newsletter, unless we are being asked to send in more money.

I don't want to be labeled as a skeptic or a naysayer, but, some of the dealers are literally dying of old age waiting for his promises to become a reality. As I approach my mid 50's, I think about all the opportunities I did not take advantage of because I was hoping that either the device would be sent to me, or that he would send me a refund. In his newsletters, he stated that he would give refunds, but when I applied for my refund I only received a letter from his attorney stating that they needed more money or I would probably lose my dealership.

According to the newsletters, much of the money was spent getting rid of disgruntled employees, and research partners, which I don't really understand. So, now there is a shortage of money in getting the device to the dealers.

While it is tempting to portray him as sinister, I must remain open to the possibility that he is merely incompetent, and will not admit to himself that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

Since the dealers are "forbidden" to communicate with each other and compare notes, I may never really find out the extent of the damage done to others, as we say goodbye to our deposits. Eric has been the only networking source where dealers can vent their frustrations. Complaining to BWT will not get you too far.

It is my understanding that you are in contact with dealers who disagree with my loss of hope, and that blue skies are just around the corner. And that the device is in the mail for the dealers to market.

When that day comes, you may put me down as being the first to apologize for losing hope. But, I fear that my opportunity to apologize for being wrong, may not happen for another 100 years. And by then it won't matter any more.

If I am wrong, and the device IS about to be released on the market, give me a date, and I'll be there. Don't take my word for it. Call him up and ask him for a date for release. I'd just love to hear the answer you receive.

* * * *

Not Holding Breath

On Sept. 21, 2006, D.G. wrote:

On the one hand I don't mind relaying my personal experiences with BWT [Better World Technologies] to people who ask me.

On the other hand, I don't have the intentions of waging a personal campaign against Dennis Lee in multiple publications, as does Eric Krieg.

I admire Eric for putting his personal life on the line in his mission to expose fraud in the free energy business. On the other hand, I have personal health concerns which prevent me from engaging in open public debates. I stand by my statements, and if there would be any changes it might be in reference to specific dates, plus or minus a few months.

I have moved on in my life, and no longer "hold my breath" waiting for my money to ever be given back to me.

I want it made clear that I am not on a mission of "personal revenge" against Dennis. If anything, I pity him, because I know he cannot be a happy individual, (smile as he may in public).

...People have a constitutional right to give their money to Dennis, I don't want to stop that. But it may be nice for them to know that days turn to months and years which turn into Decades. And I have been waiting for over a Decade for what was supposed to be only "90 days" for a public release of the device.

Statement from Eric Kreig

Eric brought the above witness to our attention.  In his email dated Sept. 20, 2006, he concluded:

Comment, I have a newsletter where Dennis warned the dealers that their dealerships could be soon become worthless, so they should send him more money for a new program to make up for the possible loss.  But he still tries to sell dealerships to new people)
[Here] is a legal brief showing Dennis's lengthy efforts to game the Alaska AG for a few years running it up to the state supreme court.
The official Alaska AG press release is found [here]. They imposing $30,000 of penalties and attorney fees due to Lee's "deceptive advertising claims" and violating a temporary restraining order.  I haven't seen anything on dealers web sites saying they won't take money from Alaska residents.
other legal statements about Lee are found at:
In Dennis's second lawsuit against me, the court ruled the suit is invalid, I then raised a motion for Dennis to pay me sanctions for having launched a frivolous suit.  Dennis has just filed a response asking the court to rule against my motion.  I'm not counting on winning money from Dennis, but if I do, I would use some . . . . to pay my electric bills.   I think the judges must understand that the case is really about a criminal trying to use the legal system to try to silence someone speaking out on behalf of victims of a long running scam.
Another interesting thing, Dennis's new spokesperson, Kevin Trudeau may have a history like Dennis's according to the web pages at:
which says:

     During the early 1990s, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Trudeau served nearly two years in prison. In 1990, he pled guilty to larceny in a Cambridge, Massachusetts, state court in connection with $80,000 in worthless checks he had deposited at a bank. The sentencing memorandum said that he had posed as a doctor to increase his credibility with bank officials. In 1991, he pled guilty to credit-card fraud in Boston federal district court. Among his misdeeds in the federal case, he misappropriated for his own use the credit-card numbers of customers of the memory-improvement courses that he offered at the time.

Rebuttal from Ken Rasmussen

September 23, 2006 10:36 PM

Strike up the violins, another sucker lost his IRA due to his own greed.

Mr. Gillette hypocritically accuses Dennis Lee of "blaming somebody else" for his failures, while Mr. Gillette wants to blame Dennis Lee for all of his set backs in life.

I have gone over this hypocrisy on chat boards before, but it is time I state the facts here for permanent public record.

The ONLY individual people who have any legal right to "invest" in NON-PUBLIC, new start up companies, such as Dennis Lee’s company was in 1993, are ACCREDITED INVESTORS. Given the sob story, I highly doubt Mr. Gillette qualified. Please reference a comment I wrote earlier that was posted at 

Even accredited investors know you NEVER INVEST ANY AMOUNT MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE, IN ANYBODY, OR ANY THING. Regardless of how much you like the guy, how tempting his story may sound or even if he's your brother in law, this rule ALWAYS applies. Mr. Gillette obviously violated this law of common sense.

I cashed in my 401k years ago to try and save my house from foreclosure. But bankers, just like Mr. Gillette, feel they have a right to inflict time schedules on my life, although employers never feel any obligation to keep you when they run out of customers, so the bank took my home when I was laid off from an aerospace job. Do I hear you stroking the violin strings for me? No? Funny, your story makes reference to "20%" credit card interest being lost by someone. That wasn’t Dennis Lee charging that sir, it was the banker. Get your story straight as to who the real criminal was. The same category of snake who took my home when circumstances of life left me with no control over the clock.

Mr. Gillette leans on Eric Kreig for comfort. I've had more meaningful conversations with a Mojave Green rattlesnake. Eric Kreig has gone to great lengths to try and get my personal phone number. I have several e-mails from him in my archives where he begged me for my phone number, ignoring the fact he already had my e-mail address. Mr. Kreig has done this to virtually every one of Dennis Lee's dealer network. At first glance, this seems rather harmless. Until May 16, 2006. That is when 4 very large men dressed "like" government agents or Mafia hit men ran a close friend of mine off the road, lunged into his car, shoved guns in his face and rattled off personal information they ONLY COULD HAVE OBTAINED BY TAPPING MY TELEPHONE! They finished the confrontation by threatening the lives of not only the family members of my friend, but ALL HIS ASSOCIATES. That includes ME. So I have now had MY life threatened by SOMEBODY who knows the telephone I use, which for the record is not listed in my name, and not easily found.

My group's "MIB" confrontation differs from all other urban legions in one crucial point. The technician on my team was a civilian contractor also working on classified government work at a government facility. The MIB goons ignorantly chose a location for their crime near where my technician entered the government facility for his classified work. By committing their crime at that location, the event was captured on high resolution government cameras. Per my friend’s security clearance stipulations, the event has been turned over to the Department of Defense and the FBI. ANYONE WHO HAS ATTACKED ME, MY WEB SITE OR ANY ASSOCIATES has been turned over to the FBI for monitoring. This is not a threat, this is self preservation. Somebody wants to kill me. Somebody out there will have attempted murder charges placed against them as soon as the "goons" are captured and it is found out who contributed to paying for their "services." I still don't know who, but Eric Kreig's pathological obsession with attacking Dennis Lee and anyone who even says nice things about him at every turn is HIGHLY suspicious. His obsession with obtaining the phone numbers of ALL of Dennis's dealer network is even more suspicious. Could he possibly be providing this list of numbers to his "superiors?" After all, who would Dennis ever be likely to talk to about any technological advances but his dealers and friends?

For anyone unfamiliar with current wire tapping technology, it hasn’t been done by "bugs" or "spliced lines" for over 30 years. The spooks merely access the telephone company’s switching network, or open microwave link signals, tell their software what phone numbers need monitoring, and it gets done automatically. No click, no lifted receiver noise, nothing from Hollywood movies. So revealing just your phone number to anyone is a ticket to listen to anything you say over your phone. Shame on me for thinking nobody was interested in what I had to say on the phone.

Now back to Dennis. I used to post several of Dennis's less controversial products on my web site, referring all actual sales to a real UCSof A dealer for the actual transaction and delivery. Several other UCSofA dealers complained to me, so I stopped for that reason alone. I guess search engines were accidentally finding me before a real UCSofA dealer.

One matter I personally disagree with Dennis Lee about is his lack of qualifying any of the dealers. I understand that in the early days, especially around the time of his illegal imprisonment from the hideous Ventura County, California raid by crooked politicians and law enforcement abusers that belonged behind bars themselves, Dennis allowed ownership of a "dealership" to pay off other types of debt. This unfortunately gave a valuable franchise to many who had no idea how to operate what was essentially a hardware store. That would be of value only to those who would be able to operate and exploit it properly. Few if any had sufficient capital to set up a show room, advertise properly, put inventory on display for customers to come in, browse, purchase and take home. Eric Kreig and Mr. Gillette imply Dennis is ONLY about his energy devices. They seldom acknowledge his other legitimate, though less exciting products available for viewing at any UCSofA dealer web site. Sale of these products was supposed to capitalize Dennis’s energy projects. But dealers like Mr. Gillette never lived up to deliver much in sales toward that goal. To imply that sales of dealerships alone was to accomplish everything is simply not true and a total misrepresentation of facts, ignoring any responsibility and failure by Mr. Gillette himself to contribute any genuine product sales toward that goal. Perhaps Mr. Gillette was undercapitalized himself to adequately promote the UCSofA line of products. If so, he had more than one chance to sell his dealership over the years and recoup his "investment." That fact seems to be missing from his story. Even today it has value if offered up for sale. But none of the dealers I know ever saw Mr. Gillette at any recent dealer conferences to take advantage of the opportunities he could have capitalized on. He chose to sit at home and belly ache with his buddy Eric.

Let it be known the lawsuit against Mr. Kreig now, has nothing to do with his obvious slander, it is charging him with obstruction of Dennis's ability to do ANY business. Obstructing a company's ability to do business happens to be against the law in New Jersey. Read ANY of Eric Kreig's postings. Eric is OBVIOUSLY guilty of that.

Has Eric ever mentioned Dennis offered to settle out of court? Of course not. Eric is hell-bent on destroying Mr. Lee's ability to earn ANY living, and continues to spread inflammatory stories at every chance.

In prior correspondence with Eric Kreig, I asked him to tell me the name, amount lost and contact info of ANYONE who allegedly lost money with Dennis Lee. To date, he has never delivered one. Even in Mr. Gillette's story, I don't see how much his IRA was, nor do I see the exact terms with which Dennis accepted the money. As a stock broker I saw IRA's with $50 in them and others with over $100,000. Which group do you fall in Mr. Gillette? I'm sorry you squandered such a "valuable?" asset with such a "sneaky" salesman, but what were YOU really expecting? When did you become an accredited investor? Oh, you weren't were you? Then per SEC regulations, a small investor can only invest in "Public" stocks or mutual funds. ANY professional investment advisor would have told you this if you had only asked. In 1993 I was a licensed Registered Representative with a securities firm in Woodland Hills, California. I kept toll free numbers operating both to my home and to my office. I maintained a fax line. I paid over $2000 a year for live satellite feed investment data to serve my customers with the wisest investment choices I could find. I processed that data on a $7,000 computer, the best I could afford in those days. I don't believe you ever called me sir. You never knocked on my door or sent me a fax asking for investment advice. I was there waiting for your call sir. But you, and every other simpleton who wants to blame Dennis Lee for their own lusts, took it upon yourself to make a decision that the Securities Exchange Commission, SEC and the National Association of Securities Dealers, NASD told me I had to have federally issued credentials first to be able to pass on to others. Following 6 months of intense investment classes, passing a test that had a 70% national failure rate, I was then finger printed and bonded to do my job. What are your credentials sir?

As long as tabloid garbage attack pieces like this get passed off as news, the oil, nuke, gas and coal monopolies will continue to prevail. Dennis Lee has numerous viable energy devices he is attempting to get to market. Eric Kreig and others in his camp do everything possible to block his every attempt. Citing attorney generals’ decisions are ludicrous. Do I need to remind the readers that attorney generals must have only 2 qualifications? They must be BOTH attorneys and politicians. Do I have to write the joke for you? Remember Attorney General John Ashcroft? In his home state he ran for office against a dead man. The voters chose the dead guy. This pretty much assesses the lack of integrity of ALL of them.

Do I agree with everything Dennis Lee does? No. But I have confronted him in private. I don’t make a fool of myself shooting off my opinions and slandering the guy.

And if you have limited assets, stay away from both Dennis and ANY SMALL START UP BUSINESS.

We don’t need ANY more attack pieces against ANY small inventor, or in Dennis’s case, representative of many small inventors. Dennis does NOT claim to have invented everything he represents. That is another misconception promulgated by Eric Kreig. Anyone who reads my Energy web site knows I attack the REAL CRIMINALS, those who extort money out of EVERYONE’S pocket by monopoly or taxation and give it to crappy projects like fuel cells, solar and 5 thousand year old windmill technology. Anyone who has worked behind the scenes KNOWS most of this "near, at, or over unity" stuff works, including everything Dennis promotes. But whenever anyone gets close to showing it to the public, the goons with guns come out of the woodwork, or Eric finds another politician to bribe.

I worked several years behind the black world curtain of advanced project development. I worked with the guys who designed Hubble, who made stuff for the Space Shuttle that NEVER failed. I worked along side of guys who had unbelievable stuff working years before Aviation Leak printed a rumor about it. Eric Kreig’s peanut gallery pontification is a joke to anyone who makes real stuff.

Let’s get back to reporting on things when the company’s have press releases ready to go. Let’s stop forcing inventors to reveal stuff when they are still perfecting a few matters themselves, as my team was when guns forced me to go public before my time. Let Dennis sell his mundane stuff without obstruction, so he CAN afford to get his energy stuff to market.

Ken Rasmussen Web master <Leroy {at}>

* * * *

Response to: Rebuttal from Ken Rasmussen

On December 15, 2006, D.G. wrote:

I regret if anyone in addition to Mr. Rasmussen interpreted my personal reflections to Eric as being an attempt to seek Pity from him or anyone else.

Mr. Rasmussen is correct, I made my bed, now I should have to sleep in it. Yes, I have moved on, and blame myself, not Dennis, for giving him the money. But, I have moved on, and no, Dennis did not ruin my life.  It was just a bump in the Road of experience.

As for my IRA, it was all of $10,000.  Not much, but it was all I had (I had just gotten out of the Army and was between jobs), and it was a bargain since we were warned by Dennis that the Dealerships would probably cost over $1,000,000.00 each within a few years. And in fact some were later sold for $25,000-$100,000 or more (not to mention those who purchased multiple dealerships "the Greedy Guys").

My only exception to Mr. Rasmussen's comments was that I gave Dennis the money out of Greed.  Dennis approached our audience as a "man of God" who truly wanted to bring these new technologies to society.  I believed him not because he promised me I would be rich, but, because I supported his stated intentions, and was already familiar with Stirling Engines, and the devices that Dennis had already sold before going to jail were very similar.  It was very believable that if he built them once (and sold some), he could do it again.  It was only later, after I had invested the money, that he "changed his mind" and would now use the money to build the "Howard Johnson" type magnet motor listed in Popular Mechanics many years before (with a few modifications of course).  This type of motor was never proven to work, as was the Stirling motor, and I probably would not have invested in it at the time.

It is true, that after the failure of the free energy device to arrive in 90 days, or ever, Dennis offered other gadgets that the dealers might want to sell. But, the prices were so high that most of my customers simply bought from other sources. I only marked up the price 1% just to get some cash flowing. The customers still were not interested, and frankly neither was I. I invested in a free energy device, not "laundry balls".

To conclude, I always encourage people to not take my word for anything I say. Go find some other BWT dealers, if you can; get their impressions. Attend his (Dennis) lectures, get involved, decide for yourself.  Don't take my word for it and don't take Mr. Rasmussen's word for it. Go forth and draw your own conclusions, with my blessings... But, just watch out for the (MIB) Men in Black, Eric is everywhere!!! I try not to get on Eric's bad side for that reason.

* * * *

Not Greed

On Nov. 21, 2007, Sterling D. Allan wrote:

I agree with you that is was wrong for Ken to ascribe your motives as being Greed based.  Many people involved with Dennis and other free energy claims get involved out of a God-based appeal to make a better world.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Sept. 21, 2006
Last updated March 20, 2008



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